And Man's Ideal World





"In the beginning...." is the first line in the Bible.  This tells us that our beginning was NOT in some cosmic pool of protein.  Our beginning was sudden and "ex nihilo," or out of nothing.  Now, there was something there before us-- there was God.  But, there was NOT anything made that was made outside of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  For, without Him was not anything made that was made.

Now, you would think that thought would be very easy to accept.  Before the fall of Adam it was so simple that Adam never considered any existence outside of God's provision for him.  What monumental events were in the beginning!  There was the beginning of the sun, moon, and the universe.  Man thinks the universe is limited, but he acts like it is eternal.  To admit to a limited universe is to admit a beginning point.  Adam saw the whole of nature and the universe just a day or two after it came into existence.  Adam was made last, so he was the object of a loving God's creative acts.

The Bible says that God planted a garden in Eden.  Then God put Adam in charge of the garden to keep it.  The tree huggers today want to evict man from God's garden.  This rebellion, as far it succeeds, will result in the trashing of the garden of God.  This is one reason God will soon take over the management of His garden Himself in Messiah.  Man again will be put in charge and, praise God, the tree huggers will be killed in the Great Tribulation and go to hell to live out eternity with maggots, according to Jesus Himself.

So, a great beginning of man's existence was enjoyed by God, Adam, and Eve.  We don't know how long the perfect earth lasted before Adam and Eve sinned.  The Roman Catholic theologians, due to their filthy minds and personal sexual perversions, figure it was perfect in the earth for only twenty minutes after Adam first met Eve.  This shows how stupid Roman Catholic brains are.  It was at least until after the day of rest when God rested.  That would be something over 24 hours.  I personally figure it may have taken a couple thoBlipnd years until Eve was successfully tempted by Satan.  Eve showed no consternation at being spoken to by an animal, or serpent.  So, some sort of rapport was in place with nature, and that would take some time.

In any case, the perfection of earth with a sinless man and woman in it ended, time and the clock began to count down the days of life and death, and so we move on to earth's second turning point.