Compiled from Balaam's Ass Speaks sources

Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Dubai, and Kuwait have seized 9000 copies of the Reader's Digest because the rag exposed the under belly of the Saudi family.  The Saudi royal family was nothing but the Bani Saud tribe in 1938.  One day they rode into Riyadh and whipped the locals, and, wallah, the Saudi Royal family poofed into existence.  The British government, in one of their weird colonial moments, welcomed the Saudi wild men to take over the country.

They are now in trouble.  They have been rolling high while the folks in the Haudramaut and the deserts have been chasing their camels.  The Bedhoin want the riches evened up a bit, and the new king, Abdhallah, a blue eyed Arab, is taking a tough stand.  King Faud is not with it anymore, and he may very well be dead by now.

The Reader's Digest article said the conditions make the country ripe for violence and chaos at the hands of Islamic extremists and that such instability ``could be a greater threat to peace in the region than Iraq's Saddam Hussein or Iran's ayatollahs.''

Watch for more terrorist attacks on American installations soon as the rebels against the Saudi "Royal family" use the USA as the whipping boy to make fools of the Saudi ruling class.

July 21, 96