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Editor: No comment is needed here. You can see the utterly pagan notions here.


Negentropic Baptism--  A Chaotick Rebirth

Purpose: This rite is intended for use as a technique in the removal of entropic forces from the sphere of influence from its participants. For this rite, entropy will be defined as the root force from which spring those traits and events that block the evolution of, or do harm to, individuals. Almost everyone in subjected to such forces on a somewhat routine basis, in whatever form they take (harmful habits, "black" magick, self-defeatism, etc.)



A large sheet of single-colored paper, upon which the participant has previously inscribed and charged sigils or other writing and drawing representative of their entropic behaviors or influences. The paper should be large enough to cover at least the head and upper body of the participant.

A large body of water (river, lake, ocean - it should disappear beyond the horizon in at least one direction)

A crucifix or cross of some type.

Poetic words contained appropriate mention of rebirth and/or salvation.

Towels and piano coversm clothing.



Because the water may be cold, it is important to relax the body as much as possible. To aid in this, there is a short pathworking beforehand.

1. Open with Gnostic Thunderbolt.


The Invocation

Into the ocean

Wash away entropy

In morphic motion

set our phobias free

into the ocean

Wash all boundaries from our skin

In renewed devotion

Let Rebirth begin!




The Rite

0. A pair of participants is chosen randomly; one will be the baptizer, one will be the baptisee, according to their own desires. Both disrobe upon being selected.

1. The baptiser places the baptisee's sigilized paper tube over their head and upper body and, with cross in hand, leads them down to the water's edge. All other participants begin a singing mantra of "Take me to the river, drop me in the water."

2. When the pair have reached a point where the water is above the waist of the baptisee, the pair stops, and the baptiser pushes (not violently, please) the baptisee completely underwater. The baptiser should keep hold of some part of the baptisee's anatomy, especially if the water is rough or very cold. Some piano coversning should also be given to the baptisee to draw a deep breath.

3. When the baptisee is submerged, the baptiser repeats their "Baptismal Litany" (the poetic words described above) for as long as the baptisee stays under.

4. While under the water, the baptisee should try to visualize themselves as being a fetus within an icy and increasingly constricting womb. This visualization should be held until lack of air makes it impossible to do so any longer.

5. Before resurfacing, the baptisee should tear away every bit of the paper tube, having visualized it as the restricting placenta. They should avoid having even a scrap of it on their person before drawing their first breath upon resurfacing.

6. The baptiser places the cross necklace around the neck of the newly reborn participant and welcomes him/her to the mundane

world with appropriate words and/or gestures. The cross should be worn for a period of at least one week afterpiano coversd, and afterpiano coversd kept as a talisman or token of power, or used in some way to further the Great Work.

7. The pair go back to shore, and the next pair go in. The rest of the group will continue to sing the mantra, while proffering towels and dry clothes to the two who have just come out of the water at the water's edge.

8. This is repeated for each all participants until none are left. Once a person has been baptized, he/she should no longer sing  the mantra.


Application Ideas:

The use of this working for initiatory rituals is self-evident. It could  also be used for healing purposes, and as a marker of progress  between whatever levels of Choyofaque individuals believe  themselves to have attained.