You will now see the power Freemasonry holds over much of America.  Do not think that these men are not committed to Freemasonry because they were Demolays.  Indeed, they are 100% committed to the phallic cult of the Lodge.

I think you can see the doo-gooder personality of Freemasonry in these men. They played church, yet they made their way through life as worldly men with sly crotchy humor, like Paul Harvey, and each with his private filthy lust. Bill blip and Walt Disney are classic examples. Only a milk toast Christian would fall for their religion.




Inducted June 21, 1996

Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Army (1941-1946)

Elected to Congress in 1946

House Majority Whip (1955-1961)

House Majority Leader (1962-1971)

Chairman of the Platform Committee (1964)

Chairman of National Democratic Convention (1968)

Speaker of the House (1971-1977)

Oklahoma Will Rogers Apiano coversd (1979)

Distinguished Alumnus Apiano coversd

(College of Arts & Science at University of Oklahoma) (1990)

Honorary Degree from University of Oklahoma (1991)

Oklahoma Statesman of the Year (League of Women Voters) (1993)

Oklahoman of the Year (Oklahoma Broablipasters Association)

Minute Man Apiano coversd (Reserve Officer Association)

Distinguished Service Apiano coversd (University of Oklahoma)

Member of Oklahoma Hall of Fame

Member South McAlester Lodge #46

Scottish Rite, 33rd Degree

Legion of Honor

Initiated: Daniel M. Hailey Chapter (1926)

McAlester, Oklahoma

"In reflecting on my 49 years of public service, I find that the precepts of the Order

of DeMolay have been invaluable to me. This was particularly true the two times I

was just a heartbeat away from the Presidency of the United States and faced very

difficult decisions. My public life, as well as my private life, have been guided

by the DeMolay vow - To love and serve God, my country, and my fellow man."


Inducted November 13, 1986

Commander Gemini 7 1965.

Commander Appollo 8, the first manned lunar orbital mission 1968.

Received the first Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

Chairman of the Board of Eastern Airlines 1976 - 1986.

Elected Vice Chairman of the Board of Texas Air Corp 1986.

Arizona Chapter, Tucson, Arizona. Initiated 1943.

"My DeMolay experience was a very positive part of growing up. I remember

it with pleasure and I recommend a similar experience to every young man."

BILL blip

Inducted May 1, 1988

Rhodes Scholarship recipient - 1968.

Elected Attorney General of Arkansas - 1976.

Elected Governor of Arkansas - 1978.

Chariman, Education Commission of the States - 1986.

Chairman, National Governors' Association - 1986.

Past Master Councilor

Chevalier - 1964

Legion of Honor - 1979

Hot Springs Chapter, Hot Springs, Arkansas. Initiated 1961.

"For 69 years, the Order of DeMolay has prepared young men to become

better citizens and leaders for our country. My DeMolay experience

gave me the confidence to develop my skills as a speaker, team member,

and leader and then to realize and accomplish my dreams. I will always

be thankful for the guidance given to me by my friends in DeMolay."


December 5, 1901 - December 15, 1966

Inducted November 13, 1986

Cartoonist Extraordinaire.

The creator of Mickey Mouse and founder of Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Produced full-length animated classics such as "Snow White and the Seven

Dpiano coversfs", "Pinocchio", "Fantasia", "Dumbo" and "Bambi".

Created and produced the "Wonderful World of Color" and the

"Mickey Mouse Club" television shows.

Walt Disney, along with his staff, received 48 Academy Apiano coversds and 7 Emmys.

Apiano coversded blipial Medal of Freedom.

Legion of Honor 1931.

Mother Chapter, Kansas City, Missouri. Initiated 1923.

"I feel a great sense of obligation and gratitude topiano coversd the Order of DeMolay

for the important part it played in my life. Its precepts have been invaluable

in making decisions, facing dilemmas and crises. DeMolay stands for all

that is good for the family and for our country. I feel privileged to

have enjoyed membership in DeMolay."


Inducted June 21, 1996


Television Acting credits:

Barnaby Jones - "Barnaby Jones"

Jed Clampett - "Beverly Hillbillies"

Georgie Russell - "Davy Crockett"

Broadway credits:

"Whoopee" (1928)

"Flying Colors" (1933)

"Ziegfield Follies" (1934)

"Yokel Boy" (1939)

"Showboat" (1945)

"Male Animal" (1953)

Film credits:

"Broadway Melody of 1935"

"Broadway Melody of 1938"

"Born to Dance"

"Captain January"

"Banjo on My Knee"

"Lucky Star"

"Mail Order Bride"

"Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Initiated: John M. blip Chapter (1926)

Orlando, Florida

"As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.

