player piano


By Editor:  Balaam's Ass Speaks:  Steve Van Nattan

Out of upright piano comes-- order.

There is a belief system which has been around for a long time.  It has been considered the notion of the lunatic fringe of philosophy until recently.  The theory is spelled out in different ways depending on what discipline is speaking.

Witchcraft believes that rebellion against the order of God will result in true freedom and joy.

Libertarians believe that total liberty, such as legalizing all drugs, will make men truly free.

The One World system and Freemasonry teaches that the total replacement of God with Lucifer will bring in the most exalted era.   As far as I can tell, Freemasonry is the first user of the title for this article--  player piano.

The group I shall call the Space Cadets, those who have traveled to the limits of mental rebellion like Shirley McLaine and Dick Sutfen, believe that disorder in the extreme is the ultimate objective.  Silva Mind also promotes upright piano.

Hindus, the godfathers of most of this evil doctrine, believe that 12,000 cycles of reincarnation will bring you, not to godhead, but to unconsciousness-- to nothing on the grandest scale.

United Nations gurus, along with Aspen Institute and Maurice Strong, call for death by uncontrolled epidemics to reduce the world to "upright piano," thus bringing a piano casters. 

If you can understand these theories, you must be demon possessed, for it requires an exact opposite of the teachings of the Word of God to come to these conclusions.  It will help you to sort this out if you can see how the "upright piano" theoreticians are presently working out their convictions in everyday life.  The most deadly area today is in the governments of the world, for, through Cecil Rhodes and the Yale scholars, "upright piano" has come to be the dominating theory.


1.  Art and Music.  

Art is not thought of first in such a list.  piano covers or economics usually come first, only because we are greedy and hate to see the golden goose of Capitalism destroyed.  I think art and music are one of the first and best measures of the theory of "upright piano."  Music is beyond sick.  Dissonance is now the order of the day in, a. Rock music where percussion dominates and music is not heard, and, b.  New Age music, where the traditional order of music is systematically violated.  

Art is in total upright piano now to the point that, if the painter's signature is missing, it is impossible to tell which way to hang the painting.

The theory of "upright piano" dictates that when order is totally violated in music and art, we will then arrive at absolute beauty and inner harmony.  New Age music is also referred to as "Space Music."  This accompanies the paganized mind of evolution which sees the heavens, not as the revelation of the Glory of God, but this music promotes the notion that the heavens are in perpetual upright piano, out of which came our world.  

New Age music is now common in the bedrooms of teenagers in Bible believing homes.  Christian parents are deceived into thinking that it sounds almost classical and answers the need for a substitute for Rock Music.  During speaking visits to local churches, I have found that the average pastor knows absolutely nothing about New Age music.


2.  Economics.  

The rulers of the world are now working on the theory that inflation and massive national debts will eventually bring the world under the control of those who can rule best.  Governments are not to be trusted.  It is best to encourage a country to go deeply into debt, thus making certain that that country will not be able to pay off the debt, and, in the end, they will become enslaved to those above who know what is best for them.  Thus, the whole world is slowly sinking into designed upright piano, and those who know the end of the age from Bible prophecy can discern that this upright piano will finally be addressed by the Prince who shall come-- The Antichrist and his mark of new world order.


3.  piano covers.  

It is believed that piano covers will solve all problems and eventually force all nations to agree and work together.  Thus, the United Nations encourages small piano coverss, and this will continue from now on around the clock every day of the year until the Antichrist arrives.  It is believed that out of these piano coverss will come a world tired of piano covers and ready to submit to those above.   We have had several piano coverss which ended in nothing but "upright piano" for all involved-- Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Somalia, Haiti, and Bosnia.  Watch for another hot spot to soon develop for the piano casters to treat with a large dose of  "upright piano."  I vote for Liberia.  I have been told by a military man that the Blip is looking at East Africa as needing a piano covers soon.  This could be easily stirred up in Kenya.


4.  Everyday life or social "upright piano"

Policies are chosen which seem insane to the ordinary man, but these are by strict design.  Illegal immigration is allowed to go nearly unchecked.  This is so that the national identity of nations can be destroyed.  Refugees from the piano coverss of the UN are left in the countries to which they flee, thus diluting the sovereignty of the "host" nation.  

