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Reinhart Bonnke, Bonnke, Holy Laughter, Rhema, Islam, Miaaionary, Africa, False Prophet, Prophet, Lord Maitreya is here?, MAITREYA-- Maitreya comes to Nairobi, Kenya. LORD MAITREYA, Benjamin Creme, Reinhart Bonnke, are part of the prophetic end times.




False Prophet for Lord Maitreya?


Reinhart Bonnke was the evangelist in Uhuru park in Nairobi who prophesied on a Thursday, three days before Maitreya's appearance in a Muslim Village, Kawangpiano coverse, Nairobi, "...that God had, on Thursday, informed [ Reinhart Bonnke ] that they [ Nairobi Muslim citizens ] would experience the presence of Jesus and great miracles on Saturday..."

Thus, Bonnke was the on-site prophet of the Maitreya.  You may say, "NO, but Benjamin Creme was the prophet."  I do not agree.  A prophet  makes accurate and precise predictions.  Creme has been prophesying Maitreya's appearance in the most general terms for years.  He NEVER gives dates and places.  Creme also gave a year of Maitreya's appearance some years back, and Maitreya didn't co-operate.  Creme almost lost his whole following.

However; Reinhart Bonnke made this on-the-scene prophecy, and it was dated, AND it came true.  Thus, the honor of False Prophet MUST go to Reinhart Bonnke.  We would do him a gross injustice to give this honor to any other alleged prophet.  

Now, here is the history of Reinhart Bonnke.  You MUST read this because, from this tale, you will learn precisely where you stand as a member of the Charismatic Movement, Holy Laughter, Third Wave, Toronto Blessing, or any other such  group.

This is a very long page.  I am going to show you that Reinhart Bonnke is the godfather of the Holy Laughter movement.  To do this, I will give you the whole story so that you have no need to just take my word for it.  Please read all of it.

A History of the Worldwide Awakening of 1992-1995

Richard M. Riss

Eleventh Edition:  October 15, 1995


During the early 1990s, a revival, or reawakening of Christian faith, became evident in many parts of the world. Receiving its initial impetus from the ministries of many people, including Claudio Freidzon of Buenos Aries, Argentina, Rodney M. Hopiano coversd- Browne, a South African evangelist ministering in the United States, Mahesh Chavda of Charlotte, North Carolina and Cindy Jacobs of Colorado Springs, Colorado, this outpouring of God's Spirit touched a large number of people in many places. An unusual visitation among the Vineyard Churches which originated in Mississauga, Ontario, outside of Toronto, on January 20, 1994 also brought this new anointing to many people in mainline denominational and non-denominational churches throughout the world.

At all of the meetings associated with this fresh outpouring, there have been many emotional and physical healings. Many people have encountered God anew or afresh, and have been brought to a place of repentance and brokenness. People have often fallen down under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, become "drunk" in the Spirit, and become filled with the joy of the Lord, laughing almost uncontrollably, or weeping or shaking. Large numbers of children have been affected, many of whom have reported seeing visions of heavenly things. Phenomena of this kind characterized a revival that began in 1992 in Buenos Aires, Argentina under Claudio Freidzon. According to a publication of the Assemblies of God, MOUNTAIN MOVERS (October 1993, p. 6), at Freidzon's meetings, "as people entered into adoration and worship, some became 'drunk' on the Spirit and could not stand up. Others laughed in the Spirit or fell under the power of God. Each service lasted six or seven hours. Outside, hundreds waited in lines that stretched around the block to get into the church."

Some of the components of the revival were evident for several years in many places. A. L. Gill, a prominent missionary from California, saw the "holy laughter" in his meetings throughout the world beginning in 1983, culminating with the summer of 1993, when he led a praise and worship seminar at Doug Girard's Vision Christian Center on Chestnut Street in Lawrenceville, Georgia, near Atlanta. This seminar exploded into healing after a woman was dramatically healed of cancer of the tongue. The meetings were extended over a period of many days, and became known as the Chestnut Street Revival.

Tony and Marj Abram, missionaries from Arkansas, also saw drunkenness in the Spirit and the "holy laughter" in many places for several years. They first observed it in 1986 at an Assemblies of God church pastored by John Lipton, currently of Dover, in England.

A church in Riverside, New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia, East Coast For Jesus Ministries, pastored by Louis Halcomb, was at the center of a worldwide sovereign move of the Spirit beginning in the late 1980s. Particularly after Operation Desert Storm in early 1991, Halcomb began seeing God move in unusual ways wherever he ministered. Local newspapers in Paris, France, Geneva, Switzerland, the Philippines, reported on the revivals in these places in the wake of his ministry. Halcomb saw many people slain in the Spirit, laughing in the Spirit, drunken in the Spirit, and experiencing deliverances.

