About the Reformed and Lutheran Church leaders

This letter is a blessing to me.  This brother is doing his own study and feeding his soul from the Word of God.  This cannot lead anywhere but to God honoring zeal on the narrow way.  I want to share his observations with you.  If you are a Reformed leader, you KNOW in your soul that this man is right.  The Reformed movement is a very dull world.  Sin is not dealt with, and most of you Reformed pastors are tipping the glass and enjoying worldly pursuits.  You have this notion that moderation is the key to control and Christian living.  You are a fool.  I have visited the homes of many Reformed people whose moderation has gone up the chimney long ago.  Read this thoughtfully please.

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To: Steve Van Nattan
Subject: Re: Dear Steve
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 13:46:11 -0600

Dear Steve,

>Thanks for the E-Mail.

You are welcome, Sir!

>I don't get this kind of zeal from Lutherans very often,

Their pastors need to throw away the newest New Age "Church Growth" booklets and start reading the Bible again. For examples of zealous application in faith those pastors can start reading their Books of Concord also, politically incorrect though it be. They all have them on the shelves in their studies.

Martin Luther documented the precise nature of the so-called Catholic Church centuries ago. Despite the Counter-Reformation and all other Vatican theological churnings, it's essence has never changed. Consider this from Martin Luther's Large Catechism commentary on the Sixth Commandment:

"From this you see how the papal rabble, priests, monks, and nuns resist God's order and commandments when they despise and forbid marriage, and boast and vow that they will maintain perpetual chastity, while they deceive the common people with lying words and wrong impressions. For no one has so little love and inclination for chastity as those who under the guise of great sanctity avoid marriage and either indulge in open and shameless fornication or secretly do even worse---things too evil to mention, as unfortunately has been only too well proved."

"Unfortunately", four hundred seventy years later it's unnecessary to change or redact a single word of that statement.

If anyone thinks this is unfair, start a subscription to your local newspaper. I guarantee that in the space of 12 months or less you'll see contemporary substantiating evidence. This assumes the Papal Rabble doesn't fly the offender away to their new concentration camp for Exposed Priests and reach into Judas' money bag to pay off and silence the witnesses.

World-wide, secular stories appear each week of another bishop sued for paternity, or of the arrest of yet another pedophile priest on charges of homosexual child molestation, or of the appearance of another coven of Maryknoll "nuns" at some lesbian conclave or Gaia Festival.

I have no direct evidence, but when I consider a 1990s Catholic Monastery the image of a Castro District Gay Bathhouse just irresistibly forms in my mind. Given all the contemporary confirmations about priests and nuns I can't imagine the monks are exempt from all of the "above".

Luther's commentary about the Pope and Money was another near prophecy about the Vatican Bank in the late 1970s. The Bishop of Rome was, is and remains a false prophet

On a more uplifting note, I'd suggest Luther's writings on the nature and purpose of Christian marriage. It's still one of the best defenses and justifications of it I've ever seen.

>I may put up your comments on the Pope on a letter page. I will conceal
>your identity. I have a Catholic Bishop or Cardinal who is nagging me all
>the time to tell him who the ones are who write against the Roman church.
>He wants to answer them. Fat chance-- I just let him hang out there to dry.

Has the Pope also got his ecclesiastical courts opened up again? The Sanhedrin already has theirs restarted again in JerBliplem. This was the system at the time of the first Roman Empire. So I am sure that the New Roman Empire/piano wire will return to it: each pre-existing and authorized snycretized religion will have ecclesiastical legal authority over its adherents.

Or doesn't this Bishop have enough bandwidth yet for telling us about "Mary--Co-Redemtrix With Christ"? I'm expecting any day now for the New Agers to tell us Diana Windsor was the latest incarnation of *Diana*/Mary/Hajji Allah's consort.*

I pray for you success in winning souls to Jesus!


Editor:  Now, Reformed Christian, Mark is not the ultimate example-- Jesus is.  But, would you be comfortable with Mark as company?  Do you share his zeal for souls?  Or, do you "let God get them if He wants them"?  What have you done lately to show your zeal for Christ--  Right out in public?  Nothing, right?  So, why should I believe you are born again?