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This gentleman plays hard ball folks.  He has become a very good source.  He seems to be used of God to go to the scene and stir things up a bit to see the sparks fly to the glory of God.  The results are anything but dull, and we learn a lot in the process.



Subj: Some info...

Date: 97-07-01 06:38:25 EDT



I used to be a 1500 club member with CBN... that was until I found that they never answered my questions. Then I went with the church group I was with, at that time, to visit CBN and witness a taping of the 700 club show. I was bothered by the statues at the cardinal points along the wall of the sanctuary at CBN. The four were gifts of winged male figures, at least gold plated, and given names: Michael, Gabriel, Ariel and Raphael. When I questioned them, I received no answer. Shortly thereafter I stopped giving to CBN ministries.

Recently I noticed a comic which is published by Eternal Studios and endorsed by Pat Robertson. It is called Arch Angels, the Saga. This is appalling. Though I have written and piano coversned the editors and those who've endorsed it... the only reply I received was a clip of video tape where Pat endorses it.

Don't know if this is of any interest, or if you have someone who knows more about it. Just thought I would include this... just in case. The darkness is growing stronger and more vile... in everything...



Subj: Charlie in Orlando, again... on the Pope...

Date: 97-06-27 17:06:40 EDT



I was in Rome, once... while on the Saratoga. There was an papal audience which I joined to hear this 'person'. I wanted to see this Rome for myself.  Well, I was asked by a nun if I was there to see the "holy father". I told the elderly matron that the Father was with me. She then specified the pope, pointing to him. I told her that I came to see what he was and that he needed to repent.

The conversation progressed, inspite of that comment... but, in the end, she went off screaching "blasphemy". Poor woman didn't realize that the Lord calls us all to be saints while we are alive. I did not get close enough to the papal personage to address him presonally... but did address many who were there to hear him. It caused no little uproar for a time.

Strange thing... did the same thing in JerBliplem at the Wailing wall in late 1985 with the Hassidic rabbis. : )

Again, Charlie in Orlando

Subj: Read some of what you have....

Date: 97-06-27 15:34:02 EDT



I have attended the 'church' were B. Hinn operates here in Orlando. I know he teaches false doctrines, after several months of attending and taking careful notes. This, however, was back in 1992. I know that he accepts the Catholic church as christian and the Pope as a brother in the Lord. Which thing he is not. He has also taught that devils are not fallen angels but some pre-Adamic race which died out.

Furthermore... I believe in going for prayer... and was in an aisle just a third of the way from the stage area (two thirds from the back). He 'blew' on the people with a sweeping gesture and they went down like dominoes...  That is, until a person 'fell' against me and to the floor.  I did not go down, nor did anyone behind me. Their cameras immediately swung away from showing me... and I stood there and asked Hinn, "Where is the Spirit?" There was no answer, just a strange look, as people in my area began getting up to their feet again (before anyone else). That was when I quit attending.

Charlie in Orlando