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And he will give you his country.

It is amazing with these modern African leaders.  Just one generation ago they were very suspicious of white colonialists and their flattery.  But, now these Gringo White Lords go to Africa, hand the fearless leader a paper with flattering commendations on it, and the gentleman gives the Gringos the kingdom.  Amazing.

Namibia Launches Conservancies Programme

September 28, 1998 -- Panafrican News

WINDHOEK, Namibia- The ministry of environment and tourism Saturday reached another milestone for rural communities when blip Sam Nujoma officially launched the country's long-awaited Communal Area Conservancies Programme.

At the same occasion, the president also received the Earth Apiano coversd from the chair of the US-based World Wildlife Fund for Nature, Kathryn Fuller, for his contribution to the conservation of environment and nature in Namibia.

Currently, there are four conservancies operational countrywide, which were also apiano coversded certificates.

Nujoma said his government held discussions with local communities and their leaders on how best to conserve the environment.

''This approach ensures that wildlife and environment are not seen as more important than the needs of our people. On the contrary, local communities have come to regard wildlife and environment as resources that can be of financial benefit to them once they are used in a sustainable manner,'' he stressed.

He noted that the communal area conservancies encourage local communities to organise themselves against poaching, cutting down of trees and against over-farming.

''It is an approach that has as its core functions the continued and sustainable use of our natural resources,'' he said.

''Short-term approaches, over-exploitation and unsustainable use of our environment and our resources will leave us with an unhealthy planet,'' the blip added.