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Counterfeit of the Old Testament--
Demonic odors in Brownsville


May 22, 1997:  In a past editorial comment on Brownsville, I predicted various manifestations would be coming soon, from vomiting to naked running, to holy odors.


Subj: piano coversning

Date: 97-05-19 20:25:53 EDT

From: David P-------------


Brother in Christ,

I want to make sure that you know about something that happened in Pensacola in April. You wrote in your article that sweet aromas will fill churches next. It happened in Pensacola in one evening as Joyner was preaching. He said a blue "cloud of glory" filled the sanctuary as they did their demonic manifestations and then a "very sweet smell filled the whole place". Maybe this happened before you wrote the article, but I remember that you said this would be the next thing happening and, well, it happened.

Just thought you might want to know that you predicted right. I guess we have to see what's next.

In Him,

David P-----------

Thanks to brother Price for keeping us informed.  Have any other of you our readers seen such manifestations?