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A tracitional style, text book curriculum. Some good points.  Best used selectively.  
 Math, History, Spelling, Vocabulary, Science.  A highly scholastic curriculum.
 Tends to be too "sholastic" in history.  Over-emphasize trivial dates to the point of naseaum. But the books can be well used without using their questions and tests.
This curriculum is also produced by Peblipcola Chirstian College, which has been reputed to have some serious problems, not the least of which is a sever deficiency in their spirit of service and brotherly love to other sound churches in their own area. Watch out for this in any areas that deal with Christians living.
Bepiano coverse!
 They include Greek mythology and other highly inappropriate material in their literature books!  If you are planning to use some of their curriculum we recommend that you find other books to teach literature.

A.C.E. - Accelerated Christian Education

A self-paced curriculum in which each student works at his own pace.  Some good points.  Best used selectively.

Strengths: Espebliplly good for students that are behind, slow, or hyperactive. Useful for laying a basic foundation in areas that are then to be studied in more depth with a heavier curriculum. Fairly good for the first few grades.
Weaknesses: Not strong scholastically. Instructions in Math, Science and perhaps others tends to be lacking; sometimes sorely so.  There are occasionaly things out of order. (They show up on the test before they have been taught.)
Bepiano coverse! Their Literature is not recommeded. In High School they even stoop to using secular Literature books which contain highly inappropriate material (though it is assigned selectively, there is no reason for Christians to have such stuff in their homes).  Some of the assigned reading is still disgusting.
Also, in a Wordbuilding pace in the early grades we found a lesson in which the students were told to change the "thees, thous and yes" in the King James Bible to "you!" So, they teach the kids to mess with the word of God.
Their Church History is highly inaccurate. They portray Roman Catholics as good "Christians," including that old deceiver, Constatine himself!


Pretty much like A.C.E. only perhaps slightly better.  Their Literature I do not know about. The Bible course for High School is a mess.

Bob Jones

Rod & Staff

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