These evolutionists claim to believe in natural selection, survival of the fittest, and "taking charge of our evolution."  BUT, the jerks refuse to apply it to everyday life.  Have you noticed how the best to survive, humans, are now restricted from killing off species which they either wish to eat, or which are in the way of progress?  

This shows that the true salt of the Word of God is prevailing in their consciences, for they are forced by common sense to be stepiano coversds of the creation.  I love every moment of it, even if they are making loads of trouble for us.  Indeed, by Darwin's pure theory, we ought to have the choice of shooting these greens and space cadets if we can get the upper hand on them, and we would then be the survivors.  How do you like them apples?

Student uncovers records of Vermont eugenics project

August 7, 1999

A doctoral student has uncovered a dark secret in Vermont's past: Scientists in the 1920s and '30s had an active eugenics plan to eliminate the state's "degenerate" bloodlines and replenish "old pioneer stock."

In a book to be published later this year, Nancy Gallagher details the plan called the "Vermont Eugenics Survey."

The 12-year survey, developed by an independent team of social scientists, studied "good" and "bad" families in the state and listed those which it determined needed to be eliminated, Gallagher told The Boston Globe for a story in Saturday's editions.

The report was circulated among policymakers at the time and led to the passage of a 1931 sterilization law.

The law resulted in the sterilization of several hundred poor, rural Vermonters, Abenaki Indians and others deemed unfit to procreate, the Globe reported.

Gallagher said Vermonters seemed willing to accept eugenic solutions.

She said public records of the eugenics project reflect an abhorrent mindset of scientists. One, Dr. Henry Perkins of the University of Vermont, came up with "pedigrees of degeneracy," Gallagher said.

In 1931, Perkins' work prompted Vermont to become the 31st state to enact a sterilization law for the handicapped or "the feeble-minded."

Balaam's Ass Speaks wishes to take this opportunity to congratulate all you Vermonters who survived the death squad of the Vermont Government.  

One is forced to wonder if this eugenics sterilization project stopped prematurely.  It would seem some castrations in Arkansas might have delivered the masses of a couple of rather retarded characters who are running about loose groping every dame in sight.  Then again, the ancestors are said to have hatched their progeny in Massachusetts around Martha's Vineyard somewhere.