And the Word of God





To my thinking, the single most important event of the Age of Grace was the Fall of Constantinople in AD 1453.  The Greek or Eastern Church had a great controversy with the Roman Catholic Church, and this controversy continues to this hour as Orthodox priests on the Island of Athos, and all over the Orthodox community, reject the Roman Pontiff.  They still see the Roman Whore as an impostor.  How did this transpire?

In the early days of the Church, right after the Apostles died, there developed two schools of doctrine in the Christian world.

School one was based in Alexandria, Egypt.  It was based on the Gnostic pagan philosophy of Greece with a bit of Jesus Christ tossed in. This was championed by Origin who hated the power of the Gospel as presented in the Word of God. Origin and the new pontiff of the Roman Whore, Constantine, produced 50 copies of a Gnostic Bible which trashed the Lord Jesus Christ and His unique Gospel.  This cult of Alexandria is still with us today in the pagan forms and rituals of the Roman Catholic Whore Church, in particular, the Mass and the alleged Bible of Rome.

School two of the early Christian world of the post Apostolic era was based first in Antioch, and then it move to Byzantium, which became Constantinople under Constantine's reign, and Istanbul of today.  The bishops of Constantinople rejected Origin and the Alexandrian cult.  They retained a pure and absolute confidence in the Antioch and "eastern" texts of the Bible which exalted the Deity of Jesus Christ, and they made copies of the "eastern" texts and preserved them.

In AD 1453 the Muslim hordes moved north against Constantinople.  The Greek monks and bishops actually chose to leave many of their personal possessions in order to rescue the scrolls of the Bible in their keeping, and they walked north to Europe carrying those scrolls. Those monks were not about to hand their manuscripts to the old Roman Whore they hated.  God bless them, they took the scrolls to the universities of Europe.

Now, what else was happening in about AD 1453?  Answer:  Martin Luther, Erasmus, John Calvin, and Zwingli were trashing old Mother Whore in Germany and Europe.  Praise God, those Orthodox monks came to the Reformed communities just at the precise time when the manuscripts could be received by true saints, and the manuscripts were desperately needed to give the Reformation a sound foundation.  God timed this event to the precise moment in history.

Why is this such a turning point? Well, a Catholic monk named Erasmus was in a bad mood.  He had read the Greek manuscripts in the Vatican, and he concluded they were trash.  He decided not to leave the Roman Whore like Luther, but he began a clandestine work on a new Greek text based on the Greek Orthodox or "eastern" texts.  Friends of his all over Europe and all the way to Ireland found the texts and sent them to Erasmus, or they copied the texts that universities would not release. In any case, Erasmus beat the Vatican out with a new Greek text, and this text was soon to be called "The Received Text."

This is the text which is the foundation of the King James Bible. Virtually ALL other English Bibles, and many modern versions in the rest of the world, are based on the Roman Whore texts which were compiled by two beer guzzlers named Westcott and Hort.  This is the work of Satan, Jesuits, and Evangelical Seminaries in what is glibly called "textual criticism."  In fact, it is a demonic plot to finally trash the text of the Greek Bible preserved by blood and tears of thoBlipnds of saints over the ages.

It should be noted also that the Reformers were very rough on the Anabaptists, and the Anabaptists were about to flee from Europe.  However, the Anabaptists were in need of a Bible which was authoritative.  Thus, the English Bible of Tyndale and the King James Bible were both used of God to advance the Truth into the hands of the Anabaptists BEFORE they moved to New England and Penn's Woods (Pennsylvania).  Again, the move of the Greek monks to Europe, Erasmus' work, the translation of the King James Bible, and finally the flight to America, were timed perfectly by our Lord so that the foundation of the United States was the King James Bible.  From Roger Williams, founder of the Baptist movement in America, to Ben Franklin, a filthy dirty trash mouth and slob, the King James Bible was the supreme standard of faith and life.  The Pope had no grip on the colonies as to their Bible.

Truly, the Fall of Constantinople, and the zeal of the Greek Orthodox monks, was the turning point in those Dark Ages which brought the Word of God back into the hands of God's people.  The King James Bible is the result of the zeal of men who knew a Whore when they saw one, and they "gave their strength" to the Reformers rather than to the Whore of Rome.

To this day, I have a hard time to get mad at the Greek Orthodox people. They sure need to do something about those icons and their doctrine of  Baptismal salvation, but I love the memory of those monks who dropped their worldly treasures in order to carry God's Word to my ancestors in Europe.  Next time you meet a Greek, give him a big hug for us, will you?