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From a Pentecostal Pastor

Editor: Steve Van Nattan-- We are often accused of being a one sided voice. I hope this letter is proof that we let the Lord's people speak the truth here. While this pastor and I would have several things on which we would disagree, on this topic we in total agreement, and I am pleased to add a bit of a public punch to his plea for order. I too have known AOG pastors who loved the Lord and believe worship and fellowship in the assembly must be holy before the Lord. So, the AOG leaders sure will have to sit up and take notice now. This Journal gets about 6000 page loads a day, and this article is Headlined. I hope this helps.

From: _______________
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000
Subject: The Assemblies of God


The following is a copy of an e-mail that I sent to the Office of the General Superintendent of The Assemblies of God. I am a Pentecostal Pastor but not a member of The Assemblies of God. Yet, because of their great place in church history, and being that, over the years, I have known so many A/G pastors who are very biblically based in their ministries and desire to preach the truth and bring souls to Christ, I wrote this rather harsh e-mail.


I'm a Pentecostal Pastor from Connecticut.

Rather than tell you about myself, I'll get to the point: I cannot believe that the A/G is putting up with all of these unscriptural, bizarre practices such as laughing, gold dust and gold fillings from heaven, rolling on the floor, barking, jerking, inability to speak, etc.

Whatever happened to commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ? Can't you see that these dangerous teachings and practices (which come from the Hagin/ Charismatic world of insanity) are spreading throughout the A/G churches? Why don't you take a stand and strip these "clergy" of their credentials?

Pull their A/G status away! Where are your principles!

I have seen this latest craze of the Charismatics ruin our church, the A/G church in the next town over and have heard stories of it bleeding hundreds of other churches.

The people are being deceived. Their leaders are robbing them blind! Stand up! Denounce it. Proclaim that all A/G churches must preach the gospel truth of the A/G 1917 doctrine and that any involved in these dangerous teachings and practices will be expelled.

Pastor Larry ____________


These teachings will continue. In fact, I just heard of a new one practiced in Chicago of people praying and doing some sort of singing that is supposed to "fill up the bowls" of Revelation so that Jesus will come back.

Thank you,

Pastor Larry