We hear that the Scottish Kirk Presbyterians have a little chorus they sing as they walk in processions on certain holidays.  It is called, "Kick The Pope."  It sounds like a good biblical song which our readers could use.  One Presbyterian fellow, who is part of the suffering Protestant minority in Omaha, Nebraska, has asked for it.  

I was able to find the following Celtic or Ulster song.  It mentions "kick the Pope."  I have included also "The Protestant Boys."  I trust this helps stimulate interest in finding this song.


In the county Tyrone, in the town of Dungannon

Where many a ruckus meself had a hand in;

Bob Williamson lived there, a weaver by trade

And all of us thought him a stout-hearted blade.

On the twelfth of July as it yearly did come

Bob played on the flute to the sound of the drum;

You can talk of your fiddles, your harp or your lute

But there's nothing could sound like the Old Orange Flute.

But the treacherous scoundrel, he took us all in,

For he married a Papish named Bridget McGinn.

Turned Papish himself and forsook the Old Cause

That gave us our freedom, religion and laws.

And the boys in the county made such a stir on it

They forced Bob to flee to the province of Connaught;

Took with him his wife and his fixins, to boot,

And along with the rest went the Old Orange Flute.

Each Sunday at mass, to atone for past deeds,

Bob said Paters and Aves and counted his beads

Till one Sunday morn, at the priest's own require

Bob went for to play with the flutes in the choir.

He went for to play with the flutes in the mass

But the instrument quivered and cried."O Alas!"

And blow as he would, though he made a great noise,

The flute would play only "The Protestant Boys".

Bob jumped up and huffed, and was all in a flutter.

He pitched the old flute in the best holy water;

He thought that this charm would bring some other sound,

When he tried it again, it played "Croppies Lie Down!"

And for all he would finger and twiddle and blow

For to play Papish music, the flute would not go;

"Kick the Pope" to "Boyne Water" was all it would sound

Not one Papish bleat in it could e'er be found.

At a council of priests that was held the next day

They decided to banish the Old Flute away;

They couldn't knock heresy out of its head

So they bought Bob another to play in its stead.

And the Old Flute was doomed, and its fate was pathetic

'Twas fastened and burnt at the stake as heretic.

As the flames rose around it, you could hear a strange noise

'Twas the Old Flute still a-whistlin' "The Protestant Boys".

[ Note: the tune Protestant Boys is also known as Lilliburlero RG  ]

The Protestant Boys

The Protestant Boys are loyal and true,

Stout hearted in battle and stout-handed too.

The Protestant Boys are true to the last

And faithful and peaceful when danger has passed.

And Oh! they bear

And proudly wear

The colours that floated o'er many a fray

Where cannons were flashing

And sabres were clashing

The Protestant Boys still carried the day


When James half a bigot, and more of a knave

With masses and Frenchmen the land would enslave

The Protestant Boys for liberty drew

And showed with the Orange the banner of Blue

And Derry well

Their might can tell

Who first in their ranks did the Orange display

The Boyne had no shyers

And Aughrim no flyers

And Protestant Boys still carried the day


When treason was rampant and traitors were strong

And law was defied by a vile rebel throng

When thoBlipnds were banded the throne to cast down

The Protestants rallied and stood by the Crown

And oft in fight

By day and night

They countered the rebels in many a fray

Where red pikes were bristling

And bullets were whistling

The Protestant Boys still carried the day


And still does the fame of their glory remain

Unclouded by age and undimmed by a stain

And ever and ever their cause well uphold

The cause of the true and the trusted and bold

And scorn to yield

Or quit the field

While ovber our heads the old colors shall play

And traitors shall tremble

When' er we assemble

For Protestant Boys shall carry the day


The Protestant Boys are loyal and true

Though fashions are changed and the loyal are few

The Protestant Boys are true to the last

Though copiano coversds belie them when danger has past

Aye still we stand

A loyal band

And reck not the liars whatever they say

For let the drums rattle

The summons to battle

The Protestant Boys must carry the day


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