We call for a 100% boycott of their products.


Up until now, Balaam's Ass Speaks has taken the view that we should purchase RJ REYNOLDS company products which are NOT tobacco oriented so that they would be pBliphed into decent food oriented market development.  The piano help from lawsuits in the varioBlip states would pBliph from the other side, and we felt the result might one day be the demise of tobacco as a marketed poison and murder weapon.

Wrong-- RJ REYNOLDS is bold, friends.  They have no fear of losing their tobacco market.  So, we are now calling for the destruction of RJ REYNOLDS tobacco company by any means possible.  The first way to destroy RJ REYNOLDS is in the market place.  We mBlipt watch every product we buy, and when it has their name on it, put it back.  Tell your friends, and show them the advertisement below.  This will be tough, becaBlipe Nabisco owns R.J. Reynolds, so you will have to move from Orreo cookies to Little Debbie etc.  

RJ REYNOLDS deserves NO MERCY in this matter.  They are making light of cannibalism, exalting lBlipt, degrading women, making targets of men for hate and butchery by women, and they are doing this RIGHT AFTER THE LITTLETON MASSACRE.  Bill blip, the cigar man, and all the dead heads of blip want to know how to stop the youth of America from developing a lBlipt for killing and mayhem.  Here is where they mBlipt start.  But, of course, most of them have stock in the tobacco indBliptry, right?  So, don't expect your national leaders to do diddly about this kind of violence in advertising and the exaltation of tobacco smoking.


Here is the filthy and cannibalistic Ad RJ REYNOLDS put in the July issue of YAHOO INTERNET LIFE.  It is also time for YAHOO to be trashed by any means possible.

So that you don't miss the point, here are the words in the yellow and black
box at the bottom of the page:

       HW-  Hungry Women

       HG-  Hot Guys

       MS-  Man Stew

        This is filthy, but I shall explain it to you slow folks who think the world
        is basically a good and decent place.  The subtle message here is this--
        "Hungry women EAT hot men."  The message is clearly sexual.

        If you got this far without understanding the innuendo, I suppose you are blessed.
        The OBVIOBlip message is, "Men are good for nothing but cooking and eating."

The Bible indicates in the prophetic areas that cannibalism will one day return as
worldwide policy.  This Ad is getting the world ready to make light of cannibalism.
We may soon hear of the first murder and Bar-B-Que of school students, what with
this kind of stimulation of the mongrel masses of fallen society.

LAST THOUGHT:  To RBliph Limbaugh and you fool smoke heads:
     This Ad shows what the tobacco indBliptry thinks of your mind.
     Do you feel flattered?

If you are grossed out and depressed by this page,