"We seem to be languishing in obscurity..."

A Letter From a Reader


Please read the following letter thoughtfully. This is not some obscure odd letter. I get many of these, but this one is particularly helpful. Some of you readers need to think about what this family have learned and how they cope with the feeling of being outside the camp. After the letter I will take us through a few Bible examples of those who were alone for various reasons



I do not have ONE godly man on earth who will drink coffee with me other than my two sons. I now have some company with publicans and sinners whom I am talking to about my Savior. But, to sit and talk about the Lord and past days of service, of the battle, or the good vanity of this life...... someone in Christ..... no one!....

Sadly, but also somewhat a comfort, we have learned that thousands of saints clear around the world have the same experience we have. All of them, with few exceptions, sit at home alone, whipped, wondering where to turn for fellowship. People like you. I don't know when this article on forgiveness was posted because I haven't been able to visit for several weeks. However, you express what is in the hearts of many of us who have been "put outside the camp" by our former congregations and "christian" friends. But are we really outside the camp, or have we come into the camp where Jesus is?

I only have one Christian female friend (who lives two hours away) and my husband with whom I can discuss the intimacy of our faith, our walk in the Spirit (and our failures), and the truths of God. However, the times I share with my husband and friend are so blessed of God that no former associations could possibly hold a candle to them. I'm sure you find the same is true with your family.

Actually, things can get quite humorous. Several years ago, a woman who considered me her rival in a large Bible study started gossiping about me and destroyed my reputation within the Christian community. The Lord convicted her of her sin and she came to me and asked for forgiveness. I told her that I had already done that when I first discovered what she was doing. She wanted to pray with me, so I consented. In her prayer, she blamed me for her sin of gossip, then immediately went out and gossiped to others that she didn't feel that I really forgave her. LOL!

I came across one of the other women from the Bible study group in a department store. She saw me, turned around and tried to escape to avoid speaking to me. Being mischievous (and short), I was able to maneuver my way among the clothing racks to where she was boxed in and had to meet me face-to-face. ;-) She was stammering excuses about not calling me and moving from foot to foot. I just smiled sweetly and inquired about her health, family, etc., etc. (Prov. 25:21-22; Romans 12: 17-21).

And speaking of God's vengeance in Romans 12, many years ago we lived in _________. There were people in that city who tried to destroy my marriage. Even the pastor to whom I went for spiritual help turned against me. It was there that I learned of God's miraculous power and victory over sin when I was obedient to His Word. With tears streaming down my face, I asked God to bless my enemies and to help me not to speak evil of them, and to not take revenge. There was no way that I could have planned anything as dramatic as the events that unfolded. Bankruptcy, divorce, drunken driving arrests, drug arrests, manslaughter, prison time, rebellious children who went into the punk scene, suicide and prostitution were some of the things that God allowed to happened to that group in a very short period of time. It was breathtaking, frightening and humbling to see God's vengeance, and I heeded His warning not to gloat. (Prov. 24:17-18)

The interesting thing is that the woman who became a prostitute in ________ was probably the most vicious toward me. Several years after we moved from _________, we traveled through _____________ where we stopped for dinner. After we were seated, two couples came in and were seated at the other end of the restaurant. We could hear them laugh, and I said to my husband, only one person ever laughed like that, but it couldn't possibly be her! My husband got up to go to the restroom and walked past their table. It was her, and he stopped and spoke with her. She asked if I was with him, and could she come to our table to speak with me. When she sat down, she told me that she had become a Christian and I was the person she most wanted to know about her salvation.

While we would like to have fellowship with a congregation of believers, the door always seems to be closed. We've even considered home meetings, but the doors for that are closed, too, at least for now. We wonder what God is doing and from what He is protecting us. We know that we are being purified, and perhaps he is keeping us from falling into deception in these last days.

To say that things are bizarre would be an understatement. Where we expect to find fellowship, there's none; and where we least expect it, we find it. Currently, there seems to be more openness toward the Gospel and God's Word among sinners than among the churched. It was the same in Jesus' day, too.

Could it be that those of us who are maligned by church people are exactly where we're supposed to be and doing what He wants us to do? We seem to be languishing in obscurity, just as the great men and women of Bible were also hidden by God. However, His timing is perfect and at the right moment, we'll be brought out of our hiding places, too.

In the meantime, God is still using us for His glorious purpose, even if we can't see the results of our faithfulness to Him. I'm glad I checked your web site tonight. My husband and I will be praying for the Van Nattan family. May you enjoy the liberty of Jesus Christ and the peace and assurance He gives you.

Free in Christ Jesus,








Joseph and Mary



The Rapture-- It this present stress God's way to taking the Philadelphians out of Laodicean churches so that they will not be missed? There is a myth going around among prophecy teachers that there will be airplane crashes, car crashes, and all manner of tragedy in the world when true believers in Jesus Christ are removed in the Rapture of the Church. I have not believed this for a long time. I believe true believers will wake up sick and stay home, airline pilots will have flat tires and not be at the airport in time to fly, subway drivers will be waylayed by some intrusion on their lives, and so forth. None of God's true saints will be missed. In homes where one is born again and the other is not, strong delusion will set in, as the Bible predicts, and some explanation will come into the minds of the unsaved. They had their chance BEFORE the Rapture, and they will not be given a fright by finding someone missing so that they will repent suddenly.

I believe that the Fundamental churches of the USA and much of the world, along with Bible Church and Pentecostal churches, will be in service the next Sunday doing the usual tricks to play church. The rumor may well go round that a backslidden family disappeared, and the preacher will use this as an example of just how irresponsible rebels are. They must have moved, or they are in Las Vegas by now being wicked.

Laodicea-- Don't expect to be missed before the Rapture. Don't expect the preacher to come knocking on your door. There is almlost NO repentance by jackboot preachers and the Fundamental church tradition boys. They are not about to question their church or denominational heritage they received from their mentors, and they are especially not about to trade their standing with other preachers in the area for your zeal to return to the Apostolic church teachings. You are alone. Find a friend or two of like mind, and stick close to them. You need each other in these lonely days. Find publicans and sinners to eat and drink with and talk about Jesus. That is what Jesus did. Now, a word of caution. Neither Jesus nor I suggested that you SIN with publicans and sinners. But, they are oddly enough a lot more tolerant of your zeal then the Pharisees at the church house. Witness the way Zacchaeus (Luke 19) responded to Jesus compared with Simon the Pharisee! (Luke 7) And, then there were all the Pharisees who hated Jesus, These were the Fundamentalists of that day, and they finally managed to kill Jesus. Those preachers, and their dumb lambs that follow them, will not be banging on your door unless they are trying to destroy you or do you harm.

John 14--