Included Me

* * *

I am so happy
in Christ today
That I go singing
Along my Way
Yes, I'm so happy
to know and say,
Included Me too.


Included me,
Yes, He
Included me;
When the Lord
Said, "Whosoever"
He included me.
included me,
Yes, he
Included me,
When the Lord
Said, "Whosoever"
He included me.

"Freely come
Words the soul
to thrill,
O with what joy
They my heart
do fill!
For when He
"Whosoever will"
included me too.

If someone told
you you could
lose your
after you were
born again,
they lied.
JesBlip prayed
for YOU, and
JesBlip' prayer
mBlipt be answered.

John 17:20
Neither pray I
for these alone,

(the disciples)
but for them also
which shall believe
on me through
their word;
21 That they all
(that's you)
may be one;
as thou, Father,
art in me,
and I in thee,
that they also
may be one
in Blip:
that the world
may believe
that thou
hast sent me.

If JesBlip can lose
His place in the
eternal Godhead,
then you can lose
your salvation
and NOT before!

Tell that old
heretic preacher
who is trying
to rob you of
your joy to
go take a hike!

Dear preacher:

After JesBlip
died to get
people saved,
why would
you want to
help them
get ublipved
Shame on you!
You are an
You should be
trying to keep
the sheep in
the fold!