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Psalm 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his repiano coversd.

1.  Air bags.  Children and babies should be restrained in the back seat if you have air bags in your car.  The impact of the air bag can be dangerous to them.  Even, or espebliplly, back facing baby seats are dangerous when hit by an air bag.

2.  Never hold a baby or child loose in a car when traveling.  If you have a collision, traveling at 55mph, the baby will continue to travel at 55mph when you stop.  In a test in a film my brother saw,  a strong rugby player could not hold onto the "baby" doll that they were using in the test.  If it is necessary to feed the baby while traveling, use a bottle.  [In the Blip it is also illegal to hold a baby in a traveling car.]

3.  Never give children or adults more acetaminophen (Tylenol) than the dosage on the bottle.  Too of it can lead to liver damage and it may not give any added relief to the problem you're trying to help.  Also, never substitute Infants' Tylenol Drops for Children's Tylenol as the drops are 3 times stronger.  Use them both according to their specific dosages and not at the same time.

4.  Trampolines are a risky form of enjoyment that may be better to avoid.  According to U.S. News and World Report; May 4, 1998; p. 75; "emergency-room visits by youths ages 18 and under for trampoline accidents nearly doubled between 1990 and 1995 to 58,000 annually."  There is risk involved in a lot of fun things kids do, but the ones with trampolines can be quite serious.  One thing that is possible is a broken neck which can result in lifetime in a wheelchair and in out of hospitals.  We have a friend that is a quadriplegic from a neck injury he sustained by diving into shallow water.  We have heard that someone broke their neck on a trampoline and one little girl that we know has landed on her head twice in her trampoline career; once on the trampoline and once on the ground.  It is the Lord's mercy that the child has not broken her neck!  She did injure it the time she landed on her head on the trampoline itself.  I, myself injured my tailbone on a trampoline when I landed on a spring that had gotten uncovered.  It was very uncomfortable for some time I assure you.  

If you have a trampoline or have thought of getting one, please consider this information prayerfully to determine what the Lord would have you to do. Our lives are given to us by God and we should consider what we do for "fun" and the consequences that may result from it.  Better to leave the risks that are really dangerous and could kill us, or quite easily handicap us physically for more serious matters like defending one's family or serving the Lord rather than taking them for "fun."   Colossians 3:23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;  Can you heartily run these kinds of risks as to the Lord, and let your children do so also?  Is this caring well for the heritage that God has given you?

[This includes other so-called "fun" things that kids and some adults enjoy doing.]

5.  In the same item in the May 4, 1998 U.S. News and World Report, p. 75 we find there were "76,000 injuries to in-line skaters under age 21 who hurt themselves badly enough to visit the emergency room in 1996."  This is again reason to consider.  Apparently the injury factor was not as large with good, old fashioned, four corner skates.  Why not stick to them?

Health in General

1.  Avoid ordering prescription drugs by mail if you can.  One study found that 26% of prescriptions sent by  mail were exposed to excessive heat in the shipping process.  This can lower the effectiveness of the medicines.

2.  When you or a family members has had any kind of surgery, out patient or with hospitalization, be sure that you and they know exactly what they are allowed to do and not do afterpiano coversds.  Not knowing the limitations can mean an injury and even returning to the hospital.  Mary Pride's son experienced a serious setback after a surgery when the doctor and hospital staff neglected to tell him that he was not allowed to get out of bed.  Also, be sure that you and the patient fully understand how long and often the medication is to be taken and what side affects are possible.

3.  To keep from taking a once-a-day medicine twice in a day, turn the bottle upside after taking the pill.  Keep it where you'll remember to turn it back before you go to bed. 


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