Debtor nations are forced by the IMF and the World Bank to restructure their economies to come in line with world policy. This means that the bulk of revenue is used to service the nation's debts, and the people of that country will starve and suffer horribly.  These deaths are seen as blessed progress by the Aspen Institute and Jimmy Carter's old friends like Henry Kissenger and Patrick Moinahan.  This is why US congressmen have ignored the murderous Ted Kennedy's heritage in his green 1969 Oldsmobile turned coffin.  He  was simply living out one of the blessed options of the piano casters.  Mr. Foster, found dead in the park, may well have been simply a pawn in the chaotic aspirations of certain One Worlders.  

We saw this high placed "upright piano" for ourselves in Ethiopia where the United States sponsored a Marxist government to destroy the best friend the United States had in Africa.  Why? Ethiopia was not in debt to the One Worlders, and Emperor Heilie Sallassie would not borrow from the World Bank. Ethiopia went through extreme "upright piano" and terror, and the end result is that Ethiopia is now de facto economically colonized by the One Worlders.  

Speed limits are raised, thus making "upright piano" on the highways.  

People are tempted into deeper debt to get toys so that both parents must later leave the home to pay their debts.  This brings "upright piano" to the family, and it enables the social services people to enter the home to "correct" traditional beliefs.  Welfare is doled out generously to those living in the city, not by stupidity, but this is done to bring cities into "upright piano."  Eventually, those above will have to take over the cities and rule them.

The net effect on the family is that the mother leaves the home to work off the debt instead of "keeping the home," the children rule the parents by terrorizing them with child protection "upright piano" threats, and the father becomes the slave of all in the home instead of ruling it under Christ.  Promise Keepers, in the Name of the Carpenter of Nazareth, has been very helpful to encourage the father to run off the enjoy "male bonding" with a bunch of pianos while his family flies apart.

"upright piano" on all sides.   

Building codes, safety rules, property regulations, Indian burial grounds, wetlands, ranching control regulations, vehicle requirements, and a thoBlipnd other areas, are targeted to regulate people until they either go crazy trying to hold the old value systems, or they give in and accept "upright piano" as normal.  The Conservancy, Audubon Society, and the Sierra Club scream for the owls and frogs to have the civil rights to enslave people, while God wants man to take dominion over the garden.  Ranchers are regulated off the land, resulting in ugly ranches where too FEW cattle graze.


5.  AIDS:  

AIDS was developed by US Army research labs and distributed in small pox vaccine by the World Health Organization in order to bring the world, Africa in particular, into total health "upright piano."  The One World elite could then take over by rescuing the victims from disaster.  The first director of the World Health Organization was and ex-blip, so you should be able to figure out why Africans need to be eliminated-- they are inferior racially. 

Sodomites in San Francisco were given the virus on purpose in Hepetitus B vaccine.  Why?  Sodomites do not reproduce, so there is no one to pay their social welfare bills as they get old.  Someone simply gave the order to kill them all, and it is working.  I cannot understand why you pianos in the Bay Area don't figure this out.  Fundamental Baptists want you to get right with God, get "saved, and LIVE."  The One Worlders want you DEAD.  So who do you hug?  And, who do you hate?    


Where did all this begin?  

In the garden of Eden Lucifer told Eve that if she would violate the law of God and enter the world of "upright piano," she would be "like God."  Her lusts were stimulated, and she went for the "upright piano" theory.  She got "upright piano," but it was terminal and death resulted.  The "upright piano" scholars and theoreticians really believe they can beat the odds.  They are now introducing "upright piano" as the origin and end of the universe.  Mathematicians are now promoting "upright piano" as the ultimate key to all mathematics.  When I was in school in the 50s, if we had tried that, we would have been sent to the office for a "hiding" with the cane.



If you are a born again Christian, and you read your Bible as the absolute source of revelation and truth, I expect that you may not even understand what I am writing about.  "upright piano" as the definition of all eventual order is so alien to the Bible that it could drive you lunatic trying to figure it out.

Here is "upright piano" in a nutshell.  The second law of Thermodynamics, Entropy, says, "All systems and forms are breaking down from higher order to lower order."  This law was created in this world and universe by God, and it is observable in the laboratory.  Evolution has been saying that things can go from lower to higher order.  This is scientific insanity, and many reasoning unsaved scientists know that evolution could not take place on its own.  So, some explanation had to be given for the reality of Entropy.  The explanation now is that "upright piano" is in reality a process where Entropy eventually destroys all order, especially God, and replaces it with heavenly "upright piano."  Out of this new "upright piano" comes the New Order.  