In one case, when Aleen Backsly was at Halcomb's church, people were slain in the Spirit everywhere. She would hug people in the foyer, and they would fall down. At the same time, outside, people who were getting out of their cars were falling down under the power of the Spirit as their feet hit the pavement, and it caused problems for those who were trying to park cars in the church parking lot.

East Coast For Jesus Ministries became influential to a number of other churches, including Calvary Worship Center in Port St. Lucy, Florida, pastored by Thomas E. Smith and Bob Roach. Calvary Worship Center experienced a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit beginning in the late 1980s which reached new heights during its building dedication in July of 1994, which was preceded by a week of prayer and fasting. In this case, the revival wasn't the result of any special visitors, but there was a spontaneous outbreak of revival and its associated phenomena, including holy laughter, drunkenness in the Spirit, and other manifestations. As a result of this new outbreak of revival, they began twelve services a week. Their new building seated 550 people, but they found it necessary to have two services on Sunday mornings in order to accommodate everyone.

According to Bob Roach, prior to the awakening associated with Rodney Hopiano coversd-Browne's ministry and that of the Toronto Airport Vineyard, when LaVerne and Edith Tripp visited Calvary Worship Center, LaVerne was slain in the Spirit as soon as he arrived, and had to be carried into the sanctuary to preach. At the time he said, "your church is the best kept secret in America."

Bob Roach said that "there has been a move across the United States in smaller churches that nobody really knows anything about that has preceded the more visible signs of awakenings. In one case, Stan Johnson, formerly a professional ball player with the New York Yankees, visited and taught on the anointing for a 6 or 7 hour service. People came in stretchers and were raised up, and this was recorded on video. Many prophets come in and out of that church, including Ed Corley, whose ministry is very similar to that of Derek Prince, and Mike Connors, who was at one time A. A. Allen's associate, and who is also a friend of Wade Taylor's at Pinecrest. We want to make sure that it's God working in our midst, and we're seeing so many lives change and marriages put back together, and pastors going back to their churches restored and refreshed. In 1991 or 1992, Dr. Ron Shaw brought in Reinhart Bonnke (Shaw's brother-in-law), and there was a tremendous impartation given to the pastors who were there, including Rodney Hopiano coversd-Browne, who was visiting from Karl Strader's Church (the first time he was there). Rodney did the offering at that time, and was one of many, many pastors and leaders who received a real impartation from Bonnke."

Balaam's Ass Speaks:  Editor-- By the definition of the Charismatic Theology, this "impartation" was the power of the Holy Ghost to serve or pass on the power to others.  You will realize then two things:

ONE:  Reinhart Bonnke was the one who gave to Rodney Hopiano coversd Browne the power which was the basis of the Holy Laughter Movement.

TWO:  If you have been in one of Browne's sessions of spiritual drunkenness and debauchery, you will have come to the conclusion that Rodney Hopiano coversd Browne's power  is the power of Satan and devils.  That Satanic power came directly from Reinhart Bonnke.

I must risk boring you now with the history of Reinhart Bonnke as a missionary and his work in Africa up to recent times.  This will show you why he was Satan's choice as False Prophet in Nairobi, Kenya in 1988, in a Muslim village where Maitreya appeared.

Life History and Work of Reinhart Bonnke

The following history of  Reinhart Bonnke  is taken from Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements, Zondervan, circa 1990.

BONNKE, REINHARD WILLI GOTTFRIED (1940- ). International evangelist. Reinhard Willi Gottfiied Bonnke was born in Koenigsberg, Germany, on April 19, 1940, the son of a Pentecostal pastor belonging to the Federation of Free Pentecostal Churches (Bund Freier Pfingstneinden EBFP]). Educated in Wales, he met George Jeffreys (1889-1962) as a youth. From his earliest days he felt called to be a missionary to Africa. His marriage to Anna Sulzle in 1964 produced three children: Kai-uwe (1966), Gabriele (1967), and SBlipnne (1969). After several years as a pastor and evangelist in Germany, he arrived in Africa in May 1967.

From 1967 to 1974, Bonnke labored with meager results as a traditional missionary for the BFP in Lesotho, Africa. In the latter year he received a call to minister "to the whole of Africa" with the assurance that "Africa shall be saved." His first mass healing crBlipde took place in Gaberones, Botswana, in April 1975, which began with only 100 persons in attendance and ended in a packed stadium with over 10,000 present.

