So, we have now learned that "holy laughter" has been around for quite a while.  To the testimonies on the previous page, add this bit of history, and you are without excuse if you go back to the toilet of holy laughter to play in....  Oh, never mind, just read please.




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Subject: Laughing in God?

Date: 95-02-08 02:09:00 EST

From: RickV1525 at, the last we heard:  

To: Steve Van Nattan 

Saw your posting. We are just now starting to hear about such nonsense (holy laughter) here. Since we are not Protestants, we are spared many of their "winds of doctrine" to a certain degree.

Briefly: I first heard of the Toronto Blessing from a pastor friend I've know since we were in YWAM together. He wrote that it is sweeping Scotland, where he pastors, and how, "if it were of God, repentance and holiness would follow".

Months passed and I was visited by a brother in the Lord from UnAlaska, Alaska I hadn't seen since '89'. He said that he and his pastor prayed for God's truth about it and that alone bound the spirits.

While here I remembered that John Wesley had mentioned something of this kind in his journals. I found my notes and copied them for him. Here it is as it was unedited:

"May Fri. 9. 1740--I was a little surprised at some, who were buffeted of Satan in an unusual manner, by such a spirit of laughter as they could in no wise resist, though it was pain and grief unto them. I could scarce have believed the account they gave me, had I not known the same thing ten or eleven years ago. Part of Sunday my brother and I then used to spend in walking in the meadows and singing psalms. But one day, just as we were beginning to sing, he burst out into a loud laughter. I asked him, if he was distracted; and began to be very angry, and presently after to laugh as loud as he. Nor could we possibly refrain, though we were ready to tear ourselves in pieces, but we were forced to go home without singing another line."

Wed. 21.--In the evening such a spirit of laughter was among us, that many were much offended. But the attention of all was fixed on poor L. S., whom we all knew to be no dissembler. One so violently and variously torn of the evil one did I never see before. Sometimes she laughed till almost strangled; then broke out into cursing and blaspheming; then stamped and struggled with incredible strength, so that four or five could scarce hold her: Then cried out, "O eternity, eternity! O that I had no soul! O that I had never been born!"

At last she faintly called on Christ to help her. And the violence of her pangs ceased." Most of our brethren and sisters were now fully convinced, that those who were under this strange temptation could not help it. Only E.B. and Anne H. were of another mind: being still sure, anyone might help laughing if she would. This they declared to many on Thursday; but on Friday, 23, God suffered Satan to teach them better. Both of them were suddenly seized in the same manner as the rest, and laughed whether they would or no, almost without ceasing. Thus they continued for two days, a spectacle to all; and were then, upon prayer made for them, delivered in a moment."

Pages 271-273 Works of John Wesley Vol 1.

Editor:  Steve Van Nattan, Balaam's Ass Speaks:  You Methodists, Nazarenes, and Pentecostals love to sing the hymns of John Wesley and brag on his preaching, right?  Well, take a lesson from old John.  He saw "holy laughter," and he was convinced it was of Satan, and prayed against it.  Did you ever consider what this implies about Rodney Hopiano coversd Browne?  It identifies him as a High Priest of Satan.  To even enter a meeting where he is in charge is folly without, First, a good reason to investigate, and Second, piano coversfare prayer backing you up.