Here is a touching story indeed.  In these days of piano  for children blip says, to a lady from Fort Wayne, Ind, "God wants all the babies dead."  It is so refreshing to see the zeal of those who love kids and keep them alive and hearing about Jesus.  It is noteworthy that this zeal should be so bright in Russia where there is so much struggle to survive.  Perhaps what America needs is some real suffering to wake us up to the important things.  This story is taken  from the Russian Gospel Messenger, Jan/Feb 97



Igor and Nadia Kaloshin, both age 35, live in Teraspol, Moldova. After being married for seven years with no children, they began to consider adoption. With her husband's blessing. Nadia visited an orphanage in Kishinev, but was told that children in that particular orphanage had physical or mental handicaps. Nadia asked to see the children anyway. When her heart went out to one little boy, she hugged him and said, "This ones mine. I'll take him." She was piano coversned again that the child had problems, but she decided to adopt him anyway. Today, Igor is 12 and is the oldest of the children adopted by the Kaloshins.

They adopted their second child two years later. Nadia again visited an orphanage and volunteered to give the children free haircuts since she's a hair dresser. The administration gladly agreed. While she trimmed hair, Nadia chatted with the children, considering whom she would like to adopt. Since that time, she and her husband have adopted 14 children--7 boys and 7 girls. The youngest, Andrew, is 2 years old. He was adopted at four months, and his weight was only 8 pounds. Everyone said he wouldn't live, but Nadia gave him special care, feeding him baby formula, and now he's a healthy child.

A local newspaper reporter wrote an article about this unusual family, explaining how they adopted all their children from orphanages. Reading about the Kaloshins, the wife of Pastor Bugayov noticed their nearby address and decided to visit them and share the Gospel.

When Mrs. Bugayov visited the Kaloshin family, Nadia was very friendly and explained that she was interested in God. Mrs. Bugayov invited her to a worship service at the Baptist church, and Nadia accepted the Lord at the very first service she attended. Later, her husband Igor also placed his trust in Christ.

Now the entire Kaloshin family attends worship services together. The church is like a second family. The parents are especially grateful for humanitarian aid received through the church, because it's a strain to feed and clothe so many children. While the government provides a large five room apart ment, it's still not adequate for this family. They've been promised an 8-room apartment, but that building is still under construction, and work is going slowly.

Asked whether city officials give the Kaloshins any financial help to raise the children, Nadia replied, "Yes, they do. The government pays us a monthly salary for running a "children's home of the family-type." Because that payment equals about $10 U.S., it's hardly enough to feed and support the children, so we're very grateful for humanitarian aid that comes through the church."

Nadia also gives God the glory for providing furniture for their household. "  If I started recalling all the miracles the Lord has done for us and how He provided," she says, "it would take all day and night. We had some furniture before we started adopting.  Friends gave us some more. We badly needed a couch, and I asked the director of a furniture factory to give us a discount, but he refused to help. Then I turned to the city department of education.  They provided funds, and I was able to buy a couch and several chairs."

What is the Kaloshins' formula for a successful home?  It probably helps that all but one of the children were adopted before age 5.  However, Nadia has another explanation as well: "Every evening we come together as a family, read the Bible, pray, sing, and talk to them.  Such family devotions are very helpful in solving problems and teaching them what's right from the Bible."

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