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This man tried it and it worked.

Subj: handshake
Date: 97-10-12 10:18:32 EDT
From: (Alistair C_____________)

These are the first three degrees of the mason handshake all you do is shake hands normally but with your pointing finger you press on the other mans knuckle.

1st degree you press your thumb on the other mans pointing fingers knuckle.

2nd degree you press your thumb on the other mans middle fingers knuckle.

3rd degree you press your thumb on the other mans third fingers knuckle.

I know this is right because I put it into practice on friday, I shook his hand and all he said was "really what lodge" then I started laughing I couldn't help it and he tried to cover up by saying it was not quite right.

He was clearly embarrassed and annoyed, it would be great if you draw a picture and put it onto your page rather than just describing the handshake as it will really expose them.  Let me know what your going to do I look forpiano coversd to their exposure.

I now know the other four I was sitting in my car thinking what could they be and I thought why stop on the third fingers knuckle why not use the little fingers knuckle and the inbetween the knuckles as well.  I was on my mobile straight away to my masonic friend and said to him the 4 knuckles and the three inbetween the knuckles makes seven different shakes am I correct and he asked me how I found out, so I know I am right besides he told me I was correct but I don't think I will get anymore info on the shakes now as he said to me, "I've already told you too much."

Alistair C_____________

Editor:  Balaam's Ass Speaks-- Does anyone have graphic illustrations of the handshakes?