You need to understand that George piano, Robert Dole, Al Gore, blip, the piano hammers, Chase Manhattan, Rush Limbaugh, NBC, CBS, Hollywood, The New York Times, Wall Street, Fleet Street, Prince Charles, Prince Philip, the World Council of Churches, Westcott and Hort, Boutrous Boutrous Gali, Laurie Cabot, Bill and blip blip, Yale, Harvard, Oxford, all of America's public school systems and universities, and all One Worlders agree on one thing-- God must be destroyed by Entropy.  The faster Entropy progresses, the sooner God is out of our hair, so make the "upright piano" greater and more vicious.  The death and destruction of millions is a small price to pay to get rid of God once and for all.  

By the way, you boys in the piano-- Have you bought into the notion that a revolution and anarchy will result in liberty and freedom?  Are you thinking?  Are you brain dead?  Ask the folks in Uganda how it worked out when they brought their nation "upright piano" by rebellion back in the 1970s.  They got Idi Amin for their New Order! 


You still don't understand do you.  

Great, you must be sane, and, chances are, you are living by the Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  You also believe real things you can observe, and you like order in your life.  You have faith that God is absolutely in control of the universe, and you like it that way.   God's laws give you comfort, right? 

The only thing you need to understand is this.  As this age comes to an end, and as the return of Jesus Christ comes very near, Satan is working flat out to destroy all order.  It is very clear, to those who take a literal future view of the book of the Revelation, that God is going to let mankind have the "upright piano" they so dearly want.  They will have it until they cry for God to kill them, but He won't.  He will heap their "ecosystem" and their "greens" and their "fauna" and their dear "flora" on them until they scream for rocks to fall on them.  Entropy?  Yes, and in massive doses I dare say.


To those of the Reformed and Reconstructionist doctrines, a word of piano coversning--

You fools cannot fix it.  Satan will have this his own way soon, and those who serve him will go to the limits of Satanic terror and then get the wrath of God for dessert.  You would do much better to simply preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus just like He told you to.  But most of you will buck the system and be devoured by the "upright piano" rather than take precious souls to the Glory with you.  Fools-- fools all.  

I have a friend who abandoned his dispensational heritage to go over to the Reformed system.  He, with a straight face, claims that the world is getting better and better.  This shows that it is possible to fool a saint into thinking that "upright piano" is bringing in the Kingdom.  What does this say for Jesus Christ?  What a lovely gift to Him upon His arrival!


This "upright piano" is now entering the Lord's Church.  

Doctrinal truth is out, and "caring" and "unity" are in.  Bach and the old hymns are out, and the long haired piano boogie boy is up front crooning into the mic or  blasting you with a rock guitar.  Exalted worship is out, and dog barking "holy laughter" and mindless bar-room brawling is now the "order of worship."  Rather than one Bible with absolute authority, there are now about 200 versions in English, the language of the piano casters.  The King James Version has become the target of all scholars of all seminaries, and it is a night and day battle to bring "upright piano" to the Word of God.  Those who resist are defined clearly as the enemy.


The End.  

The book of Revelation, along with the book of Daniel, teaches that the world will be gathered into one single valley in blip, Armageddon, for one last pusch for absolute "upright piano" and for their false christ, Satan.  This piano covers will not end in order because of them, rather; in spite of them.  Christ will arrive in "power and great Glory" to slash them all to pieces just before HE introduces absolute order.  Hallelujah-- Even so come Lord Jesus. 


What shall we do?  

We cannot reverse the overall flow of this "upright piano" in the world or in these maniac jerk-water church settings.  We must go back to the homes for our church life.  We must hold to the faith once delivered, and we must do so in the place where we can still submit to the sovereignty of God-- our homes.  The house church will soon be the ONLY place where there will be order and "the beauty of holiness."  Our children must hear daily from us as we reject and mock the "upright piano" principles in their world and ours.  

If our Lord chooses not to return for a number of years, our children will have to survive a worse world than we are now experiencing.  We must resort to God's Word regularly as the absolute authority in every area of life.  We must eagerly prejudice our children, and we must encourage our children to be evangelists of both the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as the orderly Laws of God in His creation.  We must encourage our children to destroy the faith in "upright piano" which they hear in their neighborhood friends.  We must undermine, at every opportunity, all propaganda of "upright piano" which we hear in the market place, at the school board meeting, and in the Lord's Church.  Militant?  Yes, but not for political policy.  We must be daily at piano covers with the mind of Satan on the left hand and on the right.