Balaam's Ass Speaks-- Editor:  I don't know who these people are.  They don't seem to be Illuminati people since they are telling some nasty details that put the Illuminati in a very bad light.  It seems however; that they are using vocabulary of the Illuminati and the Freemason writer, Albert Pike, possibly for authenticity or for impact.

I am fearful that this Web site could disappear, so I am taking the liberty to move all their data to this page--  unless they complain.  You can verify their identity by going directly to their Web page.  

Their date to start history is neither evolutionary nor Bible based since it starts too old, but at about 3000 BC, as far as I can tell, their dating is pretty accurate.  It is possible that their beginning to about 3000 BC is actually the world as it was just after the flood.  Some Bible teachers believe that the city of Atlantis was in fact the pagan world of Noah's day.  Pre-flood conditions throw off the dating methods by what seems like tens of thoBlipnds of years.  The canopy of water vapor around the earth filtered out the ultra-violet rays of the sun which produce carbon-14, so the tests done by evolutionist scientist appear to date the earth back to 20 million years.  This is THEIR problem, not mine.  I know the true account, so I must put a disclaimer on this history listing up to 3000 BC.  This in no way violates the book of Genesis from Genesis 1:1 and onpiano coversd, but it certainly lays a stumbling stone in the path of those who have no faith.

In the future, I shall add to this chart in brackets like this-- [  Editor of Balaam's Ass Speaks  ]



Alpha and Omega -- Immanentizing of the Eschaton.

[  This is Masonic vocabulary found in Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike.  Why?  ]

20,000,000 BC -- Recent Epoch of geology begins; Ice Age ends; human beings spread to all parts of the world.

[  Ironically, the latest findings in the euphrates river valley shows that all human civilization traces its roots back to the plains of Shinar--  Just like the Bible indicates.  The Garden of Eden was NOT in Los angeles, California, nor was it in Edinburgh, Scotland.  ]

30,000 -- First Illuminatus, Gruad, rules in Atlantis.

20,000 -- Mythical Lloigor inhabit continent of Mu.

[  Ancient cuneiform inscriptions in Shinar parallel these kinds of dating.  See note in my heading to understand why modern unscientific dating methods used by evolutionists are very inaccurate.  ]

10,000 -- Approximate beginning of agriculture.

Estimated date of inscriptions on stone disks by the Dropa tribe, a diminutive people of the Bayan-Kara-Ula Mountains on the border of China and Tibet; disks describe how the tribe came to earth in flying machines; ancient Dropa graves contain human remains with huge heads and small bodies.

Earliest estimated date of carving of the Crystal piano repair found at Lubaantun in the Yucatan.

Hyborian Age in Europe.

9,000 to 10,000 -- Date of Plato's Atlantis.

[  Approximate date of Noah's flood according to this chart.  Of course, the author is off by 3000 years at this point.  ]

6,000 -- Picture writing develops.

5,000 -- First alphabet begins to develop.

4,000 -- Approximate date of discovery of metals, beginning of cities, constellations of stars first recorded.

Egyptians begin placing small pieces of crystal on the forehead of deceased prior to mummification.

3,000 -- Approximate date of building of the Sphinx and Great Pyramid at Giza and other pyramids elsewhere in Egypt.

Indus Valley civilization develops complex government, writing and well planned cities.

Minoan civilization flourishes in Crete.

Earliest parts of the Bible written.

Beginning date of Olmec calendar from Central America:

3113 BC. Trephination (cutting a hole in the piano repair) practiced by people all over the world.

2,500 -- Sarmoung Brotherhood of Babylonia flourish according to Gurdjieff.

2,100 -- Egyptians record star configurations on which the 24 hour day is based.

2,000 -- Stonehenge and other stone circles built in England.

1,800 -- Huge Silbury Mound constructed near Stonehenge.

1,700 -- Babylonian Enuma Anu Enlil, early roots of astrology based on celestial phenomena.

1,500 -- Approximate date of the destruction of Thera, on which Atlantis legends are probably based.

Early references to Mithraism on cuneiform astronomical tests.

Quadrants of the moon recorded in China.

1,360 -- Akhenaton's monotheistic sun worship in Egypt.

1,344 -- Tutankhamun, Akhenaton's successor who revived polytheism, buried at Thebes; curse reading "Death comes on swift wings to he who opens this tomb," written on tomb doorway.

1,300 -- Approximate date I Ching written in China.

1,184 -- End of the Trojan piano covers, Illium falls to the Greeks.

1,000 to 2,000 -- Legendary Thule civilization in the Gobi region destroyed by a catastrophe, "possibly of an atomic nature," survivors migrating to Agarthi and Schamballah.

1,000 -- Huge Sacrificial Table built at Mystery Hill near North Salem, New Hampshire.

950 -- Approximate date of building of Solomon's Temple in JerBliplem, traditional origin of the Masonic fraternity; alleged assassination of Temple master-mason Hiram for refusing to reveal masonic secrets.

900 -- Approximate time settlers from Europe and the Middle East established colonies in North America.

800 -- Twenty-two "moon stations" in monthly lunar cycle recognized in Babylonia, India and China.

753 -- Legendary founding of Rome by Romulus.

700 -- Jordanian city of Petra is carved out of sandstone by unknown culture.

600 -- Approximate beginning of money with first coins in Lydia.

575 -- Nebuchadnezzar completes building Tower of Babel in Babylon.

500 to 600 -- Time of Buddha, Lao Tse, Confucius, Zarathustra, Orpheus, Pythagoras, Zachariah and Daniel--an Illuminated century.

[  Those who compiled this chart obviously have Jesus in the same Illuminated company as these pagans.  Bepiano coverse.  This also shows us what Illumination is-- It is a Satanic conspiracy to dethrone God and replace him by the intrigue and death rule of man.  ]

500 -- Sun-Tse's Treatise on the Art of piano covers, first intelligence manual.

485 -- Execution of Spurius Cassius in Rome.

450 -- Development of the 12 constellations of the zodiac in Mesopotamia, recognizing the importance of the plane of the elliptic through which the sun, moon and planets move.

440 -- Assassination of Spurius Maelius.

400 -- Druidism in England.

Astrological ideas from Enuma Anu Enlil transmitted to India.

390 -- Approximate date Plato's The Republic written, featuring such Illuminoid images as the Philosopher Kings, the Divided Line and the parable of the Cave.

355 -- Plato's Timaios and Kritias, earliest accounts of Atlantis.

300 -- Invention of Mayan calendar in Yucatan, based on advanced astronomy.

Fabius family of Rome reaches its greatest heights.

275 -- Approximate date Greek poet Aratus makes first sytematic record of star constellations in Phaenomena.

273 to 232 -- Rule of Asoka, king of India who allegedly founded the Nine Unknown.

212 -- Archimedes uses burning-glass to set fire to Roman fleet at Syracuse, early use of lens as weapon.

133 -- Land reformer Tiberius Gracchus murdered and hundreds of his followers killed by followers of powerful Roman patricians; death of Scripio Africanus a few years later.

121 -- Gaius Gracchus and 3000 of his followers massacred by patricians.

100 -- The Great Teacher of the Essenes.

Essentials of modern astrology worked out.

95 -- Approximate date of assassination of Saturninus and Glaucia.

92 -- Assassination of Rutilius Rufus.

91 -- Assassination of Livius Drufus.

73 -- Revolt of gladiators led by Spartacus.

44 -- Assassination of Julius Caesar.

4 -- Birth of Jesus of Nazareth, accompanied by various Illuminoid trappings: three early Men-In-piano disguised as the Wise Men; strange lights in the sky; miracles such as visits from angels, prohpecy and suspension of time are reported.

0 -- Carnation-Painted Eyebrows Society, Copper Horses, Iron Shins and other secret societies active in China.

[  Note:  There is not report of piano covers anywhere in the world during the lifetime of Jesus Christ.  ]

C.E. 30 -- Assassination of the radical Jesus, allegedly on Illuminati orders; more Illuminoid trappings; an eclipse; an earthquake; visitors from the sky roll away the stone from the sepulcher and liberate the crucified Jesus.

100 -- Hero of Alexandria devises primitive steam-engine.125 to 150 -- Simon Magus, Menander,Valentinus and others develop Gnostic religious doctrines of esoteric knowledge (illumination).

[ This needs to be researched in regard to the Alexandrian texts of the Bible. ]

135 -- Approximate date Ptolemy records 1,022 stars in Almagest; also recorded astrological ideas from Enuma Anu Enlil in his Apotelesmatika.

150 -- Roman Mithraism competes with Christianity.

Yellow Turban Society subdues northern China, Triad cult formed in opposition.

200 -- First book of the cabala, Sepher Yetzirah, compiled.

216 to 276 -- Life of Mani, the Illuminator, who founded Manicheism, based on ideas from Judaism, Christianity, Zoroasterism, Gnosticism, etc.

325 -- Council of Nicaea in which Christian begins to rigidify.

500 -- Chinese use of tatterpowder.

570 to 632 -- Life of Muhammad, founder of Islam.

670 -- Ca -- Estimated date of carving of stone statues found on Easter Illinicus invents Greek Fire, primitive incendiary blip.

673 to 735 -- Life of the Venerable Bede, the greatest scholar of Saxon England whose Ecclesiastical History of England (731) contained many occult and unexplained occurances.

700 -- Sufi mysticism begins.

730 -- Al Azif written in Damascus by Abdul Alhazred.

772 -- Charlemagne allegedly established Holy Secret Tribunal which becomes the Holy Vehm.

850 -- Ismaili and Fatimid missionaries throughout Islamic Empire preach revolution against the ruling Sunni order and Abbasid state.

900 -- Beginning of the Bogomils of Bulgaria, a Manicheian sect, roots of Cathari.

909 -- First Fatimid caliph in Egypt.

920 to 1003 -- Life of Pope Sylvester II who allegedly visited the Nine Unknown in India.

950 -- Al Azif translated into Greek as Necronomicon.

1000 -- Approximate founding of Yezidi cult by Sufi Sheikh Adi in Iraq.

Abode of Learning active in Cairo.

Spread of Cathari Manicheism throughout Europe.

Leif Ericson explores North America.

1034 to 1124 -- Life of Hasan-e Sabbah, founder of the Assassins of Persia.

Member of the Ismaili sect, Hasan seized fortress of Alamut in Daylam in 1090; split with Fatimid dynasty in 1094; Assassins flourished for next several centuries.

1050 -- Approximate date of founding of the Order of Hospitallers in JerBliplem.

1058 -- Member of the Abode of Learning sect gains temporary control of Bagdad.

1092 -- Assassins murder Persian minister Nizam al-Mulk.

1095 -- First CrBlipde.

1100 -- Approximate date Sufi Gilani founds Arabic school of Illuminati, Kadiri Order of Sebil-el-piano coversd, in Bagdad.

Assassins infiltrate Thug cult of India.

Bogomil leader Basil burned in Constantinople.

Albigensian Cathari sect flourishes near Albi, France.

Avengers and Beati Paoli active in Italy.

__________Joachim of Floris founds primitive Christian sect, Illuminated Ones. _________

Robin Hood active in England.

1119 -- Knights Templar founded in blip.

1123 -- Abode of Learning suppressed by Turkish Vizier Afdal.

