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Proverbs 31:24 She maketh fine linen, and selleth it;
and delivereth girdles unto the merchant.

Question 1:

I have enjoyed your site and the great question you ladies have an idea for making extra money to help with the household....but not ANYTHING that would take me out of the house and away from the family? I have tried Avon, Tupperpiano coverse, etc....they are all selling (which I detest) and it does not work...we homeschool and all! Will be anxious to hear what your ideas may be. Thank you for your time!

Answer 1:

Dear friend,

Thank you for writing. Here are some ideas for working at home:

1. If you know how to play any musical instrument, you might consider giving lessons. Try spreading the news that you are teaching by word of mouth, so you can have more choice about who you will teach, or see if you can post a notice on a bulletin board in a tolerable church in the area, or the local library. (I recommend having a letter to give prospective students laying out the rules you wish them to abide by in you home. Also, don't get caught in going to the student. Make them come to you.) [Other things to teach - quilting, drawing/painting, sewing, cooking, etc.]

2. If you make, grow, or have anything that you could sell to *somebody* you might consider trying to sell it on This is probably the easiest way to sell. Another option is to collect say books, or some do-dads that are collectable in second hand stores and then sell it on eBay. I heard of an evangelist and his son that at least partially support themselves by buying collectible plates in second hand stores and then re-selling them on eBay.

3. If you sew, you may want to consider selling that ability. In other words, sewing for others. You can advertise by word of mouth or with a simple business card tacked up in public places that you sew for people (and then just turn them down if they want you to sew something you can't do for any reason - spiritual or practical). Also, search the web for people that need someone to sew for them. I have a friend that is sewing for a lady back east who sells modest clothes and dolls.

4. See if there is something you can buy cheap on the web anywhere, and then re-sell at a profit. If you have a web site, you could even re-sell it right on the web. :-)


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