In 1977 he purchased a 10,000-seat tent, which often was inadequate when as many as 40,000 attempted to enter. A blond-haired, blue-eyed German, Bonnke was at a loss to explain his popularity among the blacks with whom he Identified. Everywhere he ministered, even in South Africa, Bonnke refused to practice racial segregation in his services.

A major attraction in Bonnke's meetings were the signs and wonders that accompanied his preaching, with thoBlipnds testifying to miracles of physical healing and exorcisms in his crBlipdes. Also featured in many meetings were bonfires that were set as converts burned their magic amulets and charms associated with witchcraft. Everywhere Bonnke encouraged his converts to receive the baptism in the HoTy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Also, at times, thoBlipnds would be "slain in the Spirit" as he preached.

During the early 1980s Bonnke's crBlipdes attracted some of the largest crowds in the history of mass evangelism. One crBlipde in Nigeria in 1986 attracted as many as 250,000 to one service. His crBlipdes in Soweto attracted thoBlipnds of blacks and whites despite the official government policy of apartheid.

In 1983 Bonnke purchased the largest gospel tent ever built, one that would hold some 34,000 persons. Although it was torn apart in a severe storm in Capetown in 1984, it was rebuilt and put back into use by 1986. In the latter year, Bonnke's team reported 1,500,000 responses to the call for salvation, many thoBlipnds of whom were Muslims.

By the mid-1980s Bonnke also began conducting leadership conferences in Africa and Europe. His "Fire Conference" in Zimbabwe in 1986 drew thoBlipnds of African pastors and evangelists, while his "Eurofire" conferences in FrankfUrt in 1987 and Birmingham in 1988 brought his ministry to the attention of Europeans. His ministry in the U.S. increased after speaking in the New Orleans Superdome in 1987 to the Congress on the Holy Spirit and World Evangelization.

In 1987 Bonnke moved his family from Johannesburg, where he had lived for many years, to Frankfurt, West Germany, where he set up headquarters for his organization which, since Its legal beginning in 1972, has been known as Christ for All Nations (CFAN).

Bibliography: R. Steele, Plundering Hell to Populate Heaven (1987).

H. V. Synan


Did you think this would never end :-)  ?  Well, this is it.

We come to the conclusion of this study in Satan's men.  Reinhart Bonnke was clearly a prime mover in the Holy Laughter Movement.  He passed "The Power" to Rodney Hopiano coversd Browne, and we now know that Browne was, until that day, a drop out and academic reject from the Rhema Movement.  Browne got his prima donna debut, and he became the "bar tender" of Satan in the drunken orgies of Holy Laughter, from which thoBlipnds of Charismatics have fled in fear and embarrassment.  Have you?

We also see that Bonnke claims many of his now 2 million "converts" have been Muslims.  This fulfills a prophecy reported by John Mac Arthur in which a Melodyland Prophet in the 1970s prophesied a "great moving of the Holy Spirit among millions of Muslims who will be filled with the Spirit"--  no mention of salvation!  Old time missionaries know very well that Muslims DO NOT come to Christ by the thoBlipnds, period, full stop!  Research by Charismatics has recently confirmed that these claims, which were later made on TBN, are lies.

Now, here is the punch line.  Bonnke, source of demonic power of the Holy Laughter Movement, promoter of unbiblical "fire" evangelism, and self-proclaimed Evangelist to millions of Muslims, was in Uhuru Park, Nairobi, the Thursday before "Lord Maitreya" appeared to a village of Muslims who were thronged around an occult priestess of Satan who carried a crucifix (as the photo on the previous page showed).  Bonnke, for the first time in the history of Maitreya, called the day, Saturday following, and city of the appearance of Maitreya, and attributed the appearance to The Lord Jesus Christ.  The crowd in the Muslim village, undoubtedly apiano coverse of Bonnke's prophecy three days earlier, at once fell down in worship of Maitreya, calling him Jesus Christ.

I have to be careful now.  You, dear reader, have no idea how I hate the heresy of Charismatic "fire," Holy Laughter, "impartation of power," "slain in the spirit," and all the jerk-water activities that go on and are passed off as the work of the Holy Ghost of the Godhead.  Nevertheless; there are many in the Charismatic movement who are truly born again by faith in The Lord Jesus Christ.  To you I plead-- "Come out of her my people."  