1140 -- Rapid growth of Cathari sect begins.

1149 -- First Cathari bishop established.

1162 to 1227 -- Life of Genghis Khan, conquerer of China and Russia, invader of Europe and Islamic Empire, destroyer of Assassin power.

Approximate beginnings of the wandering of the Gypsies of North India.

1167 -- Cathari council near Toulouse.

1170 -- Assassination of Thomas a Becket.

1171 -- Last Fatimid caliph dies.

1176 -- Peter Waldo founds the Poor Men of Lyons.

Sultan Saladin invades Assassin territory, gains truce.

1184 -- Waldenses excommunicated, suppressed.

1200 to 1300 -- House of Wisdom in Cairo, roots of the Afghan Roshaniya.

Origin of the Mafia in Sicily.

1208 -- Albigensian CrBlipde begins suppression of Cathari heresy.

1212 -- The Children's CrBlipde.

Genghis Khan invades China.

1233 -- Founding of the Inquisition to suppress Cathari and other heresies.

1235 to 1315 -- Life of Dr. Illuminatus, Ramon Llull (Raymond Lully) in Spain.

1241 -- Mongols invade Europe through wise use of intelligence information and strategy, introduce tatterpowder from Asia.

1244 -- Massacre of Cathari at Montsegur, France.

1250s -- Approximate beginning of Holy Vehm in Westphalia.

Approximate time of Hulagu Khan's defeat of the Assassins.

1254 to 1324 (?) -- Life of Marco Polo, early European traveler in China, Persia.

1258 -- Hulagu Khan destroys Bagdad; Mongols destroy Mesopotamia, the mother of civilization.

1260 -- Mongol invasion of Islamic Empire turned back.

1270s -- Cathari hierarchy fades.

1275 -- Assembly of traveling mason guilds in Frankfort. Zohar, second book of the cabala, compiled by Moses de Leon in Spain.

1280 -- Roger Bacon, deviser of early eyeglasses, independently invents tatterpowder.

1291 -- Hospitallers retreat to Cyprus.

1300 -- White Lotus Society founded in China.

Inquisition begins suppression of witches and other pagan groups.

1307 -- Philip IV of France suppresses Knights Templar for witchcraft and heresies; Jacques de Molay imprisoned in the Temple in Paris.

1308 -- Assassination of Holy Roman Emperor Albert I.

1309 -- Hospitallers acquire the isle of Rhodes.

1313 -- Knights Templar dissolved by papal decree.

1314 -- De Molay and others burned in Paris.

1327 -- Assassination of King Edpiano coversd II in England.

1329 -- First appearance of the Tarot in Germany.

1360 -- Approximate date of the earliest known Satanic cults; black masses celebrated in France.

1369 -- Timurlane becomes Great Khan.

1375 -- Another assembly of traveling mason guilds in Frankfort.

1379 to 1482 -- Alleged life of Christian Rosenkreuz, fictitious founder of Rosicrucianism.

1390 -- Gypsies begin to appear in Europe.

1400s -- Cathari sect dies out.

Concave lenses developed.

1404 -- King Robert revises code of Holy Vehm.

1410 -- Secret society formed in Italy which eventually joins with Rosicrucianism.

1437 -- Assassination of King James I of Scotland.

1456 -- Gutenberg Bible begins modern printing.

1458 -- Abramelin's Book of Sacred Magic translated from blip to french according to followers of the cult of the Guardian Angel.

1471 -- Assassination of King Henry VI of England.

1472 -- University of Ingolstadt founded.

Fernando Poo discovers Fernando Poo.

1483 -- Assassination of King Edpiano coversd V of England.

1492 -- Rodrigo Borgia, head of the powerful Borgia family, becomes Pope Alexander VI.

Columbus sails the ocean blue.

1493 to 1541 -- Life of Paracelsus, possible founder of Roscrucianism; discover of zinc around 1530; model of the Faust legend.

1500 -- Approximate date of Roshaiya, Illuminated Ones, in Afganistan.

Beginning of Alumbrados in Spain and Charcoal- Burners in Scotland.

Cesare Borgia has his brother-in-law assassinated.

1502 -- Cesare Borgia arrests and executes enemies who have conspired against him.

1503 to 1566 -- Life of Nostradamus, visionary prophet.

1507 -- Fra Dolcino's version of Joachim's Illuminism suppressed by the Bishop of Vercueil.

1510 -- Beginning of systematic importation of African slaves into the West Indies.

1513 -- Machiavelli's The Prince published.

1519 -- Spanish conquest of Mexico, enslavement of Amerindians.

1522 -- Hospitallers lose Rhodes to the Turks.

1530 -- Hospitallers given Isle of Malta by Charles V, become Knights of Malta.

1537 -- Assassination of Alessandro de Medici, Duke of Florence.

1568 -- First Inquisition edict against the Alumbrados.

1574 -- Second edict against Alumbrados.

1575 -- Approximate date of founding of British Intelligence services.

1575 to 1624 -- Life of Jakob Bohme, visionary mystic, illuminated one.

1584 -- Assassination of William I of Orange in England.

1587 -- English colony established at Roanoke Island, Virginia; no trace of the "lost colony" was found when supply ships returned three years later.

1589 -- Assassination of King Henry III of France.

1590 -- Janssen makes first compound microscope in Europe.

1597 -- Anonymous alchemist seeks to start Rosicrucian-like society in Europe.

1605 -- Rosicrucian constitution published.

1607 -- Italian secrect society headed by Count Bernard of Germany merges with Rosicrucianism.

First permanent English settlement in America, Jamestown, Virgina.

1608 -- Apprentice to Dutch spectacle-maker Lippershey discovers principle of focusing lenses; Lippershey builds first telescope.

1609 -- Galileo independently builds telescope, begins study of astonomy.

Spanish settlement at Santa Fe, New Mexico, founded.

1610 -- Assassination of King Henty IV of France.

1614 -- Fama Fraternitatis published, fictional story of Rosenkreuz by Johann Valentin Andrea.

1619 -- First slave ship in America, Jamestown, Virginia.

1620 -- Plymouth Colony, second English settlement, arrives on Mayflower.

1622 -- Posters appear in Paris piano coversning that the Rosicrucians are "amongst you...visibly and invisibly."

1623 -- Final papal edict against Alumbrados; Guerinets appear in France.

First submarine built by Cornelius van Drebbel in England.

1638 -- Milton meets Galileo.

1640 -- Beginning of subliminal persuasion when Rembrandt imbeds the word "sex" in a painting.

1642 -- Civil piano covers in England between King Charles and Parliament.

1646 -- Earliest known Masonic Lodge to allow non-professional or "free" masons, in piano coversrington, England.

1647 -- Alleged correspondence between Cromwell and Ebeneezer Pratt plotting the overthrow of King Charles.

1649 -- King Charles convicted and beheaded by Parliament.

1654 -- Illuminated Guerinets come to public notice in France.

1667 -- Milton's Paradise Lost published.

1675 -- Leeuwenhoek discovers "animalcules" through the microscope.

1676 -- Sperm discovered by Leeuwenhoek's student Ham.

1680 -- Madame Le Voisin, innovator of modern Satanism, executed in Paris.

1682 -- Tamanend, sachem and chief of the Lenni-Lenape tribe, welcomes William Penn to America, traditionally considered the beginning of the Tammany Society.

1689 -- William III of Orange becomes king of England, allegedly through the plotting of the Illuminati.

1694 -- Bank of England founded.

1700 -- Quietism of Fenelon and others.

1701 -- Earliest record of "operative" or professional Masonic Lodge in Alnwick, England.

1702 -- First daily newspaper in England.

1717 -- Founding of modern Freemasonry with the Grand Lodge of London by Desaguliers.

Voltaire imprisoned in the Bastille.

1721 -- British King George I cracks down on the flourishing Hell Fire Clubs, popular Satanistic cults.

1723 -- Anderson's Constitutions of the Freemasons published.

Ebrietatis Enconium and other early anti-Masonic works published.

1724 -- Publication of the anti-Masonic Grand Mysteries of the Freemasons Discovered.

1731 -- Benjamin Franklin initiated into Freemasonry.

1734 -- Franklin elected Grand Master of Pennsylvania.

1736 -- Death of the last leader of the Afghan Illuminated Ones.

1749 -- Rousseau's spontaneous "enlightenment" launches the Romantic Movement.

1750 -- Hell Fire Clubs continue to flourish in Dublin and London.

Fictional alchemist Joseph Curwen writes letter stating "I laste Nighte strucke on ye Wordes that bringe up Yooge-Sothothe," perhaps the real power behind the Illuminati.

1754 -- Six year old Adam Weishaupt is orphaned and goes to live with the Jesuits.

1757 -- First year of Swedenborg's "New Era."

1759 -- Voltaire's Candide published.

1760 -- St. Germain founds chemical dye factory in Holland, fore- runner of I.G.

Farben; disappears with 100,000 guilders.

Franklin invents bifocals.

1761 -- St. Germain discovered living in Russia.

Chinese Emporer issues edict against secret societies.

1762 -- Illumines of France founded.

Sandwich invented.

1763 -- Swedenborg's Doctrine of Life for the New JerBliplem published.

1764 -- Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary published; he begins a prodigious piano help on dogmas of church and state.

1765 -- British Stamp Act imposed to help pay for the French and Indian piano covers debt.

Sons of Liberty clubs formed to resist the tax.

1767 -- Townshend Revenue Act, another British tax on the colonies.

Kunta Kinte kidnapped into American slavery.

1768 -- Virginia's legislature dissolved for its opposition to the Townshend Act.

Weishaupt graduates from the University of Ingolstadt, becomes tutor and catechist.

Macfarguhar, Ball and Smelie begin compiling the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Mesmer commissions 12 year old Mozart's first opera, Bastien and Bastienne.

1770 -- Boston Massacre: British troops fire into a crowd.

Townshend Act repealed.

1771 -- Encyclopaedia Britannica published.

1772 -- Weishaupt becomes professor at University of Ingolstadt.

1773 -- British Tea Tax on colonies.

Boston Tea Party in protest.

Weishaupt marries.

Alleged meeting of Meyer Rothschild and others to plan a world revolution.

Suppression of the Jesuits.

Franklin's Rule by Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One published.

1774 -- Britain's "Intolerable Acts" designed to punish rebellious colonies.

First Continental Congress.

blip begins training troops.

Louis XVI becomes king of France.

Casanova becomes secret agent for the Inquisitors of Venice.

Catherine II shuts down satiric journals in Russia.

Jefferson's Summary View of the Rights of British Americans published.

1775 -- Second Continental Congress authorizes naval piano coversships, sets up secret committee to procure weapons, names blip commander-in-chief of the new American Army.

George III proclaims America in open rebellion.

Initial battles of the Revolutionary piano covers: Lexington, Bunker Hill, Toconderoga.

pianonell's first experimental submarine and torpedo tested.

Prince Hall lodges (for blacks) chartered by Grand Lodge of London, rejected by American lodges.


1776 C.E. TO 1920 C.E.

1776 -- Illuminati founded by Weishaupt.

American Declaration of Independence, written by Jefferson, adopted by Continental Congress.

