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I want you to see how the anti-Rapture gang does their work:

You may think you are looking at two Jack Chick tracts. Or, perhaps the lower one, "Left Behind," is a custom made tract like others Jack has made for his friends. WRONG! The lower tract is a counterfeit of Jack Chick's format.

Who would do this?

Christian Media, that's who. These people are on a crBlipde to destroy the Rapture doctrine. The tract mixes Matthew 24, which is to the blips and about the Tribulation, with the teaching to the Lord's Church. No good ever came of applying Matthew 24 to the Church, and a lot of heresy has spawned with this kind of lousy exegesis.

So, knowing their doctrine is a house of cards, they needed a package with which to deceive weak believers. This is why they chose to counterfeit Jack Chick's format. They knew that they would be able to take in many of those saints who use Jack Chicks tracts. Well, they cat is out of the bag now.

Christian Media claims the Rapture doctrine was hatched in a seance by a young girl. They missed the really good myth-- that the Rapture was made up by Jesuits 200 years ago. I have seen that one also.

Once you open the tract, the counterfeit fails of course. I want you to check out the art work of these people. I cannot believe their hero, He looks like a drunk good old boy who just rolled into town from a long weekend of bar hopping. The girl hero also looks like his bar fly. I hope no one mistakes this for Jack Chick's work.

Christian Media's message is that anyone who believes in the rapture of the Church by Jesus Christ is not saved.

They teach that you have to die for your faith during the Great Tribulation to be saved.

The lie of 2 Thessalonians 2, also called "strong delusion," is solely about the Rapture teaching of Bible believers, according to Christian Media. This implies that God sent this strong delusion, as the passage states, but, according to Christian Media, God sent a lie to born again saints so they would be deceived. Of course, these idiots don't catch their own insane logic, but that is precisely what their interpretation leads to. I must note here also, that the New Age Movement has a doctrine that Bible believers will be removed from the earth before the paradigm shift. They hope to explain the Rapture in advance. Christian Media, after THEY miss the Rapture, will join the New Agers to explain the Rapture as the judgment of God in taking out fallen saints.

The heroine uses God's name in vain-- "Oh, my Lord" as an expletive.

They teach that you should start preparing for the Great Tribulation by collecting food and water. This is crass hypocrisy since they also teach that the believer must die in order to be saved during that time. Why collect food-- just get it over with as soon as possible. Heretics always have tunnel vision. Look for them to correct this in the future since I pointed it out.

They claim "there are forces looking to suppress this booklet" Oh, give me a break folks. The thrift stores are loaded with this sort of thing, along with loads of those little colored books by the Watchtower and the SDAs. This is still a free country, especially if you are publishing for the devil. No one is stopping these people from unloading this tripe on Christendom. In fact, I WANT you to order a copy for yourself. Here is their address:

Christian Media
P.O. Box 448
Jacksonville, OR 97530

Please get a copy and arm yourself with biblical truth so you can trash this cult. It is growing, along with Marv Rosenthal's Mid Trib mugwumpology. Please don't conclude that this is the work of Jesuits or Opus Dei. I have known some of these Roman Catholic infiltraters, and they are not so stupid as to produce such patently ridiculous stuff. This is just the work of demented minds, that is all. But, we must make sure it does not prosper.

We want to note in closing that Jack Chick must be doing something right, for he is the one to counterfeit. God bless you Jack!

To order an assortment of Jack's tracts for $10, call (909) 987-0771 and have your credit card ready.

For the record, Jack Chick does not know I did this page. It was 100% unsolicited.

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