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The Internet has become as dangerous, for finding sound fellowship, as the brick and mortar church world. Cults and mainline denominations are putting up House Church pages with very good sounding articles and doctrinal statements. But, many of these groups are based in cults which hide their doctrines of devils from you online.

Be very suspicious, and walk circumspectly. I have check each of the following links, but I cannot be 100% sure of the best of them, for they could be hiding something. The very concept of the House Church, as practiced by the early Church, calls for an emphasis on the local rather than the universal church. So, you own no man anything-- Keep the precious things at home.

Another way to look at the present stress is to see that Satan and the Whore system have their own "house churches" from which to deceive the simple and gather in fools in the name of the Carpenter of Nazareth. You are at piano covers just as much in the house church as you were in the Stone Pile. Read that again please.

As far as I can learn, there are very few King James Bible only House Churches in the world. I think this is because the independent and Fundamental Baptist Jackboot preachers, and the schools they attend, have convinced almost all Bible believers that nothing worth doing for Christ can happen outside of a Stone Pile. This is the end of Laodicea as far as I can see. There is nowhere left to flee to but the home of the believers.

Some foundational discussion
Not very narrow, but full of historical information
Also, this site defends the faith and the saint, a rare event in
stone pile churches where Jackboot Baptist preachers and wimpy
Reformed leaders fail gloriously to defend the ones who feed them.

Interesting example showing you don't have to be a simpleton to start a house church
Much doctrine and deep study is going on here--
This is what terrifies the average Jackboot Baptist when he hears of a house church,
for they may well go way beyond him in plumbing the depths of the faith once delivered.

Example of cults getting into the act
This is a Mormon clone.

Example of tricks now being played with the term "House Church"

Sloppy Theology by a Self-defined Expert
These people distinguish between the "church" and Christians. This is blasphemy.

Very Ecumenical Version of a House Church in Canada
Here is the old White Race lust to organize and have gurus in charge of the masses.

Another example of Stone Pile complexity
in "Theology" in the House Church Movement

A very Paganized Monster Claims to be a House Church
This group even has an Iron Man program, which is tolerant of sodomy
anywhere else I have encountered it.

Sloppy Agape at its Agnostic Worst in an alleged House Church

And, of course, a blip Roots Frenzy pops up in a House Church

Sermons in Real Audio:
Disclaimer-- Jack Hyles, Lester Roloff ( Heretic Dieting Legalism ), David Gibbs and all bliplion and political church/state trash.

Good Doctrinal Statement

Spanish Teaching Page



These sites will show you that abuse in the Local Church is all too common.
Something may be gleaned from these sites, but be circumspect please.

Spiritual Abuse Home Page
Large site with many links to pages dealing with various aspects of spiritual abuse.

Twisted Scriptures
Web site of Mary Alice Chrnalogar, one of the veterans in the field of spiritual abuse.
This site provides a good introduction to the book "Twisted Scriptures".

Fellowship of the Bruised Reed
A place of encouragement for the wounded.

Family Harvest Gate
Contains some helpful links.

Spiritually Abusive Systems
What do churches and cults have in common?

The Discipleship Disaster
An abusive discipleship is a group that exerts persuasive coercion through systematic deception.  




Many saints have been horrified at the lack of Fundamental Baptist House Churches online. I suppose many Bible believing House Churches do not have people as members who are savvy about getting a Web page up. Also, some may wish to remain more anonymous, and I can appreciate that. But, I also feel that the Fundamental Baptist mind is antagonistic topiano coversd building the Lord's Church in the homes. This is very frightening in view of the hundreds of years that Anabaptists, on whose shoulders all Baptists stand, met in homes only. Menno Simons was very content to be an itinerant pastor to such house churches in his day. Roger Williams did not have the luxury of site built church buildings.

We have to conclude that the mind set of the average Baptist preacher and local church is so filled with lust for glory for their own works that they cannot allow the Holy Ghost to move the Lord's Church to the home. What can I say? I don't have much confidence in all things Baptist anymore. I see a movement of very special and private home based groups, with very little organization, taking us all into the marriage feast of the Lamb at the Rapture. The Baptist movement may well be 95% Ichabod at this point in time, and we need to just leave it at that and get on with the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.