Figure 22:  LILITH


Lilith was the descendant of the Sumerian goddess, Ninlil.  You can see the root name "LIL" in both names.  Lilith is said by Cabbalist pagan occultic Jews to be the wife of Satan.  According to these Cabbalist blsphemers, Elohim was married to Shekhina, but left her for Lilith, and when Elohim returns to Shakhina, the Messianic Kingdom will come in.   Lilith is also the goddess of the Eastern Star, and when a Freemason has sexual intercourse with his wife, it is taught in that cult that he is in union with Lilith.  Nice doctrine, right? 

Allat is then the direct descendant of Lilith.  How?  The name tells all.  You may not see the connection.  Allat is a contracted form of the Babylonian  name, "AL ILLAT" meaning, "The Goddess."  Note the "ILLAT."  This is from "BA ILI" and "BA ILLAT."  The "LIL" form is easily seen, and the heritage of their name changes is very clear in the epigraphs.

Each goddess was the consort of some god-- Ninlil was goddess consort to Enlil in Sumer, BA'ILI to BAAL, and so on.  Allat, coming directly from Babylon and Lilith, was consort to Allah (AL ILLAH), the god of Islam.

CAUTION: When I discuss these ancient pagan belief systems I speak in an editorial way which may sound like I am telling the reader something true. This is not the case. I am speaking in the context of the pagan legend so you will understand what these ancient pagans actually believed. Kindly use some discretion in this so that you do not get the notion that I believe these pagan myths.

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