Subj: The Angel's Talk (From the Oregonian Newspaper)

Date: 97-10-18 06:52:51 EDT




I have been browsing through your page on angel's, and thought if you haven't yet seen this article, it might be of interest to you. I will also send you the Photo that accompanied this aritcle in the Oregonian Newspaper.  Marcia - (

"Forget Ouija: 'Angels Talk' game can help you pull some wings" Who needs fortunetellers once you open a direct line with Heaven?  By Jann Mitchell of The Oregonian staff

Angelmania continues to descend upon the Earth. The heavenly creatures have prompted top-selling books, specialty magazines, figurines galore, a resurgence of angelic art,-even entire stores devoted to them. Now a board game has wafted down - the better to speak with the spiritual seraphs. The "Angels Talk" is a Ouija-like board game consisting of a "talking board," a plastic angel-message pointer and a 125 page book containing instructions, information about angels and how they work, and the story of the game's origins.

It sells for $22.95, and is available at Powell's Books, Barnes & Noble and Angels & Us, the all-angel store in Southeast Portland. You may also call 1-800-253-6476.

The idea for the game came to Kay Sturgis of Virginia as her 12 year old daughter, Kelly Willis, awaited a liver transplant in 1994. Kelly begged her mother to find a way to speak with angels, so they could help her deal with death. The vision of a family board game came to Sturgis, a writer and astrologer. She created the game with husband Larry Strgis and two friends, Thomas Keller and Deborah Taylor.

At the 11th hour, Kelly received her transplant and remains in good health.  To play, first state your intention in playing the game. (Angels never interfere with free will.) Have a proper attitude, and play in a quiet place.  Invite the angels in to communicate. Begin with simple yes-or-no questions, allowing the pointer to move as it will.

Ask your questions sincerely, with fingers on the pointer, resting on the board.

Write the answer (as the pointer spells it out on the board's alphabet) on a tablet.

But you needn't worry about the game becoming habit-forming: "Once the playing of 'The Angels Talk' is mastered and communications with us are well developed, playing the game may no longer be necessary, for then communications with us will be directly experienced," says the instruction booklet written in an angelic editorial "we."