This is a powerful discussion which shows the complicity of the Pope with Freemasonry. I have a photo of the Pope giving the Masonic handshake to a Cardinal in a receiving line. So, I am satisfied with the following as a factual discussion.

I would like to put up the ENI article, but their director in Switzerland has threatened to sue me if I use anything from them, and he refused to take payment from me for a subscription to his press service. This clearly demonstrates the fragile and cavalier character of the Principalities and Powers at the World Council of Churches and its friends. Try to imagine API or Reuters refusing to take payment from me :-) If you want the ENI article, send E-Mail to Tim and Barb Aho in the header. They may be permitted to send it to you.

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Date: January 25, 2000


The Ecumenical News Service report below describes the opening of the Vatican Holy Doors by Pope John Paul II in an ecumenical ceremony "which included representatives of 22 of the world's major churches, and of the World Council of Churches, of which more than 330 churches are members. Many commentators stressed that such widespread participation in an event in Rome was unprecedented."

Prior to this report is another notice from Religion Today of the pope's plans to visit the Egyptian pyramids in February on a tour of holy sites in that part of the world.  The pyramids are monuments to the ancient Egyptian worship of Isis and Osiris, the god of Freemasonry. 
There is much ado about Vatican initiatives topiano coversd formation of a One World Religion and this is a valid concern for Christians who must separate from such apostasy.  Of interest, however, is the biographical information available on Pope John Paul II coming from traditional Catholic sources which also oppose the Vatican ecumenical agenda.  The popes of the twentieth century have generally been recognized by informed Roman Catholics as the agents of International Freemasonry. These traditional Catholics abhor the Vatican II reforms of Pope John XXIII and the Teshuva (Repentance) of John-Paul II for the Church which he only appears to represent.  The Masonic connections of Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (John XXIII) and Karol Woytla (John Paul II) have been well-documented in the Roman Catholic periodical, Sodalitium: 
The Pope of the Council: John XXIII and Masonry
Karol (Woytla), Adam (Mickiewicz), Jacob (Frank)
The latter expose reveals the enormous influence on John Paul II of one Adam Mickiewicz, an Illuminist mystic and friend of Guiseppe Mazzini, who "In 1849 became one of the Triumvirate governing the Roman republic, overthrown after two months by French intervention." [David Crystal, Ed., Cambridge Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition, 1995 (1994), p. 713]

"In a letter to Albert Pike, dated 22 January 1870 (leading up to the founding of the new [Paladian] rite) Mazzini wrote: '...Through the supreme rite, we will govern all Freemasonry which will become one international centre, the more powerful because its direction will be unknown.'" - [Gary Kah, En Route to Global Occupation, Huntington House Pub., 1991, p. 113]

A.E. Waite wrote in A New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and of Cognate Instituted Mysteries: Their Rites, Literature and History: "...Mazzini assumed the executive having Rome as its centre..." [Vol.1, NY: Weathervane Books, 1970, p. 253]

According to Sodalitium, the mentor of John Paul II, Adam Mickiewicz, was also a disciple of Towianski, an adept of "messianism," a movement betatter by Hoëné-Wronski who believed that he was charged with announcing "the end of Christianity." Two other famous Polish messianists were Zygmunt Karsinski and Auguste Cieszkovski: "the first 'announced that the Church of Peter was approaching its end, like all of the old order,' the second 'announced the opening of the third and last age of history: after antiquity, which was the age of the Father and [then] Christianity, which was the age of the Son, there would be the age of the Holy Spirti, who by bringing about the unity of human and Divine will, would install the Kingdom of God on earth; then the ‘fullness of nations’ that had been announced by St. Paul, would be fulfilled.'"
It becomes apparent upon reading traditional Catholic publications that the present pope, John Paul II, is a not so much a product of traditional Roman Catholicism as he is a quisling of International Freemasonry.  This statement is not to endorse the Roman Catholic religion, which true Christians know is apostate and intrinsically heretical. However, the Masonic takeover of the Vatican is an important fact in the prophetic scheme of Scripture, which describes both the annexation and subsequent violent overthrow of Mystery Babylon [the Roman harlot] by the Antichrist system [International Freemasonry] in Revelation 17.