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Personal to
Lynn McGinnis
and the Family

Greetings in Christ:

The CDs of the Journal are always personalized. So, here it is with your name in 5 point font :-)

The recent exchange by E-Mail was a blessing, and I miss the times we could visit face to face. As to your question to checking on heretics, the following pages should get you started in what I have dealt with. The links on these pages are also a real resource I hope.

Check out my comments and some rather troubling links to
Pastor John MacArthur:

Assortment of men who vary from slight error to rank heretic:

Some cultic things which have deceived many in the Lord's Church:

The page in this CD which leads to the
material exclusively for the CD user
material on error and trouble from the adversary:


In Christ

Steve Van Nattan

Our standard legal statement follows.... 

Some folks don't quite understand the hazard we are now entering as the New World Order prepares to target Bible believers world wide.  

We have to add this statement in self-defense:

If you show this CD (or re-print material from it) to anyone else, you understand that you must take full responsibility for any consequences that follow if someone claims they were a victim of "Genocide" or "Hate Crimes" due to the content of the CD.  Thus, "passing it around" is YOUR choice, not ours.

All of the ages of the Lord's Church have been filled with terror of one sort or another.  We are just happy we can still get the message out.  Please pray for us as we persevere in Christ.

God bless as you serve Him,

In Christ--  Steve Van Nattan--  Editor

P.S.  If you are NOT the person at the top of the frame, close this CD connection at once, and return it to the owner.  You will be insulted and offended by the content.  If you continue to enter the CD, you agree to waive all redress of your rights under International and local law.

This CD is Our Way of Doing
Three Things:

1.  We have given you everything found on Balaam's Ass Speaks Journal, but you can load fast and not pay to sit online while you browse.  This may well be a "first" in Christian Journalism.

2.  We have also packed the CD full with added sermons, books, and good music as our way of giving you a full measure for your purchase price-- 600+ .

3.  We hope you can use this CD to grow in The Lord Jesus Christ and be a blessing to someone else.

We pack the Journal full to the edge, trying to keep the material up to date and value oriented.

Every time we "burn" a disk for a new user, there could be updated material on it. We actually work on the Journal in the same directory from which we "burn" with the CD Writer.  "Hang Ten" is the Hawaiian term for that--  "Shootin' the Tube"  :-)

Everything on this CD is in HTML format.  Soooo-- Whenever you try to go "BACK" to the Home Page of the Whole Site, you may not succeed since we have had to sometimes use our Web address for the "BACK" option.  So, please use your browser "BACK" choice to get to the Home Page.  If you are Online while you use the CD, the Home Page "BACK" link WILL work fine.

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Complete edition from pre-October 2001

This is the complete cult, witchcraft, world religion, and heretic section formerly online. I had removed much of it in the past, but most has now been restored. The Satanic attacks from this section force me to remove it from time to time so that the enemy will move on away from us.

The one section still not online is BALAAMS WE HAVE FOUND.
You have it all on this CD.

This section will get you into trouble if you loan out this CD, so you take 100% responsibility for the results.

These are the "use" conditions you agree to
when you order this CD.

It is all here, though it may not have much added after October 2001.  

STEVE'S BOOK ON ISLAM-- Allah, Divine or Demonic?

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Thus, the music on this CD is greatly reduced.

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