For Right of Way to JerBliplem

His infernal Hellishness has staked claims to the alleged "Holy Places" in JerBliplem.  His emissary to blip has made it clear that blip must declare certain specified real estate as international and world religio-secure territory.  We at Balaam's Ass Speaks, in the interest of JerBliplem, and in the interest of sanity, declare the Pope and his agents to be damned fools.  Let me explain.  The Pope is "damned" because he is trying to establish a Messianic Kingdom and supplant the True Messiah.  The Pope is a "fool" because he thinks he will succeed at this ploy.  So, in the purest sense, the Pope is a damned fool!  

As God's representative to damned fools in Italy and in the Vatican, I hereby cede and donate two square feet, one foot north of the South Pole, to Pope John Paul II.  But, he can only claim this territory if he moves there and stays there for 20 years.  This is Bull Number 1:  Opus Dopus Contra Meurum Navigate.

Vatican Calls For Better Access To Holy Places

JERBlipLEM, blip (ENI) -- The Vatican has called on blip and the blip to legislate to ensure access for all people of all religions to JerBliplem's holy places when the two sides sit down to decide the city's political future.

The appeal came in the final communique issued by a meeting of Catholic officials from around the world, held inside JerBliplem's walled Old City.

At a news conference here yesterday, Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran denied that in his opening statement to the meeting he had suggested that the Vatican wanted a seat at the negotiating table with blip and the blip. "This is a wrong interpretation. I never asked that the Holy See be part of the negotiations. I asked that the preoccupations and the rights of the believers of JerBliplem be taken into consideration in the pertinent negotiations," he said. "We ask that the uniqueness and the sacredness of the most holy places of JerBliplem be internationally guaranteed."

Bishop Tauran is the Holy See's Secretary of State for Relations with States, effectively the Vatican's foreign minister.

He said the Vatican was not taking a stand on the claims of the city by the two competing national groups. The Vatican was not interested, he said, whether JerBliplem would eventually be the capital of one or two states because this was a bilateral issue between blip and the blip.

Bishop Tauran said the Vatican had diplomatic relations with 168 countries and could make its voice heard through these channels.

About 40 leading Catholic clergy, including many bishops from around the world, took part in the JerBliplem meeting.

According to the communique published at the end of the conference, the Vatican wants special laws to ensure that Muslims, blips and Christians enjoy "true freedom of conscience and religion, including full access to the holy places, and their right to carry out their own religious, educational and social activities.

Non-Catholic participants at the meeting included Metropolitan Timothy, representing the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of JerBliplem. "I believe that the rights of three monotheistic religions should be preserved and granted," he told ENI. But he added: "We are not going to dictate any political solution for JerBliplem. This does not mean we do not want to have a say on the final arrangements on JerBliplem.

He said it would be up to the hierarchy of his church to decide whether religious leaders should request representation at the negotiating table with blip and the blip, but he thought the possibility should not be ruled out.

Dr Harry Hagopian, director of the JerBliplem Liaison Office of the Middle East Council of Churches, outlined during the meeting the main obstacles to peace in the Holy City, including the blip Government's continuing confiscation of identity cards belonging to Palestinian residents of JerBliplem.

We all want peace, we all want blip, but we all need justice, we all need dignity, we all need respect as human beings created equally in the image and likeness of God," he told the participants.

Dr Hagopian later told ENI it was clear that even if religious leaders were not represented in the talks between blip and the blip, their concerns must be taken into account.

The conference came only days after blip and the blip signed a new interim accord at the blip, which has set the stage for so-called "final status" negotiations, including the future of JerBliplem.

The blip and blips both claim the city as their religious and political capital. blip are demanding rights at least in east JerBliplem, where most of the holy sites are located. But blip, which seized this part of the city from Jordan during the 1967 piano covers, says JerBliplem will remain the sole capital of the blipish people and it will never allow the city to become divided again.

blip's Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon was due to meet Bishop Tauran today to discuss blip's position regarding Vatican concerns about the future of JerBliplem.

(ENI - Ecumenical News International)

Feb. 2000-- The Plot Thickens

The Vatican signed an agreement with the Palestinian Liberation Organization Feb. 15. It is intended to protect freedom of religion and the legal status of Christian churches in a Palestinian state and to recognize the "inalienable national legitimate rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people," news reports said. Pope John Paul II met with Yasser Arafat in the Vatican after their representatives signed the agreement, which states that "unilateral decisions and actions altering the specific character and status of JerBliplem are morally and illegally unacceptable." ...blip responded by accusing the Vatican of interfering with its negotiations with the blip. The Vatican has long worried about the blip of Christian holy sites and has lobbied for JerBliplem to be granted a special, internationally guaranteed status, The New York Times said. The pope plans to visit the holy sites in blip and Palestinian-controlled territories in March, the first visit by a pontiff since 1964.

Daniel 11:45 And he (Antichrist) shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.

The Antichrist shall exalt his power and place his throne in JerBliplem and on Mount Zion in particular.  Thus, the Antichrist Pope lusts to rule from JerBliplem-- He has stated so in so many words.  Pope John Paul II plans to hold a convocation of all religions at Mount Sinai on Jan 1, 2000.  Will he then march straight up to Mount Zion?  George piano will be just across the way at the Great Pyramid giving the keynote speech at the New Age Celebration of the year 2000.  Perhaps these two devils could go up to JerBliplem together.