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Kenneth Hagin. "Originally, God made the earth and the fullness thereof,
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By Júlio Carrancho

One of the coarsest offences and blasphemies against God Almighty is, in my eyes, without any doubt whatsoever, the Charismatic preacher praying!

I will forever keep a long distance from this blasphemer, in case he is struck by lightning or worse from the Almighty he is blaspheming against. As regularly as preaching unbiblical doctrines at random, twisting the Scriptures at will, and enriching himself at the expense of the victims in his meetings, he also keeps on defying the ire and wrath of God, expecting a repiano coversd.

It happens all the time, as regularly as the clock's ticking. And the religious paraplegics and deceived infants in the Charismatic groups never react and sternly rebuke their ministers.

When I hear one of these spiritual mockers praying, I know that the offence will not be late. It is routine, and for that, I'm sure, the Lord will, one day, destroy this malignant Charismatic Movement that has caused so much damage to doctrine and led so many people to Hell. I have no doubt that the Charismatic Church had its origin in casuistic deception, and its ministers are all spiritual frauds and sons of the devil in disguise.

No doubt whatsoever in my heart!

As somebody says, there's less harm in belonging to the Mafia!

I don't want to be around a pastor of this conglomerate the moment he opens his mouth to deliver his litany. It is a sure thing that he will address God and address the devil in the same prayer, as if that was an instruction in the Bible. I've heard it in my lifetime.

The man starts by shouting to God for some deliverance from sickness or similar thing (like calling poverty a sin, and so on!). It includes a torrent of alleluias and some weird exclamations in “tongues” (the most bizarre ordeal!). Then, he suddenly interrupts his “prayer”, turns his back to God Almighty and speaks to the devil, arrogantly ordering him to leave the premises, or the congregation, or the particular congregant, etc. And then, with the most bizarre, pathetic and stupid conceit, he declares to the devil that he is binding him in the name of Jesus, plus this and that, whatever!!

Binding the devil?!'

Where is this written in the Scriptures?

I mean, with so many Charismatic ministers constantly shouting the binding of the Foe, would the devil not be, by now, totally immobile in some strong room? How come the Enemy is always on the lose? Why does he always appear in Charismatic gatherings, free as a serpent and disguised as an angel of light to upset or benefit from the proceedings?!'

I tell you the secret: the devil enjoys hearing the Charismatic man blaspheming against God Almighty! That's for sure! The devil takes great pleasure in being addressed by the Charismatic fraud in the middle of his prayer to God. He glees with his satanic enjoyment seeing the idiot interrupting his prayer, turning his back to God and shouting the usual formula, "I bind you”, and this and that!"

I wouldn't be surprised if there was a party in Hell anytime a Charismatic does the inconceivable offence. The devil is surely pleased, for the pastor will be one more elite-member in the burning furnace!

Now the question: what spiritual dementia has gotten ahold of the Charismatic leader? Why does he do that stunt blaspheme? What does he think he is to turn his back on God he is addressing and unscripturally give direct orders to the Liar? How come he binds the Deceiver in the name of Jesus, when he cannot bind his own ignorance and stupidity?

There is no humility in the average Charismatic pastor. He has been brainwashed to believe in himself! The audacity of praying to God and giving orders to the devil in the same breath can only come from a deranged soul. And yet, we observe this malignancy being practiced day in and day out throughout the world.

However, try to rebuke one of these detractors and you'll see how resistant to teaching he is, and how stubborn to instruction he stands. I maintain that that is because he is a wolf in sheep's clothing and he is there to score gain for himself form his victims.

Júlio Carrancho