Pastor Kirk Coffia is pastoring Martyr's Memorial Baptist Church in Rapid City, Michigan.  He has done a great deal of research on Satanic intrusion into the lives of the saints.  He has also been used of the Lord to bring deliverance to saints who have been demonized.  Many men are being faced with the reality that devils, as in the case of Peter and Ananias and Saphira, can take control of a saint's mind and/or body.  The spirit is absolutely under the control of the Holy Ghost, but devils CAN gain entrance.  If you don't accept this, a.  You may be devilized yourself, and b.  You will never be used of the Lord to bring deliverance to saints.  What a pitiful situation.

Kirk has done very good work on several movies that Christians often look at, and he shows how you can easily bring demonic entrance into your home by stupidly letting Hollywood entertain you.  These videos are close to being "underground" because the big Christian video producers will never publish this kind of material.  

You must send brother Coffia $15 for each video you order.  Add $2 postage in the Blip, and $5 for other parts of the world.  US funds only.  Order by mail, not on-line please.  Martyr's Memorial Baptist Church is an unregistered church, so your payment for the tapes will NOT get you a tax deduction.

Mail Address:

Pastor Kirk Coffia                                                            
Martyr's Memorial Baptist Church

PO Box 27
Rapid City, MI  49676

1.  SPELLBINDERS:  May 1994.  Exposes the modern Christian rock music, dove apiano coversds, Christian magicians, etc.

2.  THE FOOL'S JOURNEY:  A two-tape, four hour message revealing the secrets behind the Tarot system.  Quite an eye opener.  [ Two tapes require $30 ]

3.   BRAINLORDS:  How modern Christians often allow idolatry into their hearts and often place things on a pedestal in their minds just like pagans who worship their idols of stone and wood.

4.  BRAINLORDS II:  Mindlock.  Many believers get caught in a trap which the Bible calls a "snare."  How we get ourselves into it... and the difficulties of getting out.

5.  BRAINLORDS III:  The Labyrinth.  Further explanation of mindlock as it affects different kinds of sins; probably best of the BRAINLORDS series.

6.  BRAINLORDS IV:  Total Mindlock.  The characteristics of those who pass the point of no return and what happens to them.

7.  THE PALACE BEAUTIFUL:  The temple of the Holy Spirit, the body of the believer and what the Holy Spirit does inside of us as we obey.

8.  THE PALACE BEAUTIFUL II:  The Keys to the Palace.  A detailed explanation of the various keys mentioned in Scripture and how we can use them to honor God.

9.  THE PALACE BEAUTIFUL III:  The Morning Star.  The most powerful weapon of all.  Rare gift in our day.

10.  WHAT IS THE STARGATE?:  Expose at the Rapid City, Michigan gymnasium on the recent most popular Hollywood film. [ This is a bit dated now, but it shows how a film seen by many Christians is a powerful to demonize as any porn or Satanist device. ]

11.  TWILIGHT OF THE GODS:  The Subtle Sweet Seduction of Shallow Saints.  It is almost too easy for Satan to enter the lives of most believers in this generation.  How to recognize his fingerprints even in things that look rather innocent.

12.  THE DRAGON'S DEN:  The place in the dark nature of our souls of the deepest rebellion, deepest resistance, deepest suspicions, deepest lusts, and source of all our nightmares. [ Any saints going to psychiatrists need to see this video and get right with the Lord.  Then the shrink would not be needed. ]

13.  THELEMA I:  The study of the Human Will and How to Find Good.  An outstanding illustration from a popular video game highlights this message.  Very interesting.

14.  THELEMA II:  The Keeper of the Key.  A further study on the human will.  More vivid illustrations.

15.  THELEMA III:  The Control of the Will.  How the believer can find the keys to open the doors for good and keep the doors shut to evil.  [ This is the opposite, biblical answer, to positive visualizing and Charismatic blab it and grab it. ]

16.  THE DRAGONS'S DEN II:  Dragonslayer.  For adults only.  Believers who are infested with dragons because of lust, resistance to God's will and/or leading, criticism and gossip, or mind blinding heresies that harm the testimony for the Lord.

17.  THILIPSIS: Tribulation and upright piano.  A study of the coming tribulation and the Scriptural and philosophical reasons for it, and an analysis of the so-called "upright piano Theory" and why modern scientists are now converting to it.

18.  MAGICK I AND II:  This session shows the foundations of magick in witchcraft and Satanism.  Alister Crowley is exposed among other things.

       BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT  This session is added to tape no. 18.[ Editor of Balaam's Ass Speaks added this                at press time.  No description. ]

19.  MAGICK III AND IV: [ Editor of Balaam's Ass Speaks added this at press time.  No description. ]  

Watch for new titles by brother Coffia on The Gatekeeper and the demonic aspects of Prozac and Ridlin.

Balaam's Ass Speaks does not necessarily agree with 100% of the content in the above videos, but we do feel that you cannot go wrong in learning from this brother's study and experience.