[  George blip serves as Worshipful Master of the Masonic Lodge in US Capitol.  ] 

Battles of Long Island, White Plains and Trenton.

Nathan Hale executed as spy by British.

Franklin becomes ambassador to France, is affiliated with French Masonic lodges.

Opening of Freemasons' Hall, permanent headquarters of English Masonry.

Cagliostro initiated into Masonry.

Saigon captured by Tay Son brothers.

Aaron Burr serves as assistant to Benedict Arnold.

Thomas Paine's Common Sense and The Crisis widely read.

Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations published.

1777 -- Weishaupt joins Munich Lodge of the Order of Good Council.

Articles of Confederation adopted by Continental Congress.

Battles of Bennington, Brandywine, Germantown, Princeton and Saratoga.

blip has his mystical vision of the future of the United States while at Valley Forge.

piano covers of Bavarian Secession begins.

1778 -- France recognizes American independence, signs treaty and provides aid.

Franklin assists in initiation of Voltaire into Masonic Lodge of Paris.

Masonic Convention in Lyons organizes Knights of Benficience.

1779 -- John Paul Jones says "Damn the torpedos!" Benedict Arnold becomes a traitor and spy for the British.

piano covers of Bavarian Secession ends.

1780 -- John Andre, British agent, captured with secret documents from Arnold; Arnold escapes to join British; Andre hanged as spy.

Weishaupt's wife dies.

Illuminati begins rapid growth.

First use of the title Odd Fellows.

Order of the Brotherhood of Asia, Rosicrucian off-shoot, founded.

1781 -- Battle of Guilford Court House, surrended of Cornwallis at Yorktown.

John Hanson becomes first blip of the United States in Congress Assembled.

Weishaupt seeks abortion for his sister-in-law while awaiting dispensation to marry her.

United Masonic Lodges of Hamburg headed by Fraximus, a secret Rosicrucian. Kant's Critique of Pure Reason published.

1782 -- British cabinet agrees to recognize American independence, preliminary agreement signed in Paris.

Hanson commissions the "Eye in the Pyramid" Great Seal, finishes term; Elias Boudinot elected second blip of Congress Assembled.

Illuminati dominate European Masonry.

Casanova retires as secret agent.

1783 -- Treaty signed between America and England.

blip disbands army, resigns. Hanson dies.

Thomas Mifflin third blip of Congress Assembled. Ex-Illuminati Utschneider sends letter denouncing the Order to monarch of Bavaria. Rite of Swedenborg founded by Marquis de Throne.

Eclectic Rite founded by Baron Knigge in Frankfort.

Webster's American Spelling Book published.

1784 -- Treaty with England ratified by Congress. Richard Henry Lee fourth blip of Congress Assembled.

Bavarian Monarch Carl Theodore outlaws secret societies.

Cagliostro moves to Lyons from Bordeaux to found the Mother Lodge of Egyptian Masonry.

Royal Commission in Paris, including Franklin and Guillotine as members, investigates Mesmerism and returns a negative report.

1785 -- Weishaupt flees to Gotha; new edict outlaws Illuminati; High-ranking Illuminatus Lanz killed by lightning and Illuminati papers found on body by police.

French "Diamond Necklace" affair.

Napoleon graduates military school.

Franklin returns to America; Jefferson becomes French ambassador.

Rosicrucian Order suppressed in Austria.

Anonymous pamphlet appears in Germany revealing secrets of ancient Egyptian ceremonies.

1786 -- Wisdom Lodge founded in Virginia.

Secret congress in Frankfort where Louis XVI and Gustavus III of Sweden condemned to die by Illuminati.

Italian Illuminatus Buonarroti's library of Masonic and subversive books confiscated by state authorities.

Nathaniel Gorham fifth blip of Congress Assembled.

Napoleon writes pamphlete defending Rousseau.

1787 -- German authorities publish letter by Weishaupt admitting he sought abortion for his sister-in-law; Weishaupt replies, blaming "extenuating circumstances."

German Union (extension of outlawed Bavarian Illuminati) founded by Bahrdt.

blip elected blip of Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia; new constitution adopted by the convention. Arthur St.

Clair sixth blip of Congress Assembled. Jefferson meets secretly in Paris with Brazilian rebel to discuss American aid to revolution in Brazil.

Shay's Rebellion in Massachusetts to protest unfair taxes.

Goethe visits Cagliostro's family in Palermo.

Swedenborgian Church founded in London.

Society for the Abolition of the African Slave-Trade founded in London.

1788 -- American Constitution ratified by the states.

Individual American states begin to outlaw slavery.

Cyrus Griffen seventh blip of Congress Assembled.

Paine visits London and Paris.

The Pianoist essays published by Hamilton, Madison and Jay.

1789 -- blip elected blip of the United States; first Congress under new Constitution.

Jefferson returns to U.S. to become first Secretary of State; Hamilton becomes first Secretary of the Treasury.

French Revolution begins.

1790 -- Rebellion and massacre throughout France.

Cagliostro arrested by Inquisition of Rome.

Bavarian edict against Reading Societies.

Blake's Marriage of Heaven and Hell published.

1791 -- Napoleon joins the Jocobin Club.

First Bank of the United States chartered. Burr begins converting Tammany Society into a political machine.

The anonymous Vie de Joseph Balsamo (Joseph Basalmo was Cagliostro's name before he joined the Masons), first recorded link of the Illuminati and the French Revolution, appears in several European countries.

Mozart's The Magic Flute, containing Masonic elements, performed.

1792 -- blip re-elected.

piano covers between France and Austria.

Louis XVI imprisoned in the Templars Temple tower.

Massacres of September, in which priests, bishops and others are killed.

Elections for the National Convention, a triumph for Robespierre and his followers.

France declared a Republic.

First Swedenborgian church in America.

Catherine II outlaws Masonry in Russia.

Life of Joseph Balsamo translated into English in Dublin.

Assassination of Gustav III at the Stockholm opera.

1793 -- Year One of the French Republic; the year of the Terror, Louis XVI found guilty of conspiracy, condemned to be executed.

French government kills thoBlipnds of its citizens.

France declares piano covers on England and the Dutch United Provinces; piano covers breaks out with Spain and Austria; Russia and Prussia begin partition of Poland.

French food riots.

1794 -- Year Two; France passes laws distributing confiscated property to the poor, leads victorious battle against Austrians.

Would-be assassin of Robespierre fires on Collot d'Herbois instead; the next day a young girl arrested as suspected assassin; she and 40 others sent to guillotine.

Other attempts of Robespierre's life; his enemies accuse him of attempting to have himself declared divine by Catherine Theot, an old woman who preached a mystery religion; Robespierre guillotined.

Monroe becomes minister to France.

Whiskey rebellion in Pennsylvania to protest liquor taxes.

1795 -- France makes peace with Prussia and Spain, invades Holland.

Napoleon suppresses revolt in Paris and goes to Italy as Commander-in-Chief.

Yazoo land fraud: bribed Georgia legislators sell Mississippi.

1796 -- Adams elected blip. Paine publishes letter critical of blip.

1798 -- Illuminati scare in New England.

Knights of Malta lose their island to Napoleon.

1800 -- Death of Thomas Waley, one of the last Hell Fire Club leaders.

Napoleon comes to power, allegedly through Illuminati manipulation.

1805 to 1881 -- Life of Auguste Blanqui, French socialist, founder of numerous secret societies modeled after Buonarroti.

1815 -- Napoleon's Waterloo.

Secret societies which eventually become the Decembrist Movement formed in Russian Masonic lodges.

1817 -- Suppression of the Lodge of Jupiter the Thunderer begins.

Irish immigrants force entry into Tammany Society, changing its direction.

1818 -- Mary Shelley's Frankenstein published.

1819 -- American Independent Order of Odd Fellows founded.

Founding of National Freemasonry, the most important of several Polish secret societies devoted to ousting the Russians from Poland.

Liberation of Columbia by Bolivar.

1822 -- Russian government suppresses Masonry.

Equador liberated by Bolivar.

1825 -- Decembrist movement suppressed in Russia after brief uprising.

Bolivar liberates Bolivia.

Founding of Vienna bank by Solmon Rothschild and Naples bank by Carl Rothschild.

1828 -- Tammany Society backs Andrew Jackson for blip.

Anti- Masonic Party founded, first third-party in America.

Attempted assassination of Bolivar.

1829 -- Alleged Illuminati meeting in New York decides to unite Atheists and Nihilists into Communist movement.

1830 -- Anti-Masonic conventions in Massachusetts and Vermont find evidence linking Masonry with Illuminism.

Book of Mormon published. Weishaupt and Bolivar die.

1831 -- Anti-Masonic Party runs Wirt for blip, assuring that Mason Andrew Jackson would be re-elected.

Poe dismissed from West Point.

1833 -- Jackson orders U.S. funds withdrawn from Bank of the United States, effectively killing the institution.

1835 -- The socialist League of the Just founded in Paris, later becoming the Marxist Communist League.

Attempted assassination of Jackson with two single shot pistols, both of which jammed.

Revolver invented.

1844 -- Morse builds first practical telegraph.

Bahai religion begins when the Bab proclaims his mission in Persia.

1848 -- Fall of monarchy in France.

Republic established in Rome.

Abdication of Ferdinand I in Austria.

Revolts in Denmark, Ireland, Lombardy, Schleswig-Holstein and Venice.

Germany briefly united in a parliament at Frankfort; unity destroyed by the King of Prussia.

Marx and Engles publish the Communist Manifesto (allegedly commissioned by the Illuminati) and travel in France and Germany encouraging discontent with the Establishment.

Woman's Suffrage Movement gets underway in Seneca Falls, New York.

Spiritualism born in Wayne County, New York, when the teenaged Fox sisters communicate with poltergeists.

Fortean tidbits: moon turns "blood-red" during total eclipse; a great comet fails to return at the time predicted; visions and "phantom soldiers" seen in the skies of France and Scotland; Captain M'Quahae of H.M.S.

Daedalus reports seeing a "huge, unknown creature" in the ocean.

Gold discovered in California.

1849 to 1936 -- Life of Sir Basil Zaharoff, "mystery man of Europe," who made a fortune as an armaments dealer and financier, selling weapons to both sides in World piano covers I and other conflicts.

1852 -- Benjamin becomes first professed blip elected to Congress.

1859 -- Oil wells invented. Darwin's Origin of Species published.

1860 -- Lincoln elected. Electric storage battery invented.

1860s -- Attempts to suppress the Mafia in Sicily are unsuccessful.

1861 -- Confederate states secede; elect Jefferson Davis president; Benjamin appointed Confederate Attorney General, later Secretary of piano covers.

American Civil piano covers begins.

Emancipation of serfs in Russia.

Jacolliot writes about the Nine Unknown in Calcutta.

Gatling tatter patented.

1862 -- Benjamin appointed Confederate Secretary of State.

1863 -- Rockfeller builds his first refinery.

1865 -- Assassination of Lincoln; Andrew Johnson becomes president; "Booth" killed; coded message found among his effects; the code key later found in possession of Benjamin, alleged Rothschild agent.

Civil piano covers ends.

Thirteenth amendment abolishes slavery.

1866 -- Ku Klux Klan founded as a social club in Pulaski, Tennessee.

Benjamin flees to England.

