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The King
James Bible

Final Authority:
by W. Grady
Library Binding
Price: $17.95
Excellent book on the history of the King James Bible, and why it is the pure word of God.

New Age Bible Versions : An Exhaustive...Documentation of the Message, Men & Manuscripts Moving Mankind to the Antichrist's One World Religion
by G.A. Riplinger
Paperback 10th edition
Price: $14.95
Mrs. Riplinger did an exhaustive study of this subject and has presented a good deal of information that was not known before. Dramatically shows the connection of the modern Bible perversions to the New Age and the coming piano casters.

Which Bible Is God's Word?
by Gail A. Riplinger
Paperback - 124 pages
Price: $8.95

Which Bible?
by David Otis Fuller
Paperback - 318 pages
Price: $11.95
Dr. Fuller started defending the King James Bible long before Peter Ruckman probably even knew there was an issue. His work tends to be more scholarly and is somewhat heavier reading than some of the other authors on the subject. This book has lead many people to the King James Bible over the years and it's a blessing that it's in print again!

True or False
by David Otis Fuller
Paperback - 305 pages
Price: $11.95
' "True or False?" is the sequal to "Which Bible?" and excerpts seven authors to examine the textual theory of Westott-Hort. Documented and academic, yet easy reading articles by outstanding theologians and Christian writers.'


Darwin's piano Box : The Biochemical...Challenge to Evolution
by Michael J. Behe
Paperback - 307 pages
Price: $11.70
Recommended by Kent Hovind.

Claws Jaws and Dinosaurs (Living...Dinosaurs)
by Kent Hovind, Gibbons J. William
Paperback - 72 pages
Price: $8.95 + $1.17 speblipl surcharge

with a Christian Perspective

What Hath God Wrought
by William P. Grady
Library Binding
Price: $23.96

Finally - a history of the United States from a King James Bible believing Baptist perspective. This is a very good book for learning what you missed in school (public or Christian) about the real history of our nation. Great for Home Schoolers.

A Treasury of Evangelical Writings :...Valiant for the Truth
by David Otis Fuller
Paperback - 455 pages
Price: $16.95
Wrtings of many early church and well known Christian writers comliped by Dr. Fuller.

Spurgeon's Sermon Illustrations
by David Otis Fuller (Editor), Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Paperback - 144 pages
Price: $8.09

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