Lead Me to Calvary


Words by Jennie Evelyn Hussey.  Music by William J. Kirkpatrick.

From Forty Gospel Hymn Stories by George W. Sanville, 1943, p. 44

Sacrificial service plants a garden in the heart.  This labor of love flowers forth in endless beauty.  "Lead  Me to Calvary" is such a bloom.

The care of an invalid sister nearly all her adult life was the uncomplaining task of Jennie Hussey.  During this time-devouring and strength-testing task, she wrote many poems.  They show keen understanding of the meaning of the Cross.  She, too, carried a cross, so knew its joy and source of strength.

In "Lead Me to Calvary" she bares her love and loyalty to Christ.  Through Gethsemane she has come to the rich possession of obedience and surrender.  This made  her service a joy, and not a burden.

The music by [William] J. Kirkpatrick reveals a sympathetic insight into the  meaning of the poem...

The words born of sacrifice , the music one of the last before Christ called Mr. Kirkpatrick home, together make a hymn destined to live and bless the world with its message.

Luke 9:23 And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.


King of my life I crown Thee now

Thine all the glory be;

Lest I forget Thy thorn-crowned brow,

Lead me to Calvary.


Lest I forget Gethsemane,

Lest I forget Thine agony,

Lest I forget Thy love for me,

Lead me to Calvary.

Show me the tomb where Thou wast laid,

Tenderly mourned and wept;

Angels in robes of light arrayed

Guarded Thee whilst Thou slept.


Let me like Mary, thru the gloom,

Come with a gift to Thee;

Show to me now the empty tomb

Lead me to Calvary.


May I be willing, Lord, to bear

Daily  the cross for Thee;

Even  Thy cup of grief to share

Thou hast borne all for me.