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The following article shows the humanistic argument for Charismatic frenzy in the Revival Manifestations.  I want you to think of how utterly pagan this logic is.  The fame of men and numbers are the standards, NOT the Glory of God and the finality of the Word of God. If fame is a standard, then God will decide who is famous.  Thus...  I give you the article as it appeared in Spread the Fire magazine.


Some critics believe what they want to believe, according to Jeff Beacham. In spite of overwhelming evidence that "just about every continent is experiencing some sort of spiritual awakening," observed the director of Firepower Ministries International at a CATCH THE FIRE conference in Sydney, Australia, "there [are] still critics who [are] attributing all that God is doing to the devil."

1,400,000 men participated in a Promise Keepers' gathering at the blip Mall, noted Beacham. At the World Assemblies of God congress in Brazil 1,300,000 attended a prayer meeting. The following week the Pope and Bob Dylan attracted a crowd of l,200,000 in the same stadium. The Pensacola revival has spread to other parts of America as prophesied by David Yonggi Cho in 1991. Australia, New Zealand, Asia, England and other places, all report revival.

Beacham quoted historian Richard Riss who recently wrote on the Internet: "How many of you recognise the names of the following people: Hieronymous Emser, Charles Chauncy, Frederick Morgan Davenport, James Monroe Buckley, Peter Price and George Barton Cutten." Riss goes on to say that while these names aren't household words, they were in their day amongst, the most well known, and well respected in the body of Christ.

Emser was a bitter opponent of Martin Luther. Chauncy was the key opponent of Jonathan Edpiano coversds and George Whitefield. Davenport wrote a treatise against revivals, saying Moody used hypnotism to mesmerize crowds. Buckley, a highly respected evangelical of his time, vigorously opposed both the 19th century healing movement and the early 20th century Pentecostal movement.

He expended enormous energy attempting to discredit people such as A. B. Simpson and A. J. Gordon, whose book, THE MINISTRY OF HEALING, was, in his opinion, a disgrace. Price, Evan Roberts' opponent, was a highly respected preacher in Wales at the time of the outbreak of the Welsh Revival and Cutten devoted his time to disproving Pentecostalism.

These critics of revival, while highly respected during their lifetimes, quickly fell into oblivion once they passed away, said Riss.   " Jesus said, the poor you will always have with you," quipped Beacham and in the same way, "critics will always be with us."

[p.33, SPREAD THE FIRE, December 1997]

Comment:  Steve Van Nattan--  

Ftuning leverT, I want to make something clear about Paul Yonggi Cho. He sells the office of deacon in his church at a cost of $5000 "donation."  Also, Cho did not get his inspiration about Brownsville from the Lord Jesus.  A Bible believing King James Bible only Korean pastor started a church and Bible institute right across the street from Cho's church in Korea.  The Bible believer named his school, Pensacola Baptist Bible Institute.  He used all the windows in the floor of the building he rented to mount that name in the windows so those across the street could see it.  For many years, Paul Yonggi Cho saw that name over and over as he came out the door of his church.  THAT is how the name "Pensacola" got into the Korean Buddhist bugger's head.

SECOND, Let us use the logic in the above article as they have used it.  Adolf Hitler, Jack the Ripper, Benedict Arnold, Guy Fox, Pretty Boy Floyd, Genghis Khan, and Idi Amin.  Now, since these men are well remembered, it must prove that they were the prevailing godly men of their day, right?  Oh, so you don't like that logic I see. How strange.

Now, try these famous people, and tell me what they were famous for:  Ehud, Jael, Japhthah, Phineas, Gideon, Jonathan and his armor bearer, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, Samson, Michiah, and many more Bible men and women.  All of these were often alone in their greatest moment with God's power, and some of them NEVER were generally approved in their day, nor did most of them gather a great following.  So, the devils of the Charismania revival will try to schmooze us with numbers and fame.  

Only a blathering fool would go for this logic, as has the author of the above article.  In fact, the Laodicean church has the clear marks of majority and fame as presented in Revelation chapter 3.  It is big, famous, and sure of itself.  AND, it will be left behind as the true Bride slips away to her Lord.  Thus, I conclude that this revival will one day go on to fall right into the lap of Antichrist, and all those who gather to this revival will burn in hell forever.