And the Destruction of Wicked Men





God provided an earth in which man could now live according to his conscience.  Man had to listen to God through His revelation of Himself in nature and in the spoken Word.  Job said he loved God's Word more than his necessary food.  This means the Word of God was very close and very personal.  Many Christian thinkers have bought into the evolutionary notion that early man was very primitive.  This is far from the truth.  There were some very primitive men on earth long ago, but they GOT that way by sinning.  The present Aztecs are degenerates of a great past and advanced era, as are the primitive central American tribes who descended from the Mayas and the Incas.

The American Indians were, and sadly still are, degenerates of great eras in human history in Asia and Mongolia.  How can I be so sure?  Simple-- that is how it works according to God's Word.  And, if God does not soon end this era in human history, the White race will finally fall into degenerate forms which are unimaginable.  One has to only climb into the under world of sewers and subways in New York City to find 5000 people living a worse life that of the African pianoman.  The White race is now in degeneracy and falling.

The other way, along with the Word of God, in which God visited the early men was in giving him a conscience.  Early man could see the revelation of God in the heavens and, as Job, he could receive God's Word in some format possibly not know to us today.  We know that the wisemen of the East read the stars of the heavens and knew that a great king was born-- a king worthy of worship and exaltation-- a king one would be very wise to go to the ends of the earth to find.  Astrology was originally the art of the elect.  Men who knew God looked at the constellations of the heavens and at the sun and moon, and those men could form doctrines and theologies of the Godhead which would meet their every need in living life and knowing God.

Man then twisted the revelation of God, just as they twist the Word of God today by editing it and printing profane representations of God and copyrighting them for their own gain.  In the day of Noah men had mastered the art of being civilized and prosperous while trashing God.  Hey, what's new, right?

So God looked at the human race, and God said He was sorry He had made the men in the first place. Yet God is also merciful.  God saw one man who had not given way to this process of re-making the Godhead.  As would happen a number of times later, and as will soon happen during the Great Tribulation, God poured out His wrath on man.  God drowned all men except the eight who willingly entered the ark and accepted God's salvation for humanity.  Did God sneak up on man so he could kill the race before they had a chance to repent.  NO!  The Bible says Noah preached to them all the time he built the ark, and that took 120 years.  As Noah's sons were born and grew up, they found their Daddy building the ark even before they were born.  Their whole life revolved around the ark.

Men don't want God on his terms, so only eight people made the trip around the corner in this great event in the earth's history.