This report is a combination of materials taken from The Jerusalem Post, The Proclaimer (Dale Parkes) and Destiny Newsletter (Dave Breece).  I have to add a disclaimer to Dave Breece.  He is verbose at times, and he wastes a lot of copy on dull stuff.  BUT, every time I think about dumping his newsletter, he hits a lick again, and well, he's still with us for now.

Here is the latest.  Syria has been reading the USA and Clinton well.  They have concluded that Clinton is a wimp at heart, and they have also figured that the time between the election and inauguration is a mellow time in the US, and it is the best time to re-take the Golan Heights.  Brigadier General Ya'acov Amidror, head of Israeli Intelligence Corps research division has stated flatly that Syria has such plans.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has claimed that Syria is following the policy of Hitler-- of trading peace for real estate.  The PM also claims that Syria is now the principle base of terrorism in the Middle East.  Of course we are expected to excuse Israel from this conclusion.  Zionists are pretty clever at terrorism when it serves their purpose, but then Netanyahu is probably not exaggerating too much regarding Syria.  History is on the PM's side.

Netanyahu claims that the Syrians are massing at the northern border of Israel.  Also Deputy Chief of General Staff Major General Matan Vilna'i has deep concerns that Israel has gone soft.  Combat troops have not been trained for real war and are not tough minded.  He said, "Israel must be ready to fight the next major conventional war.  We need to maintain and modernize our armored formations, our jets, and our navy."  Vilna'i stressed that Israel must also be ready for conventional warfare with Iran and Libya.  He further said, "For the first time since 1948, Arab countries have the ability to hit any point within Israel."  He recalled the scud attacks of Saddam Hussein.  If there were to be total war against Israel, said Vilna'i, "we would be hit by hundreds of ground to ground missiles."

It is very interesting that, if you combine the Isaiah 17 prophecy of the destruction of Damascus with the Ezekiel 38 account of the North coming against Israel, all of the countries mentioned above are there!  All that remains is for Russia to jump in.  That could easily happen if the US or Europe took strong measures against the Arabs.  Also, it is noteworthy that the weapons of the nations who seem poised for WW III are armed by Russia.

Now, how does this affect the USA?  Answer:  We would not respond quickly enough.  Dave Breece points out that Clinton is basically a wimp (my words), and he would not have the stomach for World War. Kick the heads of Haitians, OK, but his old gut  feelings of the Vietnam era would likely surface and he would waffle over the Middle East at war.

So, what would Israel do?  Answer:  Turn to the future world power-- the restored Roman empire, WALLAH-- Europe.  And why not?  Europe's cash reserves are double ours, and they are right now coming online with their economic system.  They also have far more vested interest in a stable Middle East then the USA does.  Also, consider that John Paul II lusts mightily to rule in Jerusalem-- he has said as much.  Papa's gonna get his way in the end according to the book of Daniel.

We may literally be 30 to 60 days from the stage being set for the Great Tribulation.  If not, it cannot be long.  George Bush is already the scheduled keynote speaker for the initiation of the New Age in 2000 at the Great Pyramid.  Did anyone ask the Arabs how they feel about a Gringo from Houston, Texas getting center stage in Egypt.  Personally, I just don't believe the Arabs will tolerate that.  Time will tell.  

Get your work done saints.  This is no time to cut loose and go for a cruise with John MacArthur on the Princess.  Who do you need to witness to?  Get to work.  Let's get in our last licks before we're out of here.