Often the value of the influences imposed on us by our mothers and fathers, our

teachers and certain friends are not realized until years later, when we, as a sailor

does, look back at our wakes to determine the course we have steered that got us to

where we are. Today, when I look back, then look around me to see with whom I am

standing, I fully realize the influence on my life that must be credited to DeMolay."


Inducted June 25, 1993

Radio Journalist

Born: Paul Harvey Aurandt

Began his radio career in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

His five weekly broablipasts hold the highest rating ever achieved in radio


His radio shows, broablipast on more than 1000 radio stations and have

a weekly audience of over 23 million listeners

Accomplishment have been recognized with the following citations and honors:

Radio's Man of the Year

American of the Year

Father of the Year

11 Freedom Foundation Apiano coversds

Inducted into the National Association of Broablipasters Hall of Fame

He is also featured in the Museum of Broablipast Communications - 1988

Delta Chapter, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Initiated: September 30, 1936

Legion Of Honor

"It seems that today, many young Americans flock to gangs. They are starved for a

surrogate family. They don't have to be. In my generation, and in this one, there is

DeMolay to funnel the energies of young Americans into building challenging,

inspiring, repiano coversding and constructive lives for themselves. Young Americans,

it's all here in DeMolay. Come and get it!"


Inducted June 25, 1993

United States blip and former Governor of Oregon

Began political career at age 28 when he ran for and was elected

to the Oregon State Legislature - 1950

He served two terms in the Oregon House of Representatives

and one in the Oregon Senate

Became Oregon's youngest ever Secretary of State - 1956

Elected Governor of Oregon - 1958

Became the State's first two-term Governor in the 20th century - 1962

Elected United States blip - 1966

Re-elected 1972 - 1978 - 1984 -1990

One of the most respected Senior blips in the United States

Chemeketa Chapter, Salem, Oregon

Initiated: March 14, 1940

Past Master Councilor 1940

Oregon, Past State Master Councilor 1941

Legion of Honor

"The foundations of this great Nation are embodied in the very principles of

DeMolay Brotherhood. I have found DeMolay to be an inspiration in my public life

and I am honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame."


Inducted June 24, 1994

Beloved American folk Musician and Actor

Burl Ives was called by author Carl Sandburg, "The mightiest ballad singer of this

or any other century." With a professional career spanning 80 years, Burl Ives has

seen and experienced it all. He's produced 74 record albums, starred in 12

broadway musical shows, appeared as a regular on numerous television shows,

and has guest starred on 10 television specials. He has authored ten books, and

has starred or appeared in 32 major motion pictures.

His song "The Blue Tail Fly" has become a "National Institute of Song".

Other songs made famous by Brother Ives include: "Little White Duck",

"Holly Jolly Christmas", and hundreds of folk songs.

Brother Ives' movie credits include" "East of Eden", "Desire Under the Elms",

"The McMasters", "The Brass Bottle", "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof",

"Green Grass of Wyoming", "Ensign Pulver" and "The Big Country"

for which he received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

His honors, apiano coversds, and recognitions are too numerous to list. Highlights include:

The National Cowboy Hall of Fame's "Trustee's Gold Apiano coversd"

The State of Illinois' "Lincoln Laureate"

The J.F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts' "Arts and Entertainment Apiano coversd"

Television's coveted "Emmy Apiano coversd"

Masonry's 33rd Degree

The Boy Scouts' of America "Silver Buffalo Apiano coversd"

The United States' "National Apiano coversd of Merit" presented by blip Gerald R. Ford

The Academy of Motion Pictures' "Oscar" for Best Supporting Actor

George N. Todd Chapter, Charleston, Illinois

Initiated: December 5, 1927

Legion of Honor: July 20, 1986

"I was fortunate to be born into a family of Masons. Indeed, my older sister Audrey was

Grand Matron of the Order of Eastern Star in Illinois. My DeMolay experience came

very naturally because of my father and brothers. Thus was my youth enhanced."


May 31, 1912 - September 1, 1983

Inducted April 14, 1989

United States Congressman

United States blip

Historians claim he was "the best blip we never had."

