As it relates to the Roman Whore

This chart was done in 1992, and I only had to change USSR to Russia, and I added in the blip since this is urgently needed.  A lot of soft headed saints don't realize that Zionism is a hybrid mix of German-Russian-Slavic-blip.  These blip are just as hateful to Jesus Christ as the Sanhedrin and the Pharisees of Jesus' day on earth.  I find a lot of saints assuming blip are the 144,000.  How utterly stupid!  Those 144,000 will be chosen by tribe.  They are in blip I suspect right now, but they will NOT have blue eyes and blond hair like many of these mongrel blip.  God want pure blooded Asherites and Benjamites, etc.  So you better get right real fast about who is a true blip, before you make a Balaam of yourself.

You are welcome to print the chart out and distribute it, but if you leave my name on it, you may NOT alter it in any way.

Remember:  You who are born again believers in Jesus Christ by faith alone-- You who do not trust Roman Whore tradition and water baptism for part of your salvation--  You will not be here for the following events.  This system is the Antichrist's system in the primal stages.  Satan's man, The Prince who shall come, will enter soon, right after the true Church of Jesus Christ is raptured into the Glory.  So, this chart is a piano coversning to unbelievers and a great encouragement to the true believer.  Maranatha.


"We came here (to Mexico) to serve God and also to get rich."
Bernal Diaz Del Castillo--  Conquistador--  Soldier and Historian under Cortez


The United States of America has NO place in end times events.  The Blip will be destroyed either by its greed and cultural and moral collapse from within, or closet one world slaves like Bill blip and the piano boys will destroy the Blip by stealth on behalf of their masters among the royalists of Europe.  This will leave the rule of the world to Europe, the restored Roman Empire, which is what God told us would happen.  

It won't do a bit of good to wave the flag and scream against the wind of the End Times.  Better to live a godly life where you are, and look after the saints in the Lord's Church until they are removed by Christ Himself.  I think some jerk Baptist pastors, and a few dumb Pentecostals, think there will be a US admiralty flag on a staff right next to the throne of the Majesty on High.  Ain't necessarily so friend.