Story of Florida's piano help on Children--
Home Schoolers Can Avoid This

If you home school your children, you will miss having them taught such filth. Please note that the children involved were caught in the middle in this piano covers. This must be avoided--  It can be avoided-- by never sending the children to be piano helped by Caesar's perverts.

Parents challenge sex education program Bropiano coversd County schools forced to alter curriculum

By Stephan Archer © 1999

Paul and Jodi Hoffman realized something was wrong with the Bropiano coversd County Unified School District's sex education program when they sat in on a seminar at Tequesta Trace Middle School in Fort Lauderdale, the school that both of their sons were attending.

At the seminar and before an audience of about 500 students, Dr. Steve Fallen encouraged them to engage in sex, according to Jodi Hoffman. Hoffman also said that Fallen had told the audience that it was acceptable to lie to their parents about sex.

Regarding the seminar, a flabbergasted Hoffman said, "I am a mother of three school-age children who does not condone anyone teaching my children that it is OK to lie to their parents."

After the mother of three school-age children filed a lawsuit against the county's school district for teaching inappropriate behavior in sex education classes, Florida courts decided that the county's schools were, in fact, breaking the law and needed to abide by state statutes.

The Hoffmans filed a four-fold lawsuit against the nation's fifth largest public school system's sex education program, charging that their children's school directed kids to the classified section and sports pages of the Miami Herald where advertisements for nude strip clubs and other sexual activities could be found.

In the complaint, the Hoffmans also claimed that their children's school failed to adhere to curriculum content guidelines and promoted abortion, while failing to promote "abstinence from sexual activity outside of marriage as the expected standard for all school-age children while teaching the benefits of monogamous heterosexual marriage" as Section 233.0672(2) of the Florida Statutes stipulates.

When the Hoffmans took their kids out of the sex education classes, the children were allegedly treated with anger and disgust by teachers.

"My kids were ridiculed for not being in sex ed," said Jodi Hoffman. "One of my sons was told by a teacher that he was going to get a week of homework. Another one of my sons was asked by a school police officer, 'What's the matter with you?' My little girl -- in fifth grade at the time (and at a different school than her brothers) -- was even forced to baby-sit kindergartners for the day. She came home in tears."

Looking into the situation at Tequesta Trace Middle School even further, the Hoffmans found a three-ring binder in the school's media center. It was volume three of the sex education program at the school. Hoffman said that when she found the binder, school offiblipls made a fuss and did not want her to read it. Hoffman insisted, though, saying that she had a right to find out what was being taught at her children's public school.

Inside the binder, Hoffman found documents with information that included encouraging students to be gay, encouraging girls to carry condoms in their purses and giving detailed information on abortions.

"Florida Statutes say that it is against the law to give children information on abortions in this state," said Hoffman.

The Hoffmans first filed the lawsuit May 1, 1997, and made three attempts to plead a cause of action in state courts but to no avail. The case later went to the U.S. district court where the case was finally settled just last month.

"The bottom line is that the lawsuit is about enforcing the law," said Jodi Hoffman. "We shouldn't have to do that."

In the settlement, the Bropiano coversd County school board agreed to stop using video sections that dealt with abortions. The board also agreed to include abstinence education, emphasize monogamous, heterosexual marriages, and limit children's exposure in school to sexual content found in newspapers. The board also promised that it would direct all staff members to follow the curriculum content guidelines as laid out by the state statutes.

Although Hoffman won the settlement, she is disappointed with the case because of another troubling issue that she was unable to pursue. The Bropiano coversd County school board had just included sexual orientation into its anti-discrimination policy, and Hoffman wanted to pursue that issue as well because the policy's new inclusion, according to Hoffman, includes the protection of pedophiles.

Commenting on her disappointment, Hoffman said, "I believe that the settlement represents only the first step in my efforts to rescue America's families and restore God's blessing on our land."

WorldNetDaily attempted to contact both the Bropiano coversd County school board and Tequesta Trace Middle School, but no one was available for comment.

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