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IF YOU DO NOT SELL THE BOOK, you may copy and distribute all the copies you wish in any format.  BUT, you may NOT in any way change the content.  You may charge ONLY as much, materials only, as it cost you to duplicate the book.

Also, any version of this book which does not agree with my WEB page is counterfeit, and I will not stand behind it.  I fully expect the Mullahs of Islam to mutilate this book and re-distribute it.  If they do so, they will be confirming my observation that Islam is a religion of no ethics whatsoever.  Caveat Emptor.

I also expect to see this Web site, and this book in particular, attacked.  From the United Nations to the Mullahs of Islam, and on to the world Whore system, there are many who will not want this story told.  Please make a copy at once.  That way, if I am forced off of the Web for some reason, thousands of copies will be out there and will be distributed to those who should read them.  Here are the ways you can do this:

Method One:  

Simply print a copy out of your Web browser.  Each chapter is a file by itself, so it will not take all day to do one chapter.  Then photocopy your printed copy and distribute it.  Send copies to friends in India, the Middle East, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Nigeria where computers are not so common.

The Web Page Compiler used to format this book is Dreamweaver.

Method Two:  

Copy each page to disk in HTML format.  Then, as you have time, transfer the text to your own particular publishing program, and arrange it to look right as best you can.  You can then make copies of the disk versions or print a paper copy for friends.  

Method Three:  

Copy the whole book onto your Web site so that it is all over the world on the INTERNET.  If you simply give me a link on your Web site, you will lose the contact if I am "bumped" by censorship.  If you cannot store the book on your site, at least kindly give me the URL link.  If you do not agree with me in everything, can you see the urgency of reaching Muslims with the Truth?  Please reconsider.

If this book, the full edition, were on a thousand Web sites at once, it would greatly discourage my enemies from attacking.  They could not possibly stop the book from going worldwide, and any attack on me would make the book highly sought after by the curious reader.

Take notice please:  

This book may be edited from time to time by me right here, so check your copy against the most recent version here.  Also, watch for the complete bibliography.  I hope to offer my COMPLETE working bibliography, 4000 pages with my notes on each page, on the origins of Islam.  NO author does this today.  If this seems urgent to you, send E-Mail to learn how to help.

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