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Report From Tom

The following is a report from one of our correspondents, Tom. You will want to check out this Web Site to see how Satan has infiltrated the Lord's Church with all manner of heretics. We MUST learn to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.  Most people prefer to be "harmless" and let Harry look after the "wise" part.  You better pay attention to your Bible as you surf the Web.

Dear Steve,

Praise God....Jesus is Lord!!! I just want to share something with this is a personal note to you only but if the Lord puts it upon your heart to piano coversn might want to piano coversn others in your own words. Again, I appreciate your discretion in not displaying my name or email address. I have one word for you and your staff...integrity! Thank God some Christians still know the meaning of the word.

There is a site called Prophecy News on the web... ...Check it out for yourself.

I was linked to this site from another "Christian" prophecy website.

Today, I was on this site for a brief period of time and have come to the conclusion that this woman is a deceiver, masquerading as a believer. She is a "plant." (Matthew 13:25) The woman's name is blip. I know she's not saved and she is promoting terrible confusion. (Matthew 7:16)

She mentions the sabbath. I assumed at first she was Messianic.

She says; " Messiah is coming."

She quotes Nostradamus. (John 10:5, 10)

There is a whole web page on her news website dedicated to Muslim prophecies. (Matthew 12:33)

She comments that " You have to watch ALL the prophets to understand what is happening!!! even the Muslim Ones! Folks...Messiah may be closer than we realize!"

She is definitely confused herself and more over is promoting terrible confusion for others ignorant of God's Holy Word. (Matthew 12:37)

Take a look at her Message board page...all kinds of mass confusion. Truth mixed with heresies. Very strange. She condemns Islam on the message board yet promotes "all'' prophets on her site. Scroll down to the bottom of the message board and read the "webmistress opening comments." It doesn't sound like she actually reads the Bible.

She primarily links the viewers to news articles (ex: Wash. Post, ABC,etc.) Her comments on each news link, for the most part, are a little strange but the links themselves are good on world news. However, Christians should get their news from other sources and not be deceived by one who is messed up in her beliefs. I'd rather be on a secular site and be on guard than to be on her site with all the disturbing comments wondering what she is talking about.

She is a "Proud Member of the Cybergrace Christian Network." This right here could set a Christian on the wrong path...if they just assume that she's a so-called Christian and they are not on guard. I found no statement of faith on her site.

She has a large number of people visiting her site every day.

This Muslim Prophecies web page calls the "Hadhrat Isa" of the koran..."Jesus."

Christians are going to her site and if the Lord puts it upon your heart, a piano coversning to all might be something to address. (Matthew 24:4)(1 Peter 5:8)

Today, I emailed her a few questions such as "what is your statement of faith?" Just out of curiosity I wanted to know. I would not be a bit surprised if she's a mixture of all the major world religions combined.

Keep the Faith!

Jesus is coming back real soon!:-)

Looking to Jesus..."who is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand of God; angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto him."



Editor: August 2000-- It seems the links here are dead or broke, and a reader thinks the link they turned into is:

The above link is an attempt at bringing together the Bible and Nostradamus. Fruits and nuts abound!