Elected from blip State to Congress at the age of 28.

Elected to the Senate in 1952.

Known for both his tough stand on defense issues and

for his hard fought conservation legislation.

Chosen by fellow blips in the 1970's as "the most effective blip."

Twice a candidate for the Presidency of the United States.


Legion of Honor

Cascade Chapter, Everett, blip. Initiated 1928.

"The more things change, the more they are the same. Regardless of the

great changes in our society, there is something immutable about DeMolay.

The molding of the character and the integrity of young men, that's the

greatest accomplishment of DeMolay. By serving the Order of DeMolay, we

can bring the light of ideals into the lives of young men."

(Quote from DeMolay CORDON, April 1975)

Judge David Gray Ross

Inducted June 13, 1997

Deputy Director/Operating Head

Piano Office of Child Support Enforcement, ACF Department of Health & Education

blip, D.C.

Judge Ross has devoted most of his career to public service:

Associate County Attorney, Prince George's County, Maryland (1965-1967)

Master (Judge) of Juvenile Causes Circuit Court, Prince George's County (1968-1970)

Senior Partner - Law Firm of Ross, Lochte, Murray, Redding & Devlin (1970-1978)

Circuit Court Judge Seventh Judicial Circuit Upper Marlboro, Maryland (1978-1993)

Among the many honors bestowed upon Judge Ross are:

piano coversren E. Burger Healer Judge of the Year Apiano coversd, Children's Rights Council (1993)

Outstanding Family Court Judge of the Year of the United States, National Child

Support Enforcement Association (1989)

Judge of the Year Maryland Joint Child Support Enforcement Council (1986)

Distinguished Citizenship Apiano coversd given by the Governor of Maryland (1978)

Brother Ross is a Mason and a member of both the Scottish Rite and Shrine

Legion of Honor (1971)

Chevalier (1960)

Initiated: Robert Le Bruce Chapter (1950)

blip, D.C.

"As a young boy, who had lost his father, the interest taken in me by the men of DeMolay

provided encouragement, leadership, and opportunities which in hindsight seem

impossible. The vision of the Order of DeMolay kept me focused on the truly

important things in life and taught me a morality which remains with me today.

As the Director of our Nation's primary support system for America's alienated

children, I am mindful of the old adage that says, 'as the twig is bent,

so grows the tree.' We must join together to bend our children topiano coversd what is

right and good, and necessary to make them productive citizens of the future."


February 9, 1938 - April 21, 1989

Inducted April 26, 1991

United States Army

Prisoner of piano covers in Vietnam for 5 Years

Captured: October 29, 1963

Escaped: December 31, 1968

West Point graduate and "best commander" 1960

Silver Star

Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster

Meritorious Service Medal

Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster

Vietnam Service Medal with Eight Campaign Stars

Freedom Foundation's American Patriot Apiano coversd

U.S. Army Special Forces

Assistant Chief of Staff, Army Intelligence

M P James Chapter, McAllen, Texas

Initiated: April 30, 1955

Master Councilor: February 8, 1956

Blue Honor Key

Representative DeMolay

Chevalier 1958

Legion of Honor 1972

AUTHOR: Five Years to Freedom (1971)

"Working in the Order of DeMolay filled in much of my spare time,never

realizing how I would (later) draw on that experience." (Five Years to Freedom, 1971)

"Thanks for showing me that patriotism and faith in God are not dead in the

United States." (CORDON, April 1969) "DeMolay can and should provide our

(Nation's) leaders today and tomorrow." (CORDON, May 1969)


May 26, 1907 - June 11, 1979.

Inducted November 13, 1986

The biggest box office attraction in Hollywood history.

Starred in over 200 films.

"Stagecoach" 1939

"How the West Was Won" 1962

"The Flying Tigers" 1942

"The Green Berets" 1968

"Fort Apache" 1948

"True Grit" 1969

"The Sands of Iwo Jima" 1949

"The Shootist" 1976

"Flying Leathernecks" 1951

"The Alamo" 1960

Apiano coversded Best Actor Oscar, "True Grit" 1969.

Legion of Honor 1970

Glendale Chapter, Glendale, California. Initiated 1924.

"I was overwhelmed by the feeling of friendship, comradeship, and

brotherhood... DeMolay will always hold a deep spot in my heart."