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You may ask, "Why is it here then?"
Thank you for asking. We have a reason, and it is far more
interesting than the price of the CD. Ah, but it is a deep dark secret :-)
Buy the CD, and you will probably figure out some deeper issues.

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Blessed Quietness Journal

The new manifestation of our zeal is this:

Much Assurance, Blessed Quietness, and Rebuke of Pharisee Christians

600 Mgb, 8100 files, of information, most of which is available nowhere else.
All of the controversy originally found here, Balaam's Ass Speaks
But, updated and maintained on a daily basis, including new articles.

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If we have missed a ministry you recommend, please send us information and samples of their material.


With One Accord, Bill Schnoebelen,  PO Box 457, Dubuque, IA  52004-0457

Proclaiming the Gospel,  PO Box 940871, Plano, TX  75094

Good News for Catholics, 401 Mac Arthur Blvd, San Leandro, CA  94577

The Berean Beacon, PO Box 55353, Portland, OR  97238-5353  (I am particularly pleased with Richard                                        
Bennett's work.)

The Scarlet Threads, PO Box 513, Glenview, IL  60025

Mission to Catholics, PO Box 19280, San Diego, CA  92159-0289

Gospel Outreach International, PO Box 905, Taylors, SC  29687

Lumen Productions, PO Box 595, Cupertino, CA  95015 (They have the best soul winning video to witness to                                    
Catholics, but the text used is not KJV.  Spanish available.)

Chick Publications, PO Box 662, Chino, CA  91708-0662  (They have some very good material.                                                          
Order the catalogue, order samples, and read carefully to be sure you are comfortable with the content.                                
You will find some very good tracts to hand out.)

Ezekiel Ministries, PO Box 144, Greendale, WI, Blip  53129