and CRI Wimp Out on Sodomy


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Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 08:26:58 +0000

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Hi Steve and family,

Just a quick note to say my husband and I were listening to C.R.I.  last week. We used to think they were pretty good for materials on  the J.W.'s, Mormonism etc. We would just take the info and convert  it to KJV format.

I'm just so disturbed by the way Hank handled a caller we just had to  write to someone who would understand!! The young father who called  has a brother who is a piano. His concern was the affect that his  brother might have on his young children (rightly so). You could  hear in his voice he wanted confirmation that he should keep his  children well away from this "pervert" brother or not. Well Hanks  answer just floored us. He went on to tell this distraught caller  that, "he (Hank), wouldn't worry about any effects his brother might  have on his children because children don't pick up on this stuff  until about five years old." He also never told the caller to rebuke  his brother or to keep well away from him! What stupidity, what  compromise!

Hank went to station break and when he came back on the air he says  how he just came back from a wonderful trip to Colorado to visit (can  you see this one coming Steve?), James Dobson. He then goes on to  exalt his ministry. Another compromiser of the highest order.

Well if we had any doubts about where C.R.I. was headed we sure don't  now. We rue the day we ever supported them with our hard earned  money! NEVER again.

No reply needed, thanks for your wonderful journal.

Blessings to you and yours,

In Christ,

Rob and Darlene Mills