Papyrus is the basis of the wallpaper behind our HOME PAGE

Papyrus is a tall plant which grows along the shore of the Nile River and African lakes.  It was used in ancient times in Egypt for making paper, and many manuscripts exist today which have survived from those times.  The reeds also can be used to make boats, though their life is limited to the time it takes for the reeds to cecome woter logged.  Moses was hidden in a boat made of "bull rushes" which are papyrus.  

The mat formed by papyrus often extends up to 300 feet from the shore, and it floats on the water.  When flood times come, vast sections of the mat break loose and float away.  On inland lakes, this gives the illusion that islands have risen from the lake bottom over night.  It has frightened many a new comer to Africa who rose in the morning and saw a new island where none existed last night.