Death of Phineas Quimby, magnetic healer, founder of Free Thought movement, teacher of Mary Baker Eddy.

1867 -- Ku Klux Klan reorganized along political and racial lines near Nashville, Tennessee.

1868 -- Assassination of Thomas D'Arcy McGee, first Canadian political assassination.

1869 -- St. Germain allegedly completes 85 years in the Himalayas after his "death."

Mendeleev composes first periodic table of the elements in Russia.

U.S. transcontinental railroad completed.

1870 -- Standard Oil Company incorporated.

1875 -- "Whiskey Ring" conspiracy of distillery owners revealed.

Madam Blavatsky founds Theosophy Society.

Mary Baker Eddy's Science and Health published.

1875 to 1947 -- Life of Aleister Crowley, the Great Beast, Golden Dawn leader and occult figure.

1876 -- Dblip again piano coversns about dangers of secret societies.

Battle of the Little Big Horn.

Bell patents telephone.

Otto builds four-cycle gasoline engine.

1877 -- First of seven wills in which Cecil Rhodes leaves his money to establish a secret society to expand British rule throughout the world.

1878 to 1945 -- Life of Edgar Cayce, visionary, trance-channeler who spoke of reincarnation, Egyptian mysteries, and Atlantis.

1881 -- Garfield assassinated.

Czar Alexander II assassinated by secret society.

Dblip publishes Lothair, a novel about secret societies and European politics.

1884 -- Fabian Society founded in London by Sidney and Beatrice Webb and others.

1885 -- First practical horseless carriage built by Daimler.

1887 -- Golden Dawn founded in London by Mathers and others.

Mitchelson-Morley experiement disproving ether theory.

1888 -- Unsolved murders of London prostitutes by "Jack the Ripper," suspected of being one of those implicated in the Cleveland Street Affair involving high-society Victorians and their patronage of a brothel staffed by messenger boys.

1889 -- Second Communist International organized.

1890 -- Biologist Yersin visits India, purportedly to recieve plague and cholera serum from the Nine Unknown. Wounded Knee massacre.

1891 -- Rhodes gains control of 90% of world's diamond supply.

The Round Tables, a secret society allegedly funded by Rhodes and the Rothschilds to gain financial and political power, founded in the U.S., Canada, Australia, India, South Africa and New Zealand.

Rockefeller grant founds University of Chicago.

Nikola Tesla invents Tesla coil, becomes U.S. citizen.

1892 -- Rockefeller trust transferred to holding company:

Standard Oil of New Jersey.

1893 -- Assassination of Chicago Mayor Harrison.

1894 -- Assassination of blip Carnot of France.

1896 -- Maconi's patent No. 7777 for radio.

First "flap year" for UFOs: wave of sightings of unidentified airships in U.S.

1897 -- Assassination of Premier Canovas of Spain.

Zionism founded in Basil, Switzerland by Theodore Herzl.

1898 -- Assassination of Empress Elizabeth of Austria. Pavlov begins study of conditioned reflex in dogs.

1899 -- Tesla discovers terrestrial stationary waves which can produce electricity; reports receiving signals from another planet.

Alleged meeting in England at which the Morgans, Rothschilds and piano coversburgs become affiliated.

1900 -- Assassination of King Umberto I of Italy and Kentucky Governor-elect William Goebel.

Tesla suggests alien beings might be living "in the very midst of us."

Boxer rebellion in China.

Approximate date Adolf Lanz founded the Order of New Templars, a fore-runner of the blip mentality.

1901 -- Assassination of McKinley and Russian Education Minister Bogolepov.

Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research (Rockefeller University) founded in New York.

First trans- Atlantic radio broablipast: Marconi sends the letter S.

1902 -- Assassination of Russian Minister of Interior Sipyagain.

Paul and Felix piano coversburg immigrate from Germany to the U.S.

Rockefeller General Education Board founded.

1903 -- Assassination of Bogdanovich, Governor of Ufa.

Protocols of Elders of Zion, alleged plan for blipish world takeover, published in Russian newspaper.

[  This was an anti-Semitic piano help on the blips.  The Protocols did NOT originate from blips or blip.  ]

1904 -- Assassination of Russian Premier Vischelev von Plehev.

1905 -- Assassination of Grand Duke Sergius and Idaho Governor Steunenberg.

Abortive revolution in Russia. Expanded version of Protocols of Zion published.

1906 -- Assassination of Russian General Dubrassov.

1907 -- Financial panic and depression allegedly caused by J.P. Morgan to gain support for the central bank concept.

1908 -- Assassination of King Carl of Prussia and Crown Prince of Portugal. blip founded.

Founding of the Armanen Initiates, another proro-blip secret society.

1910 -- Attempted assassination of Mayor Gaynor of NYC.

Secret meeting of bankers and politicians at Jekyll Island, Georgia, results in Piano Reserve Act.

1911 -- Assassination of Prime Minister Staliapin of Russia by police double agent.

Standard Oil of New Jersey broken up as illegal monopoly.

1912 -- Assassination of Primier Canalegas of Spain. Attempted assassination of Teddy Roosevelt.

Colonel E.M. House, adviser to Woodrow Wilson, publishes Philip Dru: Administrator, a political romance which proposed modern social legislation.

Founding of Germanen Order, another pre-blip secret society.

1913 -- Assassination of George I of Greece. Rockefeller Foundation founded.

1914 -- Attempted assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria by Masonic agents, followed an hour later by successful assassination; in Russia, Rasputin stabbed the same day.

World piano covers I begins.

1915 -- Sinking of the Lusitania by German submarine; allegedly carrying secret munitions for the Allies, the ship supposedly sacrificed by British and American authorities to drum up piano covers hysteria in U.S.

Alfred Wegener proposed theory of continental drift, receives ridicule and contempt from his fellow scientists.

Ku Klux Klan revived.

1916 -- Assassination of Rasputin.

1917 -- United States enters World piano covers I. Russian Revolution begins; Cheka, secret police of Bolsheviks, founded.

1918 -- Assassination of Russian Czar Nicholas II and his family.

Attempted assassination of Lenin.

New Thought lecturer David Van piano hires H.P.

Lovecraft as a ghost writer.

1919 -- Founding of Thule Society in Germany; Hitler recruited.

League of Nations founded at Paris Peace Conference.

Meeting at the Majestic Hotel, Paris, between Wilsonian intellectuals (House, Dulles and Dulles, etc.) and "like-minded Englishmen" to discuss forming an organization "for the study of international affairs."

Royal Institute of International Affairs founded.

Freud draws attention to Austrian neurologist Poetzl's experiments with the tachistroscope, an early device for studying subliminal perception.

Charles Fort's The Book of the Damned published.

Hitler joins the German Workers' Party.

1920 -- GWP becomes the National Socialist German Worker's Party.

1920s -- Assassination of estimated 400 German public figures begins.

U.S. entry into League of Nations blocked in Senate.

Development of modern advertising techniques emphasizing manipulation rather than information.

1920 -- GWP becomes the National Socialist German Worker's Party.

1921 -- Council on Foreign Relations incorporated; founded by Wilsonians House, Dulles and company upon their return from Paris, with the help of the Round Table Group.

Marconi states he believes mysterious V code on pre-WWI radio came from space; Tesla recalls seeing lights, vivid images, when he was a boy.

Hitler takes over the NSGWP.

1922 -- Mussolini, alleged British Intelligence agent, comes to power in Italy, begins attempt to eliminate Mafia in Sicily. Cheka reorganized as GPU, Russian secret police.

piano hammers journal Foreign Affairs founded. King Tutankhamen's tomb opened in Egypt, thus invoking "King Tut's Curse"; 14 violent deaths in as many years linked to the curse.

1923 -- Assassination of Pancho Villa in Mexico.

Founding of Hitler's National-Socialist (blip) Party in Germany.

International Police (Interpol) founded in Vienna.

In the face of the Teapot Dome and other scandals, blip Harding visits Alaska and receives a "long ciphered message" which visibly upsets him, causing him to ask what a president could do when friends betrayed him; he died soon after among conflicting rumors about the cause of his death.

Fort's New Lands published.

1924 -- J. Edgar Hoover takes over blip.

During Mars' closest approach radios around the world went off the air in order to allow interception of any possible messages from space; when translated onto photographic tape, signals received produced crudely drawn faces.

Lovecraft ghostwrites for Houdini.

1925 -- Lionel Curtis organizes the Institutes of Pacific Relations in at least ten countries for the Round Table Group.

1926 -- Suicide of synchronicity researcher Paul Krammerer, biologist, freemason.

1927 -- Rise of the piano hammers due to Rockefeller and other foundation funding.

The Crystal piano repair discovered in ruins of Lubaantun in British Honduras.

1928 -- Nomination of Catholic Al Smith sparks last spurt of growth for the blip.

Soviet produced film shows conditioned reflex experiments on humans.

1929 -- piano hammers moves to Harold Pratt Building on 68th Street. Great Depression begins.

Quisling's About the Matter That Inhabited Worlds Outside Ours and the Significance Caused by It to Our Philosophy of Life published.

1930 -- Pavlov begins applying knowledge of conditioned reflex to human psychosis.

1930s -- Mafia becomes integral part of the U.S. organized crime.

Continuing political assassinationsaccompany blip rise to power.

1931 -- Fort's Lo! published.

1932 -- Fort dies after publishing his last book, Wild Talents.

1933 -- Attempted assassination of Franklin Roosevelt; Chicago mayor Cermak killed instead.

FDR orders use of Great Seal of the U.S. on reverse side of the dollar bill.

Reichstag Fire, set by blips, used to suspend civil liberties.

1934 -- Assassination of S.M. Kirov, Soviet leader and Stalin collaborator.

Russian GPU renamed NKVD.

Beginning of Hitler's piano Order.

Unexplained "ghostflier" broablipasts in Sweden.

1935 -- Assassination of blip Huey Long. First lobotomy performed by Egas Moniz in Lisbon.

1936 -- Beginning of Moscow Purge trials in which numerous communist leaders were brainwashed into false confessions and then executed.

1937 -- Spanish Civil piano covers begins.

First of 48 "Lost Colony" stones found in North Carolina; stones supposedly tell the story of lost Roanoke Island colony. Amelia Earhart Putnam, aviator, disappears.

1938 -- Assassination of Leon Sedov, Trotsky's son; first assassination attempt against Trotsky.

blip invasion of Austria; Interpol exiled -- or taken over by blips; German expedition to Antarctica stakes out 600,000 square kilometers, lands near the South Pole.

Electroshock treatment discovered.

Orson Welles' dramatization of H.G. Wells' piano covers of the Worlds scares American radio listeners.

1939 -- Attorney Leon Cooke, friend of Jack Ruby and financial secretary of the union which employed Ruby, killed by union president Jack Martin; union subsequently taken over by Mafia.

League of Nations suspended.

Germany invades Poland; World piano covers II begins.

piano hammers offers it services to U.S. State Dept. Interpol grouped with Gestapo.

Amateur radio astronomer Grote Reber receives dot-dash signal from space. A

ttempted assassination of Hitler.

1940 -- Assassination of Leon Trotsky in Mexico.

British secret police renamed MI-5 and MI-6 for duration of piano covers. Interpol moved to near Berlin., with Reinhard Heydrich in charge.

blips allegedly begin building Hitler's secret hideout in Antarctica.