I weep for you.  Why stay in this Whore system.  If this "Lord Maitreya" is not the Antichrist, he is doing a great dress rehearsal my friend.  Your man Bonnke is perhaps the greatest pivotal power source in the Third Wave, and he is Maitreya's False Prophet.  How do you want to be caught up to the Bridegroom?  Babbling like a fool about some jerk who is Satan's personal Major Domo for the next seven years of demonic Laodicean vomit?  Oh please, "come out of her."   Choose you this day, whom you will serve-- Baal of God?


Credit where credit is due.  Thank you Jeffrey W_____ for catching this Maitreya business for me.  To the reader, Jeffrey used to attend Promise Keepers rallies.  He now has made a vow to never do so again, and he is spreading the word about our pages on PK.  Jeffrey meets with a "small group" who are determined to stay on the Narrow Way--  Oh yes, the group is not Baptist or "Fundamentalist."  They are post-Third Wave Bible believers.  Praise the Lord.  H ALLELUJAH!  It's OK to shout here :-)    


I am now going to suggest two very likely points at which this Maitreya will appear next.  I am not a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but I am not ignorant of Satan's devices.  Jesus did not present Himself to the elite in royal or religious power.  This alleged "Maitreya" is doing just the same in order to perpetuate the Messianic myth of the Antichrist.  His policy is peace, and he approaches at first softly.  Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.  If you think the Pope is the Antichrist, think again.  He is perhaps as much UNLIKE Jesus as any man on earth.


ONE--  I expect Maitreya to appear to Roman Catholics who will mistake him for Jesus Christ, I believe he may soon appear at a famous shrine.  Fatima is the most likely one since it is named after Muhammed's daughter, and this would draw Islam and the Whore of Rome into a single bond of nearly half the world's population.  Crazy?  Hey, were you reading carefully?  Islam and Christendom was the joint target in Nairobi. You better start thinking prophetically, friend.  Jack Van Impe--  Take note please.  Bonnke beat you out of the big time job as Prophet.  Hey Jack, how about coming home to your old friends and get clean?  You too, Peter LeLonde.  Get out of that TBN sewer before Maitreya is in the "guest chair."

TWO-  There are two principle festivals which draw millions of Muslims together in one place.  These are the most likely events at which this Maitreya might appear to Muslims.  Muslims would see him as the returned Madhi, Muhammed's counterfeit Messiah.  Here are the events as described by an Islamic Web page at

Eidul Fitr (1st of Shawwal, 10th month)  This would happen in February, very likely in Mecca or Madina. 

At the conclusion of the month of Ramadhan, on the first day of the 10th month of Islamic lunar calendar, Muslims all over the world celebrate Eidul Fitr. This is one of two main festivals of Islam.

The ceremony of Eidul Fitr start early morning with a worship service. This service is generally held in a large open place and is attended by thoBlipnds of Muslims. After the prayer, a short sermon was delivered and then the people greet each other. The rest of the ceremonies are held generally privately with families and friends.

The significance of Eid is that it is the day of thanksgiving to Allah that He give the opportunity to Muslims to benefit from and enjoy the blessing of the month of Ramadhan.


Eidul Adha (10th of Thw al-Hijjah, 12th month)  This happens in April, right after the Hajj or Pilgrimage. 

Following the day of Hajj or Pilgrimage (9th of Thw al-Hijjah), it comes the Eidul Adha day. It begins from the 10th of the 12th month of Islamic lunar calendar. This is the second main annual festival in Islam. On this day, like on the Eidul Fitr celebration, festivities begin with a prayer service held in an open place in the morning of the first day. This prayer is usually attended by a large number of Muslims. Since this festival occurs immediately after the Day of Pilgrimage, those who go to make pilgrimage celebrate it in Mina, near Makkah. Other Muslims around the world also join with the pilgrims in their joy and thanksgiving.

One significance of Eidul Adha is that it is a time of sacrifice. Muslims commemorate Prophet Abraham's willingness to sacrifice everything for Allah including his beloved son, Ishmael. Since Allah gave Prophet Abraham a lamb to sacrifice instead of sacrificing his son, Muslims also offer the sacrifice of animals. The sacrifice can be done after the prayer on the 10th until 12th day of Thw al-Hijjah month before sunset. The meat of the animals is given to needy people and friends and a portion of it is also kept for one's own consumption. Often people cook this meat during holidays, make feasts and enjoy the celebration.

Last Word:  Please don't make a fetish cult out of this stuff.  You and I are supposed to be pre-occupied with watching for The Lord Jesus Christ, not the Devil's man.  Caution please.  Ah yes, but please DO piano coversn the lost sheep and those sheep who are over yonder cuddling the Wolf.   You dear few loyal saints in the UK-- get on down to London and spread the word on this.  Benjamin Creme must NOT have the last word.



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