I was just sent this in the mail from a friend.
I thought you might find it as sweet as I did.

A Brother's Love

There was this little girl who was sick with a rare disease. The doctor's tried to cure her, but she kept getting thinner and lighter in complexion. The doctor called the other family members into a private discussion room. There the doctor explained that, to fight this disease, the young girl would need a blood transfusion by someone who had been cured of that same disease. Since her brother had already overcome that particular disease, and he had the same blood type, he was the ideal donor.

The doctor pursued to influence the young child to donate his blood to his sister, while the young boy was very quiet. As the doctor waited for a response the small boy, with his bottom lip trembling, finally said,"Ok, I'll do it." The doctors wheeled the two children down the hall to the hospital room.

Not one word was exchanged. Only a few times did the young boy look at his sister, and as there eyes met, he simply smiled at her. The two children finally reached the room, and were placed into two chairs beside each other. The doctor started the procedure for the blood transfusion.

The young boy watched his blood go from his body into his sister's. Trying to hold back the tears, he finally broke the silence with, "Doctor, when am I going to die?" The doctor then realized why his lips were trembling, and why he remained so silent. To the young boy, giving his blood meant giving his life. At that one moment, that one instant, he would have given his life for his sister.

Just thought you all might enjoy this.

God bless,

Wendy Kauling




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