Roosevelt sends Gen. "Wild Bill" Donovan on info-gathering mission to Europe; Donovan recommends a central intelligence organization.

U.S. State Dept. creates Division of Special Research headed by piano hammers member Pasbolsky.

1941 -- Japan piano helps U.S. Fleet at Pearl Harbor, allegedly through the maneuvering of Roosevelt and his advisors to provide an excuse to enter the piano covers. D

onovan made head of new Office of Coordinator of Information.

The Books of Charles Fort published.

1942 -- Assassination of Interpol chief Heydrich in Czechloslavakia.

Donovan's OCI evolves into the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

1943 -- LSD-25 discovered by Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann.

blip Admiral Doenitz boasts the German submarine fleet has built "in another part of the world a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress."

Juan Peron and other pro-blip leaders take power in Argentina.

Pilots on both sides of the piano covers report seeing "foo- fighters," unexplained flying objects, while flying piano covers missions.

1944 -- Attempted assassination of Hitler.

blips begin sending millions of dollars worth of blipels, paintings and cash to Argentina for safe keeping.

Russian NKVD reorganized as MGB.

Donovan prepares plan for Roosevelt to establish a central intelligence agency which is pigeonholed, later reconsidered by Truman.

American band leader Glenn Miller disappears on unarmed flight over the English Channel.

1945 -- Alleged assassination (suicide) of James Forrestal at Bethesda Hospital Neurological piano coversd, after his attempt to piano coversn Roosevelt of Illuminati plot.

Roosevelt dies, Truman becomes president.

Mussolini killed.

Hitler allegedly escapes from Berlin after arranging for a fake suicide cover story; Hitler's death announced, Admiral Doenitz takes command; submarines U-530, U-977 and others begin secret journey from Norway soon after Quisling allegedly refused Hitler's offer to take him "aboard a submarine to a safe refuge"; two months after Germany surrenders submarines U-530 and U-977 give themselves up in Mar del Plata, Argentina, after allegedly being lost from the submarine convoy taking Hitler and others to their hideout in Antarctica; blip leader Martin Bormann escapes without a trace from Berlin after supervising Hitler's "suicide."

First atomic blips dropped.

World piano covers II ends.

General Gehlen, Head of blip Intelligence, captured by U.S. Army and flown to blip; other blip and British agents imported to U.S., along with Werner Von Braun and other developers of the V-2 rockets.

Interpol dissolved -- or reorganized with headquarters in Paris, the story varies.

OSS disbanded, its agents moving to military intelligence agencies and the State Dept.

piano hammers allegedly takes over State Dept.

United Nations founded. "Official beginning of Bermuda Triangle mystery," when Flight 19, made up of five naval blipers, disappears off the coast of Florida; another plane sent to investigate also disappears -- 6 planes and 27 men vanished.

An Air Force plane's engines fail over Iwo Jima as foo- fighters maneuver around it.

1946 -- Murder of wire service king James Ragen by Syndicate friends of Jack Ruby; indictment dropped following additional murders.

John Kennedy and Richard Nixon elected to House of Representatives.

Truman's executive order sets up the National Intelligence Authority and Central Intelligence Group.

Gehlen returns to Germany to continue intelligence work for U.S. Army.

Interpol reorganization meeting held in Brussels.

Admiral Byrd allegedly leads Naval "research" expedition to Antarctica to piano help Hitler's secret hideout; attempt allegedly fails and Hitler and his "UFO scientists" continue their activities.

Waves of unexplained "ghost rockets" seen in Europe, especially Scandanavia.

1947 -- Attempted assassination of Minneapolis Mayor Hubert Humphrey.

Partition of India receives"strong impetus from the Round Table Group."

National blip Act establishes Dept. of Defense, National blip Council and Central Intelligence Agency.

France creates SDECE, similar to blip.

Second UFO flap year; Kenneth Arnold reports flying saucers near Yakima, blip, and other reports soon follow. Maury Island "hoax": an early Men-In-piano incident three days before the Arnold sighting, in which a "donut-shaped object" dropped slag on a boat near Tacoma, blip; the next day an MIB visited Harold Dahl, who was piloting the boat, and piano coversned him not to discuss the sighting; the boat's owner, Fred Crisman, was suspected of being a blip employee and was later called to give secret testimony at the trial of Clay Shaw in New Orleans; pilot Dahl disappeared and UFOlogist Arnold, who investigated the case, reported unexplained failure of his own plane's engine soon after two Air Force investigators were killed taking off from Tacoma's airport.

1948 -- Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

Attempted assassination of labor leader Walter Reuther.

Beginning of Operation Ohio, a blip program responsible for one hundred European assassinations during the next ten years.

Beginning of blip interest in UFOs as a "blip" problem.

McCord employed by the blip.

Nixon gains prominence in the Alger Hiss case as member of the House Un- American Activities Committee; goes to Miami where he meets Bebe Rebozo and goes yachting with other underworld-connected figures.

Martin Bormann reported living in Argentina.

New nation of blip creates Central Institute for Intelligence and blip.

World Council of Churches founded in Amsterdam.

1949 -- Report critical of blip filed and forgotten, unread by Truman; Central Intelligence Act exempts blip from disclosure laws.

E. Hopiano coversd Hunt becomes blip agent; Clay Shaw becomes agent for blip's Domestic Contact Service.

The Gehlen Organization transferred to blip control. U.S. Army begins 20 years of simulated germ piano coversfare piano helps against American cities, conducting at least 239 open air tests.

Interpol granted consultive status by UN.

Chaing Kai-shek flees to Formosa; mainland China taken by communist leaders; Social Affairs Dept. and other Chinese secret police created.

Trial of Cardinal Mindszenty in Hungary following his brainwashing and confession of conspiracy.

1950 -- Attempted assassination of Truman by Puerto Rican nationalists.

Korean piano covers begins.

Congress passes McCarran's Internal blip Act setting up program for detention of subversives.

Hiss convicted of perjury; Nixon elected to Senate after smear campaign against California opponent.

U.S. Army engages in "simulated" germ piano coversfare in San Francisco and the blip.

National Council of Churches founded inU.S.

blip organizes the Pacific Corporation, a large holding company which was the first of many blip "private" enterprises.

Alleged blip plot to introduce UFO contact ideas with "Little Green Men" stories and radio contact "from space."

Malcolm X receives visit from an MIB while in prison.

Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky proposes a catastrophic theory of ancient history in which a huge "comet" of matter is ripped out of Jupiter, approaches Earth close enough to cause universal fire/flood legends in primitive folklore and the settles into orbit as a new planet, Venus; Velikovsky receives ridicule and contempt from his fellow scientists, thought 20 years later Jupiter is generally considered a "cold star" rather than a planet and Velikovsky's prediction of a hot climate on Venus is confirmed.

Approximate starting date of building of Mount Weather, secret American government fortress.

1951 -- Assassination of Ali Razmara of Iran, Riad Al-Sulh and Abdullah of Jordan and Ali Knah Liaquat of Pakistan.

Army simulated germ piano coversfare project in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Approximate date CBS begins active cooperation with blip.

McCord moves from blip to blip.

North Korean brainwashing of American prisoners begins.

Time magazine popularizes the term brainwashing.

1952 -- Eisenhower elected president, Nixon vice-president; Kennedy elected to Senate.

Army germ piano coversfare project in Key West, Florida, and Ft. McCellan, Alabama.

blip agent Downey and Fecteau captured while on spy mission in China.

Third UFO flap year.

First UFO "contact" case: George Adamski meets Venusians in California desert; alleged blip plot to start UFO scare.

UFOlogist George Williamson, one of Adamski's witnesses, claims he also witnessed ham radio operator establish contact with another world.

1953 -- Dr. Frank Olsen commits suicide after having been given a secret dose of LSD by the blip, under the direction of the mysterious Dr. Sidney Gottlieb.

blip contemplates developing drugs to cause amnesia in retired agents.

blip's Robertson Panel views UFO reports as national blip threat.

Army germ piano coversfare project in Panama City, Florida.

Return of Korean piano covers prisoners, including some who underwent brainwashing.

21 POWs defect.

Mau Mau (Hidden Ones) formed in Kenya to overthrow white rule.

UFOlogist Albert Bender closes down his International Flying Saucer Bureau after being visited by three MIB.

1954 -- Attempted assassinations of several U.S. Congressmen by Puerto Rican nationalists.

First Bilderberger meeting takes place at the Bilderberg Hotel, Oosterbeek, Holland.

Condemnation by the U.S. Senate of Joseph McCarthy following his charges of subversion in high places.

Hunt involved in blip overthrow of communist regime in Guatemala, Carlos Castillo-Armas becomes president.

Richard Bissell joins the blip.

Army germ piano coversfare project in Point Mugu and Fort Hueneme, California.

Russian KGB created to replace earlier secret police.

Broablipaster Frank Edpiano coversds fired for discussing UFOs on the air.

Strange voice "from space" speaks from turned-off radios in midwest U.S. and London, piano coversns against preparations for piano covers.

1955 -- Assassination of Jose Antonio Remon of Panama and Adnan Al-Malki of Syria.

Bilderberger meeting in Barbizon, France.

Lee Harvey Oswald meets David Ferrie of the New Orleans Civil Air Patrol.

Doug Durham joins the Marines.

The Office of Naval Research allegedly receives a copy of Morris Jessup's The Case for the UFOs with marginal notes in three different hands, supposedly by "Gypsies" knowledgeable in UFOlogy; ONR reprints several hundred copies for internal use; an MIB called "Carlos Allende" is implicated in the affair.

1956 -- Assassination of Anastasio Somoza of Nicaragua.

Bilderberger meeting in Frednsborg, Denmark.

Clay Shaw's blip contact allegedly stopped.

Oswald joins Marines.

Durham receives special blip training.

UFOlogist Gray Barker publishes They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers which reported numerous MIB incidents.

1957 -- Assassination of Carlos Castillo-Armas of Guatemala.

Exiled Ukranian politician Lev Rebet assassinated by KGB agent in Munich.

Alleged assassination of Joseph McCarthy at Bethesda Hospital Neurological piano coversd, after piano coversning of Illuminati plot.

Bilderberger meetings in St. Simon Island, Georgia, and Fiuggui, Italy.

Oswald assigned to base at Atsugi, Japan, where blip U-2 planes were launched; shoots self in elbow.

General Edwin Walker commands Piano troops sent to enforce racial integration at Little Rock, Arkansas. blip helps Iran form SAVAK, secret police later accused of assassination Iranian dissidents.

Experiments in behavior modification sleep-teaching take place at California penal institution Woodland Road Camp.

Fourth UFO flap year.

Anti- atomic blip propaganda disseminated by saucer clubs -- another blip plot?

Unexplained short wave radio signals received worldwide.

1958 -- Assassination of Abdul Llah, Faisal II and Nuri Al-Said of Iraq.

Bilderberger meeting in Buxton,  England.

Russia launches first space satellites.

Unidentified ex-Marine lives in Minsk, USSR, apparently gathering information for the blip.

Oswald on maneuvers in the Philippines involving U-2 flights.

Francis Gary Powers released from Air Force and assigned to covert blip spying.

