Tim Aho on URI, United Religions Initiative

The Beast in prophecy is both a man and a system.  This discussion deals with the Beast System called the Whore in The Revelation to John.  It is more than the Roman Catholic Church-- It is united world religions.  The stage is being eagerly set now as religious leaders who once avoided each other as heretics now rush into each other's arms.  URI will be the movement to draw the common people of the world into the fold, and it will set the foundation for forced submission as the Antichrist comes to power.  So, while this is frightening in a sense, it also causes us to rejoice, for our calling into the Glory to Christ has to be very close in the context of URI.

"Enter the Beast."

Some Christians are making plans for survival of the coming crisis. Leigh Jackson has developed a good web site for information purposes. "Survival for Y2K" is located at: http://eljay.holyoak.com

Aside from the dreaded Millennium Bug, there is a more deadly virus named UR which is scheduled to infect Christendom c. January 1, 2000.

UNITED RELIGIONS INITIATIVE http://www.united-religions.org/

Beginning with a Global Summit Conference in June of 1999, the United Religions Initiative will sponsor a Global Religious Cease Fire for the world's faith communities effective December 31, 1999. Then in June of 1999, a Global Summit Conference will be held to formally charter the United Religions, at which time the signing process and creation of URI centers around the world will begin.

Although the UR promises freedom of religion, many points of the URI Benchmark Draft Charter seem to favor pagan religions [sacred circles, kabbalistic tree of life (sefirot)]:


"The structure and concept of the UR should be: Circular and networked... Informed by various metaphors that were offered: Indra’s Net; interconnecting circles (with the "sacred" at the center); organic nature metaphors–"a tree of life" with many diverse branches commonly rooted."

Project Ideas include: "Create solstice and equinox festivals, the natural earth holidays, which celebrate the changes on the planet... URI course to 'retool' both clergy and lay religious leaders in the philosophy of spiritual ecology...Tie into the first Olympics in the new millennium, which is next scheduled for Salt Lake City, with UR being represented in a spiritual component to the opening ceremonies."

-- end UR excerpts --

It is possible that UR will be acclaimed the spiritual antidote to Y2K, since the disunity of world religions (religious piano coverss, if you will) is foremost among sins, and unity (cease fire) may appease the gods. Indeed, this false teaching has made many Christian denominations less resistant to the ecumenical virus that is already stalking the Church. When your denomination becomes infected with the deadly UR bug, will you be likewise contaminated? To protect you and your family against spiritual Y2K, be sure to obey God's command given in Revelation 18:4: "Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."