"Netanyahu plans in the book he is currently writing to publish several details that will considerably embarrass the president of the United States. In one of the chapters, Clinton will earn the title 'International Swindler.'

And this is the story. In September '98, Yom Kippur Eve, Clinton and Netanyahu met for a conversation in the White House, during the course of which Netanyahu agreed to attend the conference at Wye Plantation with Yasser Arafat on condition that Clinton would act to immediately release the spy Jonathan Pollard. Clinton, according to Netanyahu and his closest advisors, agreed to the condition. Netanyahu explained to him that this gesture would help him to get the support from his constituents for the painful part of the agreement he expected to sign - continuation of the withdrawal from the territories. 'Bibi went to Wye knowing that Clinton would immediately release Pollard with the signing of the agreement with the Palestinians,' the advisors of the departing Prime Minister said this week.

During the course of the Wye summit the matter of Pollard was discussed several times between Clinton and Netanyahu. There were only a few in on the great secret: ministers Sharon, Mordechai and Sharansky.

At the end of the conference, at 5:00 AM, after arrangements had already been made for the signing ceremony, Clinton put his hand on Netanyahu's shoulder and asked him to step aside with him so he could tell him a few things. One of those present in the room saw Clinton and Netanyahu as they spoke from a distance. 'Netanyahu turned pale, and Clinton hugged him.' The man said this week.

When Netanyahu returned to the center of the room, he told his advisors and ministers that Clinton had announced to him that he could not honor his promise to release Pollard. 'We were shocked,' said one of them.

'We thought that Bibi should go back to Clinton and tell him: 'if that is the case then there is no agreement with the Palestinians. You lied to me.' Our problem was that we did not want to find ourselves again in the terrible situation that in both Israel and the world Netanyahu would be presented as a liar, and would not talk at all about the real liar. Foreign Minster Sharon, who was summoned to the room, was of the opinion that the agreement must not be signed. Minister Sharansky also said that the signing ceremony must be postponed. At the end, after Clinton promised to continue acting for the release of Pollard, the Israeli side folded. The signing ceremony was held with some delay, and Pollard remained in prison.'

Netanyahu plans to reveal his full account in his book, in which Clinton will be presented as a scoundrel who did not intend, from the outset, to honor his part in the process that led to the Wye conference." (By Shimon Shiffer, Originally appeared in Hebrew in Yediot Ahronot Newspaper, June 18, 1999, translated By Aaron Lerner)


"The United States Army is interested in purchasing more pilotless aircraft produced by the Israeli Aviation Industry following their performance in Kosovo, according to a statement by Colonel Mike Howell, head of the Army's Tactical Pilotless Aircraft division, at an air show in Paris. During NATO strikes against Serbia, the US Army used 12 Hunter pilotless aircraft, which were operated by two ground stations." (IsraelWire, June 18, 1999)

Comment:  Your editor lives near Fort Huachuca, and I know for a fact that the pilotless aircraft of the US Army which have been under test phase for years at Fort H. have been a failure.  Why?  The manufacturer will not co-operate with the Army men who have to fly the thing well enough.  Also, the men assigned to fly it are typically rather dull and lazy, as is common in the "new Army."  So, they crash he toys regularly.  We have the skill and cash to make the things ourselves, but US arms makers and Military personnel no longer have the zeal to master their task.  

Many communications personnel just do NOT know their job.  This is why the Serbs were able to use stealth and masterfully deceive US troops in Kosovo.  US Military growl and rage for blood, but only if they can take a tent full of radios and VCRs along for the war, as was typical in Kosovo.  Some tents were so loaded with electronic personal toys that the men could not have mustered in an ambush before they were machine gunned.  Eyewitness report.  

Men and women were totally distracted by being billeted in the same tents and trying to behave discreetly while changing clothes in front of one another.  The US Army is a moral circus on its way to soon be a carbon copy of the Roman Legion just as Rome fell.

Thus, we now go hither and yon around the world buying our military hardware from nations where there is still a zeal for quality and performance under combat conditions.