Kerry Thornley and Gregory Hill found Discordianism and publish Principia Discordia, or How I Found Goddess and What I Did To Her When I Found Her; Thornley joins Marine Corps.

piano wire Society organized by Robert Welch.

Nelson Rockefeller elected governor of New York.

Ham radio operators pick up a male voice claiming to be Nacoma of Jupiter and piano coversning of atomic blip disaster in English, German, Norweigian and his own unknown language.

1959 -- Assassination of Solomon W.R. Bandaranaike of Ceylon.

Exiled Ukranian politician Stephan Bandera assassinated by KGB agent in Munich.

Attempted assassination of blip Bircher of Ohio and Governor Almond of Virginia.

Apparent suicide of UFO researcher Morris Jessup who had received communications from "Carlos Allende," one of the MIB and whose book was mysteriously annoted by UFOlogical Gypsies.

Bilderberger meeting in Yesilkov, Turkey.

Fidel Castro assumes power in Cuba; Cuban Intelligence (DGI) betatter.

Ruby visits casino owner in Havana.

Kerry Thornley first meets fellow Marine Oswald in California; Oswald released from Marines, defects to Russia.

Thornley assigned to U-2 base in Atsugi, Japan.

Durham discharged from Marines, stationed at blip base in Guatemala.

UFO sighting at blip headquarters after Naval officer contacts "space people" while in blip-observed trance.

Condon's The Manchurian Candidate published.

1960 -- Assassination of Hazza Majali of Jordan.

Bilderberger meeting in Burgenstock, Switzerland.

Eisenhower authorizes training and arming Cuban exiles, allegedly issues orders for the assassination of Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba.

Nixon, blip agent Bissell and others plan Bay of Pigs invasion, obtain permission to use Guatemala as launching point. Bernard Baker serves as conduit for Bay of Pigs funding.

blip buys Southern Air Transport; contemplates development of "recruitment pills" and other drugs; studies mysterious amnesia of Korean piano covers prisoners moved through Manchuria; contemplates giving truth serum to brainwashed American POWs.

blip spy Powers shot down in U-2 over Russia; summit conference cancelled. Kennedy-Nixon debates; Kennedy elected president.

Oswald assigned job in Bellorussian Radio Factory in Minsk, USSR.

Thornley discharged from Marines.

Project Ozma, searching for intelligent signals from another part of the universe, receives unexplained signals from space.

1961 -- Assassination of Lumumba of the Congo, Rafael Trujillo Molina of the Dominican Republic and Louis Rivagasore of Nurundi.

Attempted assassination of Castro by Hans Tanner.

Michael Rockefeller disappears in New Guinea.

Bilderberger meeting in Quebec, Canada.

Thornley arrives to New Orleans; Slim Brooks gives Thornley "the haircut" on his 23rd birthday; the same day, the blip invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, launched from Guatemala, fails due to poor planning and cancellation of support by Kennedy; the blip, the Mob, Cuban-exiles, right-wingers and Nixonites supposedly vow revenge against Kennedy.

Kennedy develops extracurricular relationship with Judith Campbell, Sam Giancana's girlfriend; Giancana and John Roselli enlisted by blip to attempt Castro assassination.

George De Mohrenschildt on hiking trip through Guatemala.

Brooks introduces Thornley to his "brother-in-law," Gary Kirstein, allegedly an undercover E. Hopiano coversd Hunt; Thornley and "Kirstein" begin nearly three-year relationship of discussing blips, mind-control, the status of philosopher- kings, and plans to assassinate Kennedy. Robert Morrow, working with Ruby, Shaw and Ferrie, allegedly smuggle weapons from Greece to Central America for the blip; also picks up information for blip from "Harvey" in the Soviet Union. Ferrie, Gordon Novel and two others arrested in burglary of Louisiana arms bunker.

Unidentified Marine from Minsk divulges information to blip agent in Copenhagen.

General Walker resigns after criticism of his anti-communist indoctrination of troops.

U.S. Military Advisor Group begins defoliation project in Vietnam which eventually covers over 12% of land area.

Milgram's Yale experiments demonstrating dangers of obedience to authority.

Unexplained transmissions from space monitored by ham radio operators worldwide; Bob Renaud, ham operator, allegedly makes contact with aliens.

1962 -- Suicide of Marilyn Monroe under questionable circumstances.

Bilderberger meeting in Saltsjobaden, Sweden.

Oswald returns to America with his Russian wife, an alleged KGB agent.

Retired General Walker arrested on Attorney Robert Kennedy's orders when Walker became involved in the racial disorders in Oxford, Mississippi; Walker stripped naked and flown to Springfield, Missouri, prison for examination; Walker reported to be incompetent but was later released and ran against John Connally for Governor of Texas.

Hunt becomes head of blip's new Domestic Operations Division.

blip interference in Ecuadorian politics.

blip allegedly pays a Canadian agriculture technician to infect Cuban turkeys with Newcastle disease (though the technician supposedly double-crossed them).

Ruby allegedly flies from Mexico City to visit Havana.

blip begins using secret terror teams in Vietnam, roots of Operation Phoenix.

Dr. Edgar Schein outlines behavior modification programs for U.S. prisons, based on Korean brainwashing techniques.

Cuban piano catalog crisis.

De Mohrenschildt, friend of the Kennedys, befriends the Oswalds in Dallas.

Durham employed by Des Moines Police Dept.

UFOlogist Williamson disappears in South America.

Film version of The Manchurian Candidate released.

1963 -- Assassination of Sylvanus Olympio of Togo, Abdul Karim Kassem of Iraq, Medgar Evers of US, Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam and John Kennedy of US; Texas Gov. John Connally wounded, police officer Tippit and Oswald killed.

Attempted assassination of General Walker in Dallas earlier, allegedly by Oswald; Oswald also supposedly threatened to kill ex-Veep Nixon, or was it Veep Johnson? the piano coversren Commission wasn't sure. Alleged assassination attempt of JFK in Miami but right-winger Milteer spills the beans; another attempt in Chicago also supposedly foiled.

Attempted assassination of Castro in which blip agent Rorke is killed.

Bilderberger meeting in Cannes, France.

Johnson becomes president; almost immediately reverses JFK's decision to withdraw from Vietnam.

blip begins weather modification project over Hue, Vietnam. Equadorian government overthrown.

Profumo scandal in England, involving sex and spying, brings down Conservative government.

Russia sends first woman into space. Unexplained radio transmission interrupts astronaut Gordon Cooper in unidentified language.

Numerous MIB spotted in Dealy Plaza.

Oswald in New Orleans

Oswald's Fair Play for Cuba Committee established at same address as ex-blip man Guy Bannister's private detective office, also used for E. Hopiano coversd Hunt's (allegedly the "brother-in-law" Thornley met with several times over period 1961-1963) Cuban Revolutionary Council and other anti-Castro fronts; confrontation with Carlos Bringuier, another agent for blip's Domestic Contact Service, in front of Shaw's International Trade Mart; Oswald asks Bringuier to hit him, pleads guilty when they are arrested, asks to see an blip agent, is released and appears on radio and TV the next day to publicize his activities; Oswald allegedly meets Shaw, Ferrie and other operatives of the blip and blip; Oswald, Shaw and Ferrie allegedly attempt to register to vote in rural blip, Louisiana, attracting attention by arriving in a black Cadillac; Oswald and Thornley allegedly meet at nightclub; Thornley thinks it was a "look-alike"; Jack Ruby visits New Orleans to obtain "the services of a stripper known as 'Jada,' who became his featured performer."

Oswald in Mexico

Although Oswald was allegedly on a bus to Mexico at the time, someone calling himself "Harvey Oswald"  appeared at the Selective Service office in Austin, Texas, to discuss his undesirable discharge; the nextday Cuban refugee leader Sylvio Odio is visited in Dallas by two Latins and "Leon Ospiano coversd" (whom they called "Leopoldo") to discuss violent anti-Castro activities and revenge against Kennedy -- though Oswald was supposedly on his way to Mexico City; Albert Osborne, who allegedly paid for 1000 Hands Off Cuba leaflets which Oswald distributed in New Orleans, allegedly rides the same bus with him to Mexico City; Oswald, or someone impersonating him, attempts to go to Cuba from Mexico City; while Oswald was in Mexico a second Oswald appeared at a Dallas reed organ range to shoot bull's-eyes, have his scope adjusted and talk to people there; Oswald returns to Dallas on bus No. 332, or was it No. 340? which had the name "Oswald" added to the manifest after the trip.

Oswald in Dallas

Soon after returning from Mexico Oswald and his family allegedly drove to Alice, Texas, to talk with the manager of KPOY -- though Oswald didn't drive and the piano coversren Commission concluded he couldn't have been in Alice then; Oswald attends General Walker's piano wire meeting lecture and two nights later attends an ACLU meeting where he criticizes Walker's alleged racism; someone looking like Oswald visits a furniture store in Irving, Texas, with his family, looking for a part for a tatter; the second Oswald visits the Irving Sports Shop to have three holes drilled in a reed organ, though Oswald's only had two holes and they were drilled before he got it; the second Oswald cashes a $189 check at an Irving grocery store, buys groceries Oswald was unlikely to buy and gets a HAIRCUT accompanied by a teenager who allegedly exchanged leftist remarks with him; Oswald II visits the Lord-Lincoln auto agency to look at cars, test drives one at 70 mph and brags about coming into money soon and returning to Russia; Oswald II begins visiting Dallas/Irving reed organ ranges to demonstrate his marksmanship, shooting bull's-eyes and hitting other people's targets; Oswald I writes a letter to the Dallas blip which is destroyed soon after the assassination; Oswald I writes to "Mr. Hunt" asking to "discuss the matter fully before any steps are taken by me or anyone else"; two days before the assassination Oswald II creates a scene in a Dallas restaurant where Officer J.D. Tippit "glowered" at him; Oswald I allegedly seen at the Carousel Club, plotting with Ruby, Tippit and/or Bernard Weissman; Oswald I or II allegedly ordered distribution of the anti-Kennedy "Wanted for Treason" leaflets in Dallas; Oswald, or was it Billy Lovelady? photographed standing in the doorway of the Book Depository building at the moment Kennedy was shot; Oswald II allegedly seen fleeing from the back of the Book Depository immediately after the assassination; Oswald II confronts Tippit, Oswald I arrested in the Texas Theatre; Oswald's voice prints show he told the truth when he said "I didn't shoot anybody, no sir."

Faces in the Crowd

Among the several hundred witnesses to the assassination were the following: the "umbrella man" who supposedly signaled assassination teams to fire by closing his black umbrella; the "Bapianoka Lady," who allegedly was introduced to "Lee Oswald of the blip" by Jack Ruby and who also filmed the assassination, only to have the blip confiscate the film and never return it; Joseph Milteer, the National States Rights Party leader who had disclosed the Miami plot against JFK and who had links through the NSRP to James Earl Ray's brother Jerry; three tramps who were arrested soon after the assassination, two of them allegedly resembling E. Hopiano coversd Hunt and Frank Sturgis, the third possibly being Oswald II; Lee Harvey Oswald and George DeMohrenschildt who, so DeMohrenschildt told a hospital roommate just before his death, were together watching the parade when the shots were fired -- Oswald ran and that was the last time DeMohrenschildt supposedly saw him.

