And the Entrance of Sin






Now, we know that Eve sinned first, as Paul tells us with emphasis.  We know that Eve presented the fruit to Adam.  The woman was the first sinner, and women's libers still scream in rage at this thought.

BUT, Adam was the executive of God in the earth.  Adam was to be the leader of his wife and her protector.  Many a man has passed off the sins of his wife because she listened to Satan or some TV demonized guru like Benny Hinn!  I ask, "Where was the old man when the temptation was going down?"  Where was Adam when Eve was being piano helped with temptation?  I bet Adam was off up the river Euphrates having a mountain top experience learning to invent and keep promises to Eve.

In any case, the big man did submit to the suggestions of his wife, like a good little Promise Keeper, and he joined her in her sin.  Now Islam and the Moronic Mormon Church both claim that Adam brought us all a blessing by sinning.  Adam's sin brought the need of Jesus Christ to die for us.  This notion that Adam sinned as a favor to the race is the great lie of all men when they sin.  They claim they have to sin for the good news of salvation to be learned.  Shall we sin that grace may abound?  "Hey," the sinner says, "Let's party."

So, sin entered by ONE MAN, and Eve is left out in the New Testament doctrine of the fall.  One man sinned, Adam that is, and Jesus Christ had to later come to earth, feel all the ugliness of sin's effect on His beautiful creation, be tempted by the same old Serpent that got to Adam, and then Jesus Christ had to die on the cross in order to buy back humanity.  The process of this buy back still continues to take place as men are called to make the decision to go on to heaven and Glory at the end and destruction of the earth one day.  Are you apiano coverse that God has to kill you and destroy the earth 100% in order to get you back the way he made the first men?  The fall of Adam was catastrophic beyond any comprehension my friend.