Coalition Harbors Reconstructionists

Jay Rogers E-Mailed me asking for credit for this article.  I will take his word for it.  
My apologies for missing it.

Vallecito, California — The February issue of Chalcedon Report, published by R.J. Rushdoony, the father of Christian reconstructionism, featured a review of Politically Incorrect by Ralph Reed. Christian reconstructionists, in their advocacy for Biblical rule over the whole of society, make the Christian Coalition look moderate in comparison.

"Politically Incorrect is an excellent study on exactly what is wrong with the Christian conservative movement," the review said. "Ralph Reed fails to get the point of reformation. It is only Biblical law which can sustain a society."

"The law of God," the review continues, "requires only two punishments for law breakers: restitution or execution. Abortion would be a capital crime and would be considered murder."

Is there hope for the Christian Coalition?" the article asks. "Yes! Ralph Reed does not stand for all members of the Christian Coalition. Many of its leaders on the grass roots level are, in fact, reconstructionists. This is an organization not defined by the people at the top. It has many strengths as a decentralized organization."

Chalcedon Report predicted that Pat Robertson and Ralph Reed "will complete the journey out of the wilderness" and "enter the promised land" — that is, embrace the tenets of Christian reconstructionism.