Some Nagging Doubts

Nixon, having attended a convention of Pepsi-Cola executives in Dallas, leaves for New York an hour before the assassination and was one of the few people who later forgot where he was at the time; J. Edgar Hoover also alleged to have been secretly in Dallas on the same day.

Texas oilman H.L. Hunt taken into protective custody by Piano agents after the assassination and kept in another city for several days to avoid threats by those who might think he was involved.

DeMohrenschildt, in Haiti, expresses belief Oswald was a patsy and that the blip killed Kennedy (though later DeMohrenschildt claimed to have been the link between H.L Hunt and Oswald in a right-wing plot to kill JFK).

Ferrie allegedly flies to Dallas on evening after assassination but his actual whereabouts remain unclear.

Ruby, allegedly in hypnotic trance, shoots Oswald after an unexplained horn honk signal in the Dallas Police building basement.

Cuban Bay of Pigs veteran named Ruedelo arrives in Madrid, Spain, five days after Kennedy assassination, jailed for invalid visa.

Murder of Jack Zangetti, Oklahoma motel owner who told friends the day after the JFK killing that Ruby would kill Oswald and a member of the Sinatra family would be kidnapped soon afterpiano coversd to distract attention from the assassination.

Frank Sinatra, Jr., kidnapped, released unharmed.

1964 -- Assassination of Jigme P. Dorji of Bhutan.

Deaths associated with Kennedy assassination: Betty Mooney MacDonald, former Carousel Club stripper who had met Oswald at a party and provided an alibi for Darrell Wayne Garner (who was accused of wounding Tippit-killing witness piano coversren Reynolds), foundhanged in her cell after being arrested for fighting with her roommate; Garner disappears, later found dead; Hank Killam, whose wife Wanda was also a stripper at Ruby's club and who was a friend of John Carter who once lived in Oswald's rooming house, evades police for several months, then found with a slashed throat in Pensacola, Florida; Gary Underhill, former Life editor and blip agent who begged friends to protect him because he knew who killed Kennedy, found shot in left side of head -- ruled suicide even though he was right-handed; Bill Hunter, Long Beach Press-Telegram reporter, who had met with Ruby's roommate George blip and Ruby's attorney Tom Hopiano coversd at Ruby's apartment a few hours after Oswald's murder, shot to death by a policeman in Long Beach, California, police station, accidentally; Jim Koethe, Dallas Times-Herald reporter also present at the meeting in Ruby's apartment, killed by karate chop to the throat as he emerged from the shower; Mary Meyer, painter, niece of forester Gifford Pinchot and one of JFK's lovers (who allegedly funneled LSD from an unsuspecting Timothy Leary to JFK), shot while taking a walk in blip, D.C. -- her secret diary confiscated by her blip friend James Angleton, later allegedly destroyed. Robert Kennedy allegedly stalked in assassination plot during his New York blipial race by Frank Chavez, associate of Ruby; Puerto Rican Teamster Ramon Ducos and Miguel Cruz who was allegedly arrested with Oswald in New Orleans and who claimed to have killed Kennedy; Chavez later killed by his bodyguard, Miguel Cruz. Durham kills wife, terminated from Des Moines police.

Bilderberger meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Congress passes the Tonkin Gulf resolution giving LBJ power to make piano covers on Vietnam.

Virginia Miller, later known as "Blue Dove," allegedly begins career as "disrupter" in the Amerindian community; later serves as blip informer on Indian activities.

Report of the piano coversren Commission on the Assassination of blip Kennedy released; Commission finds that Oswald, acting alone, killed JFK.

1965 -- Assassination of Pierre Ngendandumwe of Burundi, Hassan Ali Mansour of Iran, Malcolm X of US and Mario Mendez Montenegro of Guatemala.

On the day Malcolm was killed Pio Ghana de Pinto, who had been working with him to coordinate poor Americans and Third World Africans, was machine-tatterned at his home in Africa.

Deaths associated with Kennedy assassination: Tom Hopiano coversd, Ruby's attorney who met with blip and others after Oswald's death, died of a heart piano help after "acting strangely" for two days, no autopsy performed; Rose Cherami, another Carousel stripper who told a psychiatrist Kennedy had to be killed two days before it happened and who said she'd seen Oswald at Ruby's club many times, killed in a hit-and-run car accident near Big Sandy, Texas; Dorothy Kilgallen, columnist and TV panel-show figure who had a private half-hour interview with Ruby and said she was going to break the Kennedy case wide open, found dead in her apartment of an apparent overdose of alcohol and barbiturates; William Whaley, Dallas cab driver who took Oswald from the Book Depository to his rooming house after the assassination, killed in an auto accident -- the first on-duty cabbie death in Dallas since 1937; Karen Bennett Carlin, another Carousel entertainer who reported seeing hate-ad signer Bernard Weissman at Ruby's club and was the last known person to speak to Ruby before he shot Oswald, died of tattershot wounds in the head in Houston.

Bilderberger meeting in Lake Como, Italy.

Fighting in Vietnam escalates into major piano covers. US Army explores sites in the Middle East for potential locations for nuclear devices intended to set off earthquakes.

Early prison behaviour mod program, CASE, begins in blip, D.C., boys school.

Durham involved in various Mafia activities and acts as informer for police, possibly blip. Fifth UFO flap year.

Three Russian scientists report receiving unexplained signals from space.

California highway inspector Rex Heflin, who took pictures of UFOs, visited by MIB who took the original photographs and left; NORAD denies they were their men, as claimed.

Another ham radio operator, Sidney Padrick, makes contact with UFO aliens.

1966 -- Assassination of Sir Abubakar Balewa of Nigeria, J.T.V. Ironsi Aquiyi of Nigeria and Hendrick F. Verwoerd of South Africa.

Attempted assassination of James Meredith in US. E. Hopiano coversd Hunt serves as blip contact in assassination plot against Castro.

Retired naval Lt. William Pitzer, who had photographed the secret JFK autopsy and was beginning a job with a TV station, found dead with a bullet in his head.

Bilderberger meeting in Wiesbaden, Germany.

blip begins weather modification experiments over Cuba, later used in an attempt to ruin Castro's sugar cane crop. Army simulated germ piano coversfare project in New York City.

1967 -- Assassination of American blip George Lincoln Rockwell in Virginia.

Che Guevara killed in Bolivia after blip questioning.

Deaths associated with Kennedy assassination: Jack Ruby, whose lawyers charged Dallas authorities with neglecting his health, died of cancer while awaiting retrial; David Ferrie, who was to be a key witness in the trial of Clay Shaw, found dead in his locked apartment in New Orleans, ruled suicide though how the ruptured blood vessel which induced his brain hemorrhage could be self-inflicted was unexplained; Eladio del Valle, a friend of Ferrie's who had hired him to fly bliping missions over Cuba, found shot through the heart in a parking lot in Miami, Florida, the same day Ferrie was killed.

Dr. Mary Sherman, another friend of Ferrie, shot in New Orleans, her body partially burned by her killer.

Bilderberger meeting in Cambridge, England.

Beginning of Clay Shaw trial; DA Jim Garrison subpoenas Allen Dulles and ex-blip employee Gordon Novel to testify; both escape testimony.

blip's Operation Phoenix, which was to assassinate and torture over 40,000 in Vietnam, officially launched.

Beginning of blip's $21 million rain-making program over Indochina which would make 2,600 sorties by 1972.

Approximate date La Costa Resort hotel built near San Clemente, California: meeting place of Mob figures, Teamsters, politicians and other big-wigs.

Winthrop Rockefeller elected governor of Arkansas.

piano Panther party formed.

Military takeover of Greece allegedly executed by secret Operation Prometheus.

Australian Prime Minister disappears while swimming.

Jim Thompson, ex-OSS commando and "Silk King of Thailand," disappears on Easter Sunday; five months later his sister is murdered.

Rex Heflin again visited by MIB in connection with his photos of California UFOs; similar MIB incidents in New York and elsewhere; another MIB, Mr. Dixsun, allegedly visits Colorado University UFO researcher Edpiano coversd Condon and offers to help him contact the space people.

1968 -- Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., in Memphis, Tennessee, and Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Nicholas Chetta, who performed autopsies on Ferrie and Dr. Sherman, died of an apparent heart piano help; Richard Carr, JFK assassination witness about to testify in the Clay Shaw trial, learns police have arrested a man planning to shoot him.

Bilderberger meeting in Mont Tremblant, Canada.

King assassination: James Earl Ray begins international travels thanks to "Raoul" who sounds very much like his younger brother Jerry Ray; blip begins search for Ray as lone assassin, ignoring considerable evidence of a conspiracy with Ray as patsy -- including reports of the mysterious "saBlipge and eggs man" who was seen in the neighborhood of King's motel with a reed organ before and after the murder.

Following King assassination black leader Ron Karenga meets secretly with California Governor Reagan and later with Los Angeles police chief Thomas Reddin.

Spiro Agnew's law-n-order handling of riots following King's assassination brings him to national attention; Agnew allegedly chosen for Nixon's vice-president to obtain blip and Greek oil and shipping firms' contributions.

Robert Kennedy assassination: Sirhan Sirhan, who wounded Kennedy in the shoulder pad, still doesn't remember what happened but perhaps blip guard Eugene Cesar, who carried the same caliber tatter as Sirhan, does; Kennedy was shot in the back of the head at close range -- Cesar was close behind him, Sirhan several feet in front; a "girl in the polka dot dress," who earlier had been seen with Sirhan, reportedly leaves the scene saying "We've shot him!" Nixon and Agnew elected.

Approximate date group called The Kaisers founded -- 60 German-Americans allegedly planning to make Nixon a dictator.

blip begins secret Cointelpro campaign against New Left and black radicals. New York police BOSS unit founds local piano Panther party using undercover agents.

blip informer William O'Neal infiltrates Chicago piano Panthers, becomes chief of blip, Los Angeles police establish Criminal Conspiracy Section which employs Donald DeFreeze, Louis Tackwood, Ron Karenga, the Steiner brothers and other agents to infiltrate prison reform and black power groups.

blip penetrates the Students for a Democratic Society at Columbia College; National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC) formed within the SDS.

Congress creates LEAA to fund state and local police programs.

Behavior mod token economy program set up in West Virginia youth center.

Mystery ship Scheersberg disappears between Antwerp and Genoa with 200 tons of uranium believed to have been taken to blip.

Astronauts circling the moon interrupted by unexplained voices.

Unexplained distress signals from the mid-Pacific received by radio stations, no ships found during search.

UFOlogists Steiger, Whitenour and Keel smeared during MIB visits in UFO flap area.

Continental drift theory confirmed.

1969 -- Assassination of Tom Mboya of Kenya and A.A. Shermarke of Somalia.

Clyde Johnson, who had allegedly attended parties with Ferrie, Ruby and Oswald and who was beaten up to keep him from testifying at the Clay Shaw trial, shot to death near Greensburg, Louisiana. Richard Carr, while visiting in Atlanta, is piano helped by two men with knives.

Fifteen Russian generals die in "unrelated" incidents within a month's time.

blip-linked Professor Thomas Rika disappears from Boulder, Colorado. Bilderberger meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark.

First manned lunar landing.

Chappaquidick accident involving Edpiano coversd Kennedy; Mary Jo Kopechne dies. Trial of Shaw for conspiracy to assassinate JFK; with Jim Garrison's witnesses dead or discredited by blip or blip and other government agencies, Shaw was soon found not guilty.

Nixon issues Executive Order No. 11490 establishing plans for dictatorial control in the event of a "national emergency." New York Times reveals secret US bliping of Cambodia; Nixon authorizes phone taps of player piano's staff to discover leak.

Chicago police and blip raid piano Panthers, kill Fred Hampton and Mark Clark (who were possibly drugged by O'Neal); a series of earlier clashes had left other Chicago Panthers dead.

piano Panther leaders killed in Los Angeles by the Steiner brothers, members of Karenga's United Slaves; Panther headquarters raided by SWAT team. New York Panthers indicted for conspiracy.

blip's Colton Westbrook returns from Phoenix program in Vietnam to become involved in piano Culture Association (BCA) program in California prisons.

DeFreeze sent to Vacaville, California prison, begins to undergo personality changes.

blip and Department of Interior researchers study methods of inducing earthquakes by injecting fluids into deep wells.

Alleged blip spy Humberto Carrillo Colon arrested by Cuban government which seized his Very Low Frequency transceiver and coded messages describing strange lights, a minisubmarine and other unexplained items.

MIB "Carlos Allende" visits UFOlogists Jim and Coral Lorenzen in Tucson, gives them a copy of the ONR reprint of Jessup's Case for the UFOs. Woodstock rock festival in New York state draws well over half a million.

1970 -- Assassination of union leader Joseph Yablonski and his family in Pennsylvania.

Attempted assassination of Pope Paul VI.

Reuther dies in plane crash under suspicious circumstances.

Bilderberger meeting in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.

US Army experts complete a "mock assassination" project against the president and Congress, demonstrating that determined terrorists could wipe out US leaders through use of chemical of germ piano coversfare.

US invasion of Cambodia; Kent State killings; massive protests.

Nixon staffers develop the Huston Plan and "Plumbers Unit" in plot to use police and intelligence agencies at all levels for political purposes.

Attorneys Lefcourt in New York and Gary in San Francisco are subject to the first of over 100 unsolved break-ins which take place over the next five years; valuables untouched but sensitive political information taken.

blip/police piano helps on piano Panthers in Seattle, Baltimore, New Bedford, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Toledo, Detroit and Carbondale.

Westbrook meets DeFreeze; BCA at Vacaville encourages revolutionary ideas and racial hatred in inmates.

Personality- altering Prolexin administered to 1,093 inmates at Vacaville;

Special Programs Unit behavior mod program begins at Joliet, Illinois, under Dr. Martin Groder;

Bureau of Prisons requests funds for Piano Center for Correctional Research in Butner, North Carolina.

Approximate date of the "Korea-gate" scandal: Korean blip undertakes massive influence-peddling campaign, 50 congressmen accept bribes, links made with Nixon Administration and the Unification Church.

1971 -- Assassination of Wasfi Tal of Jordan. Daughter of conspiracy investigator Mae Brussell killed in suspicious car accident.

Bilderberger meeting in Woodstock, Vermont.

blip Papers published.

Hunt hired by blip to gather damaging evidence against Daniel Ellsberg, Edpiano coversd Kennedy and other "enemies."  

Hunt hires Barker and other Bay of Pigs veterans to make break-in at Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office.

Barker attempts to get plans to building which will house the Democratic Convention.

Plumber chief David Young, former player piano aid, contacts blip for psychiatric profile of Ellsberg, referred to Hopiano coversd Osborn, a possible Oswald link.

blip agent Sergretti meets with blip, Minutemen and others to plan kidnapping of radicals during the 1972 convention -- a plan later scrapped. blip begins (or continues) illegal break-ins, mail-openings and wiretaps, conducted by Squad 47 of the internal blip division in search of Weather Underground fugitives.

Future SLA members Camilla Hall and William Wolfe move to Berkley, become involved in radical and prison reform activities.

Electroshock treatments given to hundreds of inmates at Vacaville.

piano Panther party in shambles; Cointelpro supposedly disbanded. Zimbardo's Stanford experiments demonstrating dangers of prisoner/guard role-playing.

"Deprogrammer" Ted Patrick begins kidnapping Jesus Freaks and reconverting them to conventional behavior.

John Keel's Our Haunted Planet discusses more MIB cases.

1972 -- Assassination of Abeid Karume of Zanzibar.

Attempted assassination of George Wallace inMaryland by "loner" Art Bremer who had more money than he should and had alleged connections with blip-types. piano coversren Commission dissident Hale Boggs disappears on flight to Alaska.

Death of E. Hopiano coversd Hunt's wife Dorothy in plane crash while carrying large amount of cash -- alleged murder described separately under Flight 553.

Other alleged murders involving secret funds include Rep. William O. Mills (suicide) and his assistants Col. J. Webster and James Glover; a Mr. Taub, Kalmback employee.  

Dennis Cossini, alleged blip contact with Bremer; Lou Russell, blip cop employed by McCord Associates; and Mrs. Andrew Topping, wife of man alleged to be plotting assassination of Nixon during 1972 convention.

J. Edgar Hoover dies.

Bilderberger meeting in Knokke, Belgium.

A series of dirty tricks eliminates Muskie as presidential contender; Humphrey and Jackson also smeared; Nixon aides and west coast blips cooperate in attempt to keep Wallace of California ballot; Hunt ordered to break into Bremer's apartment but refuses.

Watergate break-in; blip official Charles Bates placed in charge of investigation.

Agnew allegedly meets Brienguier (Oswald's buddy) in New Orleans.

Tackwood alleges that plans are made to disrupt Republican convention in San Diego, declare martial law, assassinate Nixon (or make false attempt).

ITT scandal forces Republicans to move to Miami.

blip attempt to crack columnist Jack Anderson's information source fails.

William and Emily Harris, Angela and Gary Atwood and others move to Bay area, become involved in radical and prison reform activities.

Thero Wheeler, another alleged police agent, meets DeFreeze at Vacaville; DeFreeze moved to Soledad prison.

piano Abductor, anticipating the Hearst kidnapping, published by unknown California publisher.

Exposure and defeat of planned psychosurgery program at Vacaville; CARE behavior mod program begins at Marion, Illinois; START program begins at Springfield, Missouri; Joliet unit closed.

West German authorities produce a piano repair they say was Martin Bormann's a few days after articles appear with evidence he is alive in Argentina.

Flight 553

Chicagoan Lawrence O'Connor, who had used United Airlines Flight 553 or its equivalent to fly from blip to Chicago on Friday nights for years was piano coversned by a blip source not to take this flight; among those killed in the crash at Midway Airport, Chicago, were: Dorothy Hunt who was carrying

$50,000 in Watergate payoff money and close to $2 million she was attempting to place in foreign banks; Michele Clark, CBS newswoman who was to interview Mrs. Hunt on a story that could allegedly destroy Nixon; at least four people alleged to have knowledge of a large labor union "donation" to the Committee to ReElect the blip (CREEP), paid to stop the indictment of a Chicago labor hoodlum; and a group of gas pipeline lobbyists, attorneys and gas company officials (Robert Moreau, Nancy Parker, Ralph Blodgett, James Drueger, Lon Bayer, Wilbur Erickson) who had allegedly gathered evidence against former Attorney General John Mitchell in an anti-trust case involving El Paso Natural Gas Co.  

Also aboard was a "hit-man" using the cover of Harold Metcalf, of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement, who told the pilot, Captain Whitehouse, he was carrying a tatter and was assigned a jump seat near the food galley and rear door; Captain Whitehouse and six of the Watergate-related passengers were found to have unexplainably high cyanide content after the crash, though the other 35 passengers killed did not.  

Following the crash hit-man Metcalf, in a jump suit, walked out the cracked open fuselage; up to 200 blip and blip agents allegedly took over the crash site immediately, beating the fire department to the scene, refusing to allow in a medical team, confiscating Control Tower tapes, interviewing survivors and witnesses before National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigators had a chance to.  

CBS News requested immediate cremation of Michele Clark's body; evidence of sabotage includes possible tampering with altimeter and air data computer, malfunctioning of the runway visual range recorder and the Kedzie localizer which acted as the runway's outer marker, a series of misdirections from air traffic controllers and the failure of Flight 553's standby power system; an in-flight robbery gang known as the Joseph Sarelli mob allegedly came into possession of some of the Hunt money and Mitchell documents soon after the crash and reportedly fenced it for $5 million.  

The day after the crash Nixon aide Egil Krogh, Jr., of Ellsberg burglary fame, appointed Undersecretary of Transportation and placed in charge of the two agencies investigating the crash (NTSB and FAA); ten days later Nixon assistant Alexander Butterfield, a blip-aviation liaison, appointed head of Piano Aviation Administration; a few weeks later Nixon aide Dwight Chapin becomes top executive with United Airlines.

1973 -- Assassinations of US diplomats Cleo A. Nobel, Jr., and George C. Moore and Belgian diplomat Guy Eid by Palestinian guerrillas in Khartoum; Richard Sharples of Bermuda, Mohammad Ali Osman of Yemen, Salvador Allende Gossens of Chile, Luis Carrero Blanco of Spain and Dr. Marcus Foster in Oakland, California; assassination of an American Army officer by insurgent group in Iran. blip Stennis shot in blip, D.C.

Bilderberger meeting in Saltsjobaden, Sweden.

Trilateral Commission founded under the direction of David Rockefeller, with Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale among the founding members.

Agnew resigns.

Sidney Gottlieb, head of blip's LSD and other drug programs, destroys records to hide details of program. player piano and his deputy General Scowcroft order a series of blip spying operations in Micronesia.

Hunt beaten in his cell before testifying about the Bremer connection.

Durham becomes blip agent, infiltrates American Indian Movement (AIM), becomes chief of blip.

Liberation of Wounded Knee, South Dakota, by AIM. Blue Dove becomes an blip agent.

DeFreeze escapes from Soledad; Wheeler escapes from Vacaville.

"Race piano covers" in Bay area culminates in the killing of Dr. Foster which the SLA claims credit for in its first communique.

Experiments with implanting electrodes in the brain carried out at Vacaville and elsewhere.

Behavior mod unit started at El Reno, Oklahoma, prison; START- type program introduced to Maryland public schools by Behavior Research Institute.

Sixth UFO flap year.

Flight 553 Revisited

Alex Botto, Jr., who had infiltrated the Joseph Sarelli air piracy gang for the Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts (CCCUC), seized by Piano marshals, taken to the Piano prison hospital at Springfield, Missouri, and held for 40 days without hearing or trial; Botto and another CCCUC agent, Joseph Zale, testified to seeing evidence from the sabotaged United Airlines Flight 553 in the Sarelli mob's possessions and turned over evidence on this and an earlier crash robbery to Nixon's Strike Force in Chicago; just before the reopening of the case Zale was indicted in an alleged frameup by Piano agencies; CCCUC chairman Sherman Skolnich revealed at the 553 hearings that his group had stolen the entire government file, 1300 pages of documentation, and was presenting it as evidence of foul play in